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Is safe sex before marriage a sin????

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absolutely sin. no doubt
How do you define 'safe' outside of the will of God? The Apostle Paul counsels us to,"Flee fornication..." There are very good reasons for this timely counsel.
The spiritual disconnect from God that results from a violation of his clearly expressed will, the guilt that will result, the emotional distress, the probability of STIs, the contracting of STDs (sexually transmitted demons), The financial implications (in the case of a pregnancy), etc.
There is a body of data that suggests that those who engage in recreational sex before marriage, often do the same after marriage. If one wants to preserve one's marriage, when one does marry, the boundaries must begin to be established 'now'
Yes my brother. Its sin and its called fornication
The fact that you are asking ... indicates you must know that it is.
Perhaps the fact that he is asking indicates he does not know and seeks the answer.

Exo 20:14 You shall not commit adultery.

Quick definitions (adulterated)

▸ adjective: mixed with impurities

I would also say anything that adulterates marriage is sin. Is not sex best defined in marriage, where there is commitment? Fornication or shacking up are forms of adulterated marriage. Just as well, any sex with someone other than the marriage partner is adultery.
actually, stephen, this is adultery :voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and someone other than his or her lawful spouse. one or both are married, just not to each other.
Hmm, Isn't adultery a word for that which adulterates or mixes? Doesn't sex without marriage mix up the heart and in this way mix up future marriage, and even if there were no future marriage, mix up the relationship with Jesus as part of His bride the church? That's why I don't think you'll find any Bible verses to back your above definition, though I've heard many split hairs about this. I think Jesus even said that if a man looks at a woman to lust after her, he's committed adultery in his heart, so this seems to cover a pretty broad definition! The good news is that as I look to Jesus, the attractions of this world seem less attractive, the gifts He gives in His pure boundaries, seem more desirable, and more awesome too, so perfect! Even celibacy is a beautiful and perfect gift, in Him, as I'm resting in His love (so I don't have to feel undesirable or unloved, right?) Oh it's a big topic! And I'm so glad you care about it! I do too!

Speaking of caring, that's another thing Jesus laws free me to do. In His law of purity, caring loses all the innuendos, the sly games. That's pretty attractive! In the world that's not so. There's some sort of dirty hidden meaning in most everything that is said or done. It's all a game to win, but what is won is hard to say. People can so easily end up all undone. True caring is impossible. Purity is so beautiful! It lifts people back up to the dignity God intends for them to have!
nice Kathleen.
unmarried people commit fornication, not adultery. just getting the terms right. :)
KIm, it is, but all of the commandments have deeper meanings than one assumes or thinks. The word adulterated applies more to my context. If an engaged couple has sex before marriage then their relationship has become adulterated, mixed with an impurity. It is also fornication.We must remember that all sin has its roots in breaking at least one of the ten commandants.My contention is that fornication, and all sex outside marriage has its roots in breaking the 7th commandment. If one is a homosexual, what commandment is he breaking? The 7th.Fornication? The 7th.

The 7th commandment not only forbids adultery in marriage, but all other sex outside of marriage. Please notice this verse:

"Whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after
her hath committed adultery with her
already in his heart." Matthew 5:28. Nothing is said about either the man or woman being married. He says" "Whosoever." and Simply "a woman."
I suppose that clothing might be a good barrier. It just depends upon the clothing. What happens if you decide to take them off though?
How do we know what we are allowed to do ... if we don't talk about it.


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