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I love a lady who doesnt love back
am confused

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I don't understand whether you are married, engaged or not.
My advise is that if you are already married, just love her even the more and keep on praying for her that she understands the commitment she made before God, however if you are not married I think its wise to end such a relationship immediately before you go in for a total commitment.
Since you are single ... I would run away from her as fast as you can. You can't force love. And should not even try. That would only get you trouble.
How do you know that she doesn't love you back? What is your basis for loving her? If I understand love in context, I will say that keep loving her. Your love should not have any expectations.
Yes, thats right Pastor.
Yeah..know the feeling...even if she doesnt love you back(romantically), just continue to love her as a friend...
I agree. Maybe she's not showy or affectionate type of a woman... Just keep on showing and make it obvious to her. Besides, not everyone we love will love us back. That's hurting but we have to face the reality. But still it is case to case basis. You just have to consistently and continually express the love you had for her...", You know what, this is a very challenging type of relationship winning a lady who seemed not to love you back at first.
yes, but we cannot force someone to love us back(romantically). Maybe she's just not for you.
Exactly. Best to move on rather than wasting your time with a dead end. Far better to express your love to someone who wants it.
true very true...You don't want to look like a stalker either, give her her space.
Yeah... as we said earlier, if you are not married just let go and move on. You cant force someone to love you back
I don't advise you to persist and make a commitment with someone you doesn't love you, they are consequences to that
Ask for God`s guidance as you make your decision.
Emmanuel that is unfortunately and as sarcastic as it may sound..."the beauty of love", you will not be loved by everyone you love, but one day, one day that special person will love you back. For now, it'll hurt, you'll feel confused and in pain, maybe it might be overwhelming or unbearable at times but it'll pass. Just move on, let time pass, heal your wounds, and ask God to help you with what you are feeling. It'll get better as time goes by, you'll see.


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