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Is safe sex before marriage a sin????

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How do we know what we are allowed to do ... if we don't talk about it.
Good point Gabe. If the birds and the bees are not presented in the right way ... our youth will be stung with the wrong message.
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Sunrise77, Ephesians 5:3 does not mean we should avoid the topic, on the contrary we need to be open about it so that each person knows what to do. If we never tell clear answers how do we expect the brethren to behave accordingly. It is 2009, we cannot be timid about sex, the topic should be covered thoroughly in everyone's home, in everyone's church and within the confinement of the family to avoid outsiders to bring in incorrect ideas into the minds of our youth. We need to talk and discuss it making sure that everyone understands in order to avoid having lustful thoughts and falling into sexual immorality. The act of talking is not immoral, it is the way we talk, the way we behave and what we do that is immoral .
any sex before nmarriage is a sin, as God hhas blessed the union of marriage with safer sex that is knowing that person is yours and yours only.It is also a experience shared by two loved ones who have commited their self to each other in wedlock. Think about it what image would we be painting for none believes who know what we stand for .Stay blessed and if lost seek God first
At what point did Adam and Eve get 'married' . I don't recall the wedding date.
If you can recall the the birthday of the Sun, I will tell you about the Wedding date..... lol. Well, on a more serious note, Adam and Eve definitely got married. That is the point at which the writer added "...... ftheerefore shall a man leave his father and mother...." (Genesis 2:24). In the previous verse, we are told that God BROUGHT the woman to the man.
Being married by someone ... does not mean you are married if you get my drift. Marriage is not Marriage unless it is certified and verified by a State official.
The term safe sex means using protection.It is still sexual relations with someone you are not married to. My opinion, if you cannot control the urges, than that person you are with is not is not meant to be your spouse for ever! You are attracted physically, what you need to seek if you want a marriage that will last, is someone whom you admire, love and respect. Someone who will be a companion to you and who will help you grow spiritually. Those amazing feelings you feel are just that, feelings, they will fade and go away with time. What you need is a relationship that will last when the sexual aspect is not there. Ask God and he will provide when it is time for you to marry. Do not seek a partner, because when we are the ones who do the choosing we tend to make mistakes. I know my answer is more than you asked, but I hope you don't mind me adding my 2cents.
Thank you Bro for asking , because even the Bible says that when when you will receive a reply.
Bro Emma I have good news for you, that Sin is not only what you do, but your very nature, which has an
in-built mechanism of rebelling against God, our make, oh,oh, I mean all of us are like that.

About safe sex, safe or not safe, sex before marriage can be fun, but according to His Divine plan
,it's not in order, which doesn't only have physical consequences like diseases,but spiritual, mental and emotional if not financial too.

Am not condemning no one, but am also not condoning it. Get me right, if you would like to follow the Bible to the letter, then it is the breaking of the law-sin, rebelling against God's express word-"So a man shall leave his parents and join with his wife and they shall become one flesh....and let no man separate that which the Lord hath joined together".

In conclusion, read Messages To Young People, EGW, for more highlight; please don't use this forum to find a way of justifying anyone or anything. Let your motive be clear because that is what God will judge not what you ask or what you do.

Thank you once again for this wonderful question.
May God Bless You!

You want to know about the safe bit, the sex bit or the marriage bit?

It seems to me that you may be thinking - Hmmm... if I practise SAFE sex before marriage then its not sin.. as opposed to UNSAFE sex before marriage... ooooh bad.

Dude, is sex before marriage a sin safe and unsafe? Yes, the Bible's pretty clear on that. Sorry.

And dont be thinking that you'll just have to get married as soon as you can so you can have sexual relations and then learn down the track (most likely the morning after the wedding) that the person you married was not the right one, but by then its too late.. you're married... Kinda sucks doesnt it!!

In order to avoid all that hideous drama Id be practising self-control and lots of prayer. Lots and lots and lots of prayer... for temporary blindness to avoid temptation in the least (that was a joke do not be poking your eyes out with a fork)


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