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Celebrations have begun this week to mark 150 years since the establishment of the Seventh-day Adventist church. What is your church (you) doing to mark the occasion? What goes through your mind as we celebrate? Is it really a celebration? I saw a FaceBook post that expressed my sentiments exactly - We shouldn't be celebrating. We should be asking ourselves, Why are we still here? Pr Ted Wilson has asked that question in a sermon, in which he also quotes EGW writing in 1902 (I think) that Christ would have come for the church at that time had the church been ready. That's over 110 years ago! Is the church more ready now or things have got worse?

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More ready now? No, I don't think we are.

We sometimes hear that each day brings us a day closer to the return of Jesus, and to the heavenly Land of Promise.

But Israel were brought near to the borders of Canaan... they came SO CLOSE! and yet they could not enter. Israel had to turn back into the wilderness, and each day as they journeyed, they moved further and further from Cannan's border, until finally they could be turned back to the borders of the Promised Land.

So it has been with us. We were brought very close to the border of the heavenly Cannan, but we could not finish the work. We could not enter. The church had to be taken back out into the wilderness (Laodicean-ism), and each day brought them further away from their goal.

Where are we today? As near to the Second Coming as we were in the 1800's? No, we have yet to return to that "proximity".

As it was with Israel of old, so I believe it will be with us. It will be the second approach that sees the people of God being taken into the Land of Promise.


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