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It can be noted that "The unemployment rate for African-Americans fell to 6.8 percent in December, the lowest level since the government began tracking such data in 1972."  Many companies are raising wages and they say it is because of lower regulation and taxes.  Obama didn't do this.  I find it interesting how SDA view democrats.  Before I became a Christian I was a libertarian, I still hold  many of these views and do not thing much of either party. 

Good Luck to your hero President RICK he is a pathological liar who has clocked up 2000 lies in his first year. His party is supporting him to the hilt because they are too scared about what would happen if he was impeached. Let us wait till the midterm elections and see what happens. So far he has voted himself a giant tax cut for himself and his upper-crust mates. To me, it is blatantly immoral when Politicians vote themselves money out of the public purse. If he was so wonderful as you think why can he not get the money for his government a shutdown is looming. 



No worries RICK let us hope you will be in the forefront to defend your commander in chief when he pushes the big button.


If Donald Trump would have been the president which brought the US economy back from it Great Recession and almost financial total collapse, I would be willing to give him all the credit. The truth is, the markets were poised to move as it has because of the policies of the previous administration.  Even during the election as unemployment was decreasing in the stock market was increasing, Donald Trump was calling the numbers fake. Donald Trump just happen to be president now. So, he’ll get credit.

The post, The World’s Most Dangerous Men is about the two men at this point and time that could change the course of human history. Donald Trump is impulsive and is not a deep thinker, Kim is calculating as we see his last move to cuddle up with SK, it all part of his plan. Whereas, Donald trump is reacting.

Keep dreaming Gene.  I have been working for a small business for over 20 years.   The biggest thing in the way of making money, stupid government regulations and taxes.  Obama had a chilling effect on business.  You don't remember when he said for every one to get used to less than 2% GDP.  I listened to what Obama said and in no way did he help the American Minorities who were citizens.  His aim was to import an underclass of cheap labor who would always vote for his party and the republicans went along for the cheap labor.  Black Americans like Native Americans were shafted by Obama and didn't even know it.


Did the Obama presidency save the country from financial collapse? I know for people like you, it hurts to say so, but go ahead and say it. The policies and leadership of president Obama helped saved America from financial collapse, the numbers don’t lie.


The United States went through its longest, and by most measures worst economic recession since the Great Depression between December 2007 and June 2009. This chart book documents the course of the economy following that recession against the background of how deep a hole the recession created – and how much deeper that hole would have been without the financial stabilization and fiscal stimulus policies enacted in late 2008 and early 2009.

Part I: Recovery Began in June 2009

Who was president in 2009?

Economic activity as measured by real (inflation-adjusted) gross domestic product (GDP) was contracting sharply when policymakers enacted the financial stabilization bill (TARP) and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The economy began growing in 2009, and has averaged 2.2 percent annual growth since then.

Employers Added 188,000 Jobs a Month From March 2010 through December 2017

  • The pace of monthly job losses slowed dramatically soon after President Obama and Congress enacted the Recovery Act in February 2009. The trend in job growth in 2010 was obscured by the rapid ramp-up and subsequent decline in government hiring for the 2010 Census, but private employers added 17.8 million jobs to their payrolls for 94 consecutive months from March 2010 through December 2017, an average of 189,000 jobs a month. Total employment (private plus government) averaged 188,000 a month over that period, as federal, state, and local government were net job losers.
  • Employers began to add jobs in 2010.

    Progress erasing the jobs deficit was slow for some time, but the economy has now recovered the 8.7 million jobs lost between the start of the recession in December 2007 and early 2010 and continued to add jobs since.

The Unemployment Rate Rose to Near Its Postwar High...

The unemployment rate rose far higher than in the previous two recessions and far faster than (though not quite as high as) in the deep 1981-82 recession. Technically, the recession that began in December 2007 ended in June 2009 as the economy began growing again, but the unemployment rate did not fall to 5.0 percent, where it was at the start of the recession, until late 2015. The unemployment rate has been under 4.5 percent for the last 9 months and has been 4.1 percent for the last three months.

So, Raymond, you’re the one that's dreaming. The fact of the matter is Donald has been given an economy that had recovered and poise to do what we see now.  He just happens to be the president at this moment.  

The question is does the loosening of regulation help? Some would argue that it was the lack of regulation which cause the great recession.


"I know for people like you,"


Did the Obama presidency save the country from financial collapse? You mean the pot smoker from Hawaii raised by rich white people? The truth is while Obama was president he expanded government and everyone was holding on to their wallets. Rich corporations like GE and Google were kissing up so that they would have a place at the table.

Why are things looking up. Lower taxes and less regulation.

Gene government does not produce anything except headaches.


Not really a Trump fan but its gotta be painful to progressives when you see CNBC put out this headline;

The Dow's 31% gain during Trump's first year is the best since FDR

Raymond you said, You mean the pot smoker from Hawaii raised by rich white people? 

Where are you getting your information from, comic books?

"Obama was born in 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii, two years after the territory was admitted to the Union as the 50th state. Raised largely in Hawaii,"

"my mother white as milk – barely registered in my mind. He described his struggles as a young adult to reconcile social perceptions of his multiracial heritage." Barak Obama

Obama's Grandparents, who provided for him and his mother in Hawaii.  Gene, You ever read his biography.  He admits to quite a few things. 

I’m not questioning whether his grandparents were white, but that they were rich.  They were people of modest means who instilled sense of values upon their grandson. You mention him of smoking pot; big deal, we all have youthful lessons learned.

Donald Trump’s father was rich and it doesn’t appear that he instilled any modest values upon him. A man of three wives who had engage in the in sexual escapade with prostitutes even while married.


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