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June 23, 2013 Surrender Page 181

"We didn't stumble into this fellowship brimming with love, honesty, open-mindedness, or willingness...When we were beaten, we became willing."

Basic Text, p.20

Surrender may be the necessary foundation for recovery, but sometimes we fight it. Most of us look back after some clean time and wonder why on earth we fought so hard to deny our powerlessness when surrender is what finally saved our lives.

As we recover, new opportunities to surrender present themselves. We can either struggle with everyone and everything we encounter or we can recall the benefits of our first surrender and stop fighting.

Most of the pain we experience comes from fighting, not surrendering. In fact, when we surrender, the pain ends and hope takes its place. We begin to believe that all will be well and, after some time, realize that our lives are much better as a result. We feel the same way we did when we gave up the illusion that we could control our using (sinning) - relieved, free, and filled with fresh hope.

Just for Today: Is there a surrender I need to make today? I will remember my first surrender and remind myself that I don't need to fight anymore.

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Thank you for posting those meditations.  I read the one for today, but had missed yesterday's reading.  It's really nice to know that I'm not the only one here who reads the Basic Text.


Is the NA Basic Text available online?


Thank you so much!  What about the Step Working Workbook?

I'll open these links and save them, thank you again.  :)

Yes, that was what I was looking for!  Thank you so much, Teresa.  :)

oooo this is good!

WOW! Interesting.  I didn't realize that there was a Nicotine Anonymous.  Great idea.  We need more of them.

Thanks Teresa. Amazing post. Keep encouraging our beloved believers. Be one of His minister.
I experienced it few years ago when I felt lonely and nobody was there for me. I surrendered and gave up my pride and I finally found peace in it.

Nice :)

Amen Teresa. He is always there for us.

I've read that before, but don't remember which fellowship it comes from.

This is a really nice thread, thank you for keeping it going, Teresa.

Thank you for sharing that great reading.  I hope that it will be the 'topic' of the meeting that I go to this afternoon.


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