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  •  In case you didn’t realize, the “President” is not a person, 

I'm really starting to worry about you Gene.  But, I guess you can call it whatever makes you fell better. Truth however will makes it appear like you're twisting things to look more partisan than reality. 

President - noun:  an official chosen to preside over a meeting or assembly.

Official - noun: a person holding public office or having official duties, especially as a representative of an organization or government department.

Noun: Person, place or thing 

The truth is that Ronny Jackson was assigned to be physician to the President by President Obama. It's far from the ceremonial role you seem to wish it was to suit your political narrative. While it would be convenient for some people to say President Obama was a drone who only handed out ceremonial titles to fill vital roles, indicative of his pursuit of emotional SJW issues over many real problems facing average Americans, I won't go that route. 

Truth be told, we currently only elect people to be president here in the United states. It's not a title given to autonomous systems, robots or drones.  The person who was president at the time Ronny was appointed physician to the president was Obama. That would have made him Obama's doctor since he was president at the time.  

Unless you're saying Obama was never actually president.  President Obama, is the president I'm talking about. The factual presidential role held by people. Not some creative definition drummed up to suit a political narrative.

The Physician to the President (also known colloquially as the White House doctor) is the formal and official title of the physician who is director of the White House Medical Unit, a unit of the White House Military Office responsible for the medical needs of the President of the United States,

The President of the United States (abbreviated as POTUS (POE-tus)[note 2]) is the head of state and head of government of the United States of America. The president directs the executive branch of the federal government and is the commander-in-chief of the United States Armed Forces.


No one is President before they are elected.  They are elected to preside over the office of the President. The official duties of President you have outlined.

Presidency of the United States of America, chief executive “office” of the United States.

What’s so hard for you to understand about this. The person holding the office is the President, it’s just like the Papacy, the one holding the office is the pope.  Yes, Obama was holding the office at the time Dr. Jackson was appointed Dr. to the President, he was the President’s Doctor. Trump now holds the office therefore, Dr. Jackson is his doctor because he was appointed Dr. to the President.

Instead of reporting he was Obama’s doctor, it should have read, he was the doctor to the President appointed under the Obama’s administration.

  • No one is President before they are elected.  They are elected to preside over the office of the President. The official duties of President you have outlined.

Never said otherwise but nice try attempting to change the narrative with the Presidency reference. I said we elect people as presidents here in the USA.... guess you conveniently overlooked that

Obama was the President who assigned him. People seem to hate being reminded of that because it takes away their argument that he's as partisan and biased as they are in wanting to diagnose things they don't understand while throwing out sexist claims to people who did the same thing to Hillary. 

Here's some articles that might help you understand how it works. Trump could have replaced replaced Dr. Jackson with a doctor of his choosing.   Take note of the first one since it's from the view of President Obama himself and 'politically neutral' CNN. 

Obama offers up his doctor at news conference

Donald Trump will keep Barack Obama's White House doctor

What I’m trying to express to you is that the Doctor to the President is an official title, and to just say Obama’s doctor makes it appear as something else; Obama’s doctor!!!

The Physician to the President (also known colloquially as the White House doctor) is the formal and official title of the physician who is director of the White House Medical Unit, a unit of the White House Military Office responsible for the medical needs of the President of the United States, Vice President, White House staff, and visitors.[1] The Physician to the President is also the Chief White House Physician.

… Dr. Presley Marion Rixey, a Medical Inspector in the United States Navy, was the first individual to serve in a full-time capacity as physician to the President beginning in 1901, although the title "White House Physician" was not used until created by an act of Congress in 1928.

The White House physician has an office inside the White House. The location of his or her medical unit plays an important role in keeping the President of the United States healthy. He or she also oversees a staff which is typically composed of five military physicians, five nurses, five physician assistants, three medics, three administrators and one IT Manager. The White House Physician is metaphorically the "shadow of the President"[5] because he or she is always close at hand whether the President is at the White House, overseas, on the campaign trail, or aboard presidential plane Air Force One.[5] The Physician to the President protects the president's health and may also perform emergency surgery.

The White House doctor is also responsible for providing comprehensive medical care to the members of the president's immediate family, the Vice President, and the Vice President's family. He or she may also provide medical care and attention to the more than 1.5 million visitors who tour the White House each year, as well as to international dignitaries and other guests of the President.

The White House Physician is often selected personally by the President, and most White House doctors are active-duty military officers,[5] in part because most civilians would find closing then reopening their private practices difficult.

1989 to 1993: Burton J. Lee III, MD (concurrent with Lawrence C. Mohr, Jr.)[30][31]

1993 to 2001: RDML Eleanor Mariano, MD, USN[5][32]

2002 to 2009: Brigadier General Richard J. Tubb, USAF[1][33]

2009 to July 2013: Captain Jeffrey Kuhlman, MD, USN[1][34]

July 2013 to present: RADM Ronny Jackson, MD, USN[35][b]

Yes, Donald Trump could very well appoint another doctor as The White House Physician, that’s his right.  The point is this, the White House Physician serves on behalf of the president, it is an official role established by congress.

Gene, you're really trying to change the narrative or something worse and troubling is going on here.  The simple facts are, Obama was president, he had his choice, he chose Dr. Ronny Jackson to be his physician while he was in office.  When Trump became president, instead of making a change he decided to keep  Dr. Ronny Jackson, the physician President Obama chose. 

  • What I’m trying to express to you is that the Doctor to the President is an official title, and to just say Obama’s doctor makes it appear as something else; Obama’s doctor!!!

