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I was a sincere Seventh-day Adventist who wanted to be a pastor. However, as I tried to be honest with God about my conviction there was something that bothered me deeply. So in December, 2000 I wrote the following letter to my pastor.

Hello Pastor,

Please accept warm greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ our brother and friend.

I have been baptized at the Lewis Store S.D.A church for almost four (4) years now. However, for over two years now my conscience has been wrestling with the issue of honest to God, as I realize that my baptismal vows were taken dishonestly since I did not really understand all the things I said yes to.

I am hereby seeking to be re-baptized, however I do not want to take any vows as I am still unsure about all the things I am expected to say yes to. I realize though, the need to be born again as Jesus has specifically stated, “Ye must be born again”, and I really feel that my rebirth was not a true experience as I should have displayed the greatest form of honesty to God.

I am requesting a personal Bible study with you so that my concerns can be addressed. I may be contacted at the following numbers: ….

Thanks for you kind assistance and I earnestly await your call or letter of response.

Your brother in Christ,
Ricardo Carr

My pastor did not respond to me in any form. I spent many years struggling with this – wondering if true honesty can be found in the Adventist church. Despite my passion for ministry and the work of God, I have been inactive in bringing others to Adventism because of this struggle.

Almost eight years after this letter I finally decided to leave the S.D.A Church and joined the Seventh-day Baptist Church in search of a true baptism, however I realize that I left without ever seriously confronting anyone on this matter.

What is your view on the matter? What do you believe I should have done before leaving the S.D.A church? What do you believe I should now do? Can people who are deeply sincere and honest remain S.D.As?

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Hi my dearly beloved, i am happy for this privilage to share with you on this site. I am convinced that you have a very sincere yearning for God's truth and I aplaud you for that.
I understand your concern and your disapointment. However, in response to your concern i would first like to reffer you to a principle that Jesus exercised during his earthly ministry, keeping in mind that He is our prime example.
God made one pair of people who he called his own. they later disobeyed Him but because they were still his own, he made provision for this(His people to be redeemed). this patern continued among God's people until we have nations that were considered aliens. God chose a people(nation to reclaim them but this nation later refused to obey this mandate. Then God chose a church which He will use; not just to call people and point them to truth but to keep them. the identifying mark of this church is clearly stated in bible prophecy.
When Jesus Came to earth, the church did not even recognise Him, yet; yet he stayed in the church and lifted the standard.
Although the church may fail to fulfil its mandate at given times in its experience, the doctrine is still pure and deeply embeded in God's loving law that was established from the beginning. God at different times taught this law in diverse way and there is no place in bible prophecy that points to another church as God's channel of truth prior to his second coming.
I do not descredit or put down other religions because they contain God'a people,; some of which are earnestly seeking for truth. I have done a lot of searching myself and have not so far found any other church that have stood the biblical criteria for truth. i don't speak like this because i am biased, but because i have searched and found the doctrines to be in compliance with scipture. I have found however that the members in this church, as with others falter at times but God's standards still remain. In stead of running away, you also have the responsibility to raise the bar, and raise up the standard for the Lord.
Now i would like to be more specific in addressing your concerns but you need to let me know which of the pledge(s) you do not understand or agree with.
Thanks for responding Chris. I will need you up to date on the matter.
Oh dear! I know that our God is a loving, and forgiving Lord.Moreover, He forgets as soon as he forgives us. I wish I could share all he's done for me.
I've had no only one but many experiences that I had to looked at Jesus as my only spiritual model...We are humans and therefore NO PERFECT.... whether I'm a pastor or just a regular brother/sister....
Forgiveness is the beginning of all. When we don't forgive, forget and love....we tend to get things WRONG....or make wrong decisions.
I'm saying all this based on my own life experiences!
I'm afraid to write too much....BUT trust me ...although I don't know you very well. It hurts me to know you have left. PLEASE COME BACK !!!!
Thanks for the interest and concern my dear sister. I am seeking further clarification and leading before making another decision. Please keep me in your prayers.
First you have to understand that Adventism is not what's going to save us. Our relationship with God is going to save us. Secondly, you want to make sure that the pastor did indeed receive the letter. I remember a lady at a conference told me she was mad at her pastor and spent five years in therapy for it. I asked her one question, "Did the pastor know that he had or you felt that he had offended you." She did not have the answer for it. To clear your mind, I would at least ask the pastor. We have to remember that is the devil's weapon that he has always used; to separate us from the church. If the Holy Spirit is leading you away from Adventism to Seventh-day Baptist, then allow him to lead and guide you. If you have not consulted the Holy Spirit, then that is what I would advise you to do first. Also, keep in mind Bro. Ricardo, none of us are perfect. We are all striving for perfection. I will pray for you on this matter.
Hi Gregory,

Thanks for your response, prayer and support.

May God richly bless you.
Dear Carr,

I can relate to your situation. I was baptised when i turn 17/18, i think. Years later, as i paid attention to the vow one takes at baptism, i realised I had just said those words but now really committed to them, i mean the spirit of those vows. I struggled with the thought and even thought of a rebaptism, but at least i was sure that, this time i would really mean what i say yes to.

Unlike you, i never shared my confusion with anyone but i prayed a lot about it. It took some time though but i have come to understand some things with time. We can always renew our relationship with Christ, all by ourselves and that is what i did. I rededicated my life to Christ and asked for the Holy Spirit to help me manifest the life of Christ.

Sometimes the church system might disappoint but Praise be to God that our Lord and Saviour Jesus, our friend is always with us in our struggles and will provide answers if we can look up to Him.

Stay blessed
Hi Asafo,

Thanks for responding to me. I appreciate your comments. I am praying and studying more about the matter while waiting for God's direction.

Hello my Brother,
I can understand where you are coming from. I was first baptised when I was 13. At the time I know that God was softening my heart and giving me a desire to give my life to Him. I did not understand all the vows and I was still living in sin. I was raised S.D.A. and had grown up in the church but did not really have a conversion experience. As I grew up after my baptism God continued to reach out to me and I started to study the Bible and Spirit of prophecy for myself. It was a very gradual process. God is so patient with us. When I was about 17 1/2 I began to really see the love of God for me and I was converted. But it was still a process. When I was 20 I decided that before I went on a mission training program I wanted to rededicate my life to God and because I had forsaken my sin. So in 1998 I was rebaptised. God is still working on me and I am still learning more about the Truth. We will still be learning more through all eternity. I am so sorry that you did not get answers to your questions back then but it is not so much what we know as WHO we know-our Savior. God does not expect us to understand everything in full detail before we give our life to Him. Look at the thief on the cross. Jesus said that the corn is perfect in the ear before it is fully mature. I believe it is very important for you to have your questions answered and that there are many S.D.A.'s who would be very happy to study them out with you. But also remember that there is never going to be complete knowledge here on this earth. Some things we must just rest them with God and have Faith. God Loves You, Richardo. Come on Back. There is work for you to do for God. Please go to backtoenochminitries. There is a very good c.d by Pastor David Westbrook about this very thing. It is his own testimony of how he got rebaptised while he was an S.D.A. Pastor. I think you will find his material a blessing. You will be in our prayers. Your friend, Katrina
Hi Katrina,

Thanks so very much for your prayers and encouragement. I will check the site you gave me. Keep living for Jesus.

Much blessings,

Could you please resend the website you want me to check? I am not getting on.
Hi Ricky,
Good morning! Sorry about the mistake. The right address is: I just looked it up on line through google. Hope this is a help to you. May God bless you, Brother.
Your friend in Christ, Katrina


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