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Is safe sex before marriage a sin????

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I agree. Marriage will no longer be a part of God's law if there's such a safe sex before marriage...",
sex is SACRED and it is only made by god for the married couple...
Had I known there's a safe sex before marriage, I would have engaged to picking up girls in the street and in bars that I don't even know and have fun with them even everyday or wheneve I like or whenever lust calls.

But since God has given us a law not to commit sin caused by this one, then we have to follow it. And we are required to do so whether we like it or not. The law was given by a just judge who is above and supreme over all supreme courts' judges. See!
What happened to Emmanuel?

I guess he doesn't like the answers he is getting?
Well, maybe, he is just busy that's why he wasn't able to follow all the posted comments in here. I think he'd appreciate it. If not, well he has to accept the truth because this is his very purpose of raising or opening a sensitive subject in here.
Of course it is. All sexual relations outside of marriage between a man and woman is a sin.
There's no safe sex outside marriage! Actually sex outside marriage isn't safe.

Now why is safe or unsafe sex outside marriage a sin?
God said this sweet, relaxing, delicacy is to be enjoyed in marriage as a pathway to procreation. When God speaks it's better not to speak back because each moment we reply we are off the path and replying rubbish take an example in the book of Malachi when the Lord told ancient Israel you rob me of tithes and offerings, then the people reply how do we do it..?

Sex is the only thing which joins two people, if you know the basics these two people are nolonger two but one...some unification takes place. If one decides to step ahead of God and does it outside marriage its a grave sin to unravel mysteries which are only supposed to be known to the husband or wife.

The moment we deviate negatively from what the Lord has said, it becomes a sin...What is the definition of sin? It is the transgression of God's law.
What does the law say about sex outside marriage? It is known as fornication and fornicators are not to tread the streets of gold nor adulterers.
Amen to that! Thanks Joseph for the post.
thanks for your comments

There can be no such thing as 'safe sex before marriage'.

It can't possibly be safe to sin ANYtime.

well MsMS ... you got that right.

I do like to talk. Of course that's not news to ANYone.


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