You could attach that irrelevant redirecting argument to lot of people in public office.  The people we're talking about are/were Presidents, if they weren't we likely wouldn't be having this discussion.  The history you posted does nothing but support what I'm saying and contradict your earlier post claiming the president is not a person.  Being President is not a fictional role, real people hold it Gene. 

Obama, Trump and all the presidents before them were still people once that were elected president as far as I know.  People who needed doctors. Just like they got to choose officials to fill various cabinet roles such as Agriculture, labor, health and Defense they also get to choose their Physician.  President Obama made his choices.  As the head of executive he was responsible for that while he was in office

This is almost precisely why I stopped voting liberal.  Any time there's a discussion where they are on the wrong side of things they attempt to change the narrative to somethings that's off course from original subject.

You seem to have the view that becoming President no longer makes you a person.  Here are a couple more articles that talk about how Dr. Ronny Jackson was President Obama's doctor.

Legally we are all “persons” in that we are given corporate status legally as opposed to being recognized as natural individuals with God-given rights. Thus the.BiIrth Certificate and social security number, income tax and everything is a privilege. We have been placed under receivership and all persons and property have been hypothecated towards the debt as the U.S. has been bankrupt since 1933.

Most people do not understand the legal significance of person as opposed to natural individual person.

”In jurisprudence, a natural person is a person (in legal meaning. i.e., one who has its own legal personality) that is an individual human being, as opposed to a legal person, which may be a private (i.e., business entity or non-governmental organization) or public (i.e., government) organization.”

We are under admiralty/maritime jurisdiction. The courts and government flags have the gold military fringe which signifies the jurisdiction as such. It is the law of the sea, not the land. Thus you are birthed, like a ship, money is currency (like water) and everything is a privilege and you are a human resource, and must register for the draft if a man at 18, another draft animal to fight the banker’s wars for profit, pay the taxes as a good slave.

The legal web that Satan and his children have spun is intricate. I researched law, history, the wicked correlated with the Bible for decades as well as researching what they did in history past. present and future “plans” that all are not good.

Whats all this blank about Obama's doctor, physician or whatever Gene? 

Gene, your usually pretty sensible except for once in a while something gets your goat, and you cling to some emotionally tied idea. As Rabbit suggested, concentrate on Christ and forget the liberal agenda-don't think thinking. 

Look, I have researched history and the globalists continually since 1984, and the Bible sine 1975. I have read about more corruption than most people have read anything. I have studied law, the Constitution in particular also, and how the country has been taken down an insane road by the children of the Devil.

I know more about the wicked than your average Christian. I have studied the enemy, what they did do in history and what they are doing and what they plan to do. None of it is good. They have controlled all the major news and entertainment media, government, the legal system, the financial system most importantly which gives them the power of controlling individuals, organizations, countries, continents you name it. Follow the money. I don't speak egotistically, I speak from someone who has researched and knows what I am talking about. Many people have opinions not based on truth or facts, but upon emotional attachments. The globalists control the schools and the media which both constantly brainwash children and adults. 

If you knew about the mind control operations from MK Ultra onwards, it has gotten so sophisticated that a targeted individual can be individually sent radio frequencies that can do anything from annoy, make them feel sick, to actually plant thoughts or even direct speech or music beamed into the brain by locking onto the frequency of the individual's brain. This is no longer science fiction, but fact. See the book Soul Catcher by a scientist that worked on these technologies, but was compartmentalized which is standard policy, who became a targeted individual. There is now an organization to support targeted individuals. Many have documented electronic implants removed from their bodies.

Sounds crazy, well it is crazy, from world-destroying genetics, geoengineering, World Wars all orchestrated as planned (See Albert Pike's book, Morals and Dogma in which he planned three World Wars exactly has transpired in history) all by the hand of Lucifer through his children who worship him in ritualistic child sex/torture and human sacrifice involving inflicting insane amounts of pain and trauma so that the hormones go into the blood which the Luciferians drink from and eat the flesh, in a mocking of the last supper.

They do these insane things to get demons, the more the merrier. I call it demon density, the more demons the Luciferians can have the better the think, while the average Christian would like to get rid of as many demons as possible, if he only knew if he had any?

The worship of Lucifer leads to insanity, psychopathic thinking and eventually to the lake of Fire. Most Christians shy away from anything of the globalist agenda as well as these horrific Satanic ritualistic or population genocide planned by the globalists. See Georgia Guidestones stone monument to wickedness plans on the internet, to keep the population reduced to less than 500,000,000. That means they want to kill minimum 6.5 or even more closely to 7 billion people. 

Sound thinking and points Rabbitroup! I couldn't have said it better myself.

US slumps in global leadership poll after Trump's 1st year

Germany now top-rated global power

The losses in U.S. leadership approval may have implications on U.S. influence abroad. With its stable approval rating of 41%, Germany has replaced the U.S. as the top-rated global power in the world. The U.S. is now on nearly even footing with China (31%) and barely more popular than Russia (27%) -- two countries that Trump sees as rivals seeking to "challenge American influence, values and wealth."

And there are some interesting graphs on this page

So much for the died in the wool Trump supporters


It was never leadership if all we ever did was what others "wanted" us to do.  There is a difference between leadership and appeasement.

You can easily appease spoiled kids easily by giving them what they want.... money, toys, candy etc.... The second you take it away and show leadership by instructing them to do their own homework etc they are prone to rebel.


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