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i have read and watched testimonies of persons who claimed to have died and gone to heaven and come back to life. how should seventh-day adventists relate to these things should we believe it ?

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In a word... "No".

Death is akin to sleep (John 11:11-14) and there is no consciousness in it (Ecc. 9:6). No-one goes to heaven prior to Christ's return* (1 Thess 4:14-17) so it is impossible for someone to go to heaven and come back. Probably the person is suffering the effects of oxygen deprivation to the brain.

*Any exceptions have already happened.
i really like the answer that you gave and i think your completely on track and it shows you know your bible and also what you believe as well. i posted this question because this thing has been fooling a lot of Christians and maybe adventists as well so we need to know what we believe and study God's word in order to stand the test of time ..... i would like to hear what other people have to say on the matter as well thanks for your contribution.

My bible says "For the living know that they shall die, but the dead know not anything..." Don't be fooled by these things ok the bible also says that in the last days "if it were possible the devil would decieve the very elect..." so don't pay these things much attention just follow God's word to the 'T' and he will see you through.
When ask with this question at school, i usually quote this verse in ecclesiastis.After that,I would share to them how good our Lord is for letting us just rest until He comes. Well, the subtle ways of satan of definitely make people fall on his trap. we should be guarded always and we should what to believe in.. God bless!
I don't think that we should seek any explanation for their experience. The Bible says that the dead know nothing. Conclusion: Since those people had a story to tell they were not dead according to the bible.
The people in the bible who were raised from the dead like Lazarus never ever gave any testimony of what they have seen when they were dead. Elijah and Moses are the only people in heaven who paid a short visit to earth to glorify Jesus and they went back to heaven.(Elijah never saw dead) The parable of the poor Lazarus and Abraham makes clear that God will never use the dead to clarify the truth to people who have rejected the light. So I can not find one single story in the bible that give their testimony a solid basis.
Satan is seeking to give duplicate to all the originals God created. I do not accept any testimonies visual or non-visual on "state of the dead". The Bible says dead knows nothing. Jesus at lazarus grave said"He is sleeping. In sleep we are unconscious.

The idea of life on earth after death came from Greek Mysthology and philosophy.They belived life jumps out of body and enters in to another body after death.

Socretus believed that he will come back after death in another body. So he gladly accepted cup of poison (as puishment for teaching creek youth his dogmas). He drank in front of others.vowed he will come back. HE NEVER CAME BACK.

Greeks also divided all the thigs around them into two divisions:
MATTER or Spirit

Matter is bad spirit is good, matter can be seen spirit can not be seen, matter is temporary spirit is eternal.
When greek philosohers sat at city gates and deciphered human being, they said Man is matter. he is visible decaying, dying and Bad. But he laughs, cries, dances, does some good deeds too. So there is some spirit in side human body which is good and it will not die. That spirit will jump from body to body,was their false belief!

One early church father Mr. Oriegin converted from greek culture broght this idea of imortality of (soul) human being from his creek culture in to the pulpit through the back door. that is why we have all saints day and associated cemetery ceremonies in the first week of november by both protestands and catholics.

The bible clearly says "living person is soul". there is no independant entity apart from living body called soul.


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