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Some of those are reasons I didn't vote for her and I'm glad she didn't win.  However, as far as Russia goes their whole endgame was to sew chaos and pit people obsessively devoted to parties against each other by picking at at our weakness. 

They didn't favor Trump or Hillary in that sense.  They played a symphony of organized chaos.  If they saw things were going too well for one side they countered by injecting hateful, innuendo driven narrative and staged protest against them. 

If we had to nitpick, I would say there's more negatives against Hillary than Trump, which is why I'm glad she lost.  But at this point I'm just looking for the drama in our country to stop.

You either don’t know or have forgotten that Vladimir Putin is a spymaster. He was targeting our democratic election with purpose, and if you are honest, it seems like President Trump was or is in concert with him.  From the very beginning, President Trump has attacked the very principles of our constitution and the pillars of this government.  He has attacked the freedom of the press, he attacked the intelligent community, the juridical system, the FBI; and for what? He wants to discredit every source that true information will come out of.

Vladimir Putin is not a friend of the US, he hate this country because we won the cold war and destroyed the Soviet Union, point blink.

Putin’s Revenge

Humiliated by the 1990s, Russia’s strongman is determined to win Cold War 2.0. He may be succeeding.


December 16, 2016

“…But for one man in Russia, it symbolized a profound humiliation. Vladimir Putin was then a minor public official, serving as a deputy city functionary in St. Petersburg after ending his career as a KGB agent, withdrawn from East Germany after its communist government fell. The notion that the Soviet state in which he’d been raised and trained, whose demise he once called “the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century,” had become a client state with a leader who was a source of Western amusement was stinging. It was a sting he never forgot, and when Putin met with Russian troops shortly after he took power on the first day of the new millennium, January 1, 2000, he told them their mission included “restoring Russia’s honor and dignity.” (more)

Secondly, Vladimir Putin hated Hilary Clinton, he saw a President Clinton as a threat.

While Donald Trump’s budding bromance with Vladimir Putin is well known — the two men have exchanged admiring words about each other and called for improved relations between Washington and Moscow — Putin’s hostility towards Clinton draws less attention.

“….Former U.S. officials who worked on Russia policy with Clinton say that Putin was personally stung by Clinton’s December 2011 condemnation of Russia’s parliamentary elections, and had his anger communicated directly to President Barack Obama. They say Putin and his advisers are also keenly aware that, even as she executed Obama’s “reset” policy with Russia, Clinton took a harder line toward Moscow than others in the administration. And they say Putin sees Clinton as a forceful proponent of “regime change” policies that the Russian leader considers a grave threat to his own survival.” (more)


…Comey gave no details of the classified investigation and said the fact that it exists does not mean charges would be filed.

U.S. intelligence agencies have concluded that Russia tried to help Trump by hacking leading Democrats.


“I think that was a fairly easy judgment for the (intelligence) community,” he said. “Putin hated Secretary Clinton so much that the flip side of that coin was he had a clear preference for the person running against the person he hated so much.” (more)


Donald Trump has call the news media fake news so much that when people are presented with the truth they won’t believe it; right? Right.

  • You either don’t know or have forgotten that Vladimir Putin is a spymaster. He was targeting our democratic election with purpose, and if you are honest, it seems like President Trump was or is in concert with him.  

I'm not even sure what you're talking about Gene.  I never said I liked the Putin regime... it's not my responsibility to. If you want to discuss intelligence/strategy, perhaps you should consider the idea that it's not best to go around mouthing off your strategy for retaliation every time someone does something to offend you.  However, the naive media and political opportunist think that's what should be done every time someone they don't like farts.  The current state of affairs is primarily because it's Trump and he beat their candidate. 

You think you have an idea of how the game works? I know this is something that has been going on longer than whatever 1990's humiliation you want to remind me of. I've had mentors going back to my freshmen year in high school who were in various intelligence wings of the Government.  That's why it wasn't a surprise to me when they pointed out how the Russians duped naive people into #notmypresident and #resist.  

  • Donald Trump has call the news media fake news so much that when people are presented with the truth they won’t believe it; right? Right.

Perhaps they should stop playing the political game and proving his point then.  Like I already pointed out.  Even after the recent announcement in the links I proved earlier here.  There are some news media that are conveniently leaving out the part explaining how the Russians were staging protest against Trump in an effort to incite the idea that he was in collusion with them and a racist etc.

If people have been willing to overlook the red flags of the Clinton's reset button, pocketing millions from speaking fees,  along with the numerous thing's James French already pointed out. and a secret billion dollar plane payout to iran from the previous administration. Perhaps they should not freak out just because the President who has been donating his Presidential salary  isn't insulting or openly retaliating against Putin. 

Trump was a real estate guy in New York & Chicago and worked projects dating back to the 1960's.  it's reasonable to assume he dealt with mobsters, teamsters and other shady organizations. At the very least he's probably more aware of how the game works than anyone in this forum. From all of that he emerged a billionaire while most of those presumed shady individuals wound up dead, in prison or faded into obscurity.  So Trump's either a really lucky or knows how to play the game and stay clean.  The Clinton machine probably would have been broke (faded into obscurity) if not for their political/government history.

Gene, my sincerest advise would be to just focus on what being a Christian is all about,  God's will.  Don't get caught up in doing the biding of a political party affiliation by trying to create narratives that discredit or blemish the other Guy just because their side lost.

God Bless you dude,

Good points Rabbit. But Trump is bringing back jobs and tax breaks and incentives and is not hell bent on destroying the country. 

We are in the world full of darkness, and this has been more evident in our days than ever before the days of Daniel. Looking with the prophetic eye we are not supposed to surprised. All we need is to pray and surrender our all to Christ.

I'm not sure how much deep thinking Kim has to do by simply killing everyone who opposes him and has the luxury of having an anti-world government U.S. President as his opponent.... A president people favor dictators over even though he hasn't done anything close to the atrocities they've committed. 

  • Donald Trump is not a deep thinker, he has proven himself to be impulsive and questionably unstable. Kim Jung Un is calculating, his relentless pursuit to obtain nuclear weapons to serve his end goal may become his undoing. His calculating acts maybe a miscalculation when matched against Donald Trump.  

It's kinda sad the hyperbolic reaction people get when their political opponent wins.  Seriously, people have compared Trump to Stalin and Hitler.... .Can they show me the mass graves? All they have is some lame Russian conspiracy 'Theory'.... Nothing the Russians did made me vote for Trump over Hillary... Years of Liberal Democratic SJW, hypocritical posturing and pandering to a world govt agenda led to that.

Trump has been dodging petty crap since he got into office. Look at how the press reacted when Obama's doctor gave Trump a relatively clean bill of health.  Does that make him a deep thinker? No. But lets not assume deep thinking alone gets you any where since policies from several presidents before Trump empowered the Loco NoKo regimes and allowed things to get to this point. 

Pretty much the same will be going on with Iran thanks to things like air mailing them a over a billion dollars in cash to spend as they please..... Lots of deep thinking going on there.  Deep thinking purely for the sake of appeasing the one world government crowd. 

When you're a part of the world Government agenda, a certain sect of people turn a blind eye to things you do.  When you're against it virtually everything you do gets blown up.  These people praise things like California wanting to leave the union but completely ignore things like Spain jailing Catalonians over their independence movement.  Why? Because Trump position is Anti-World Government while Spain and California leadership is all in.

If Trump or Israel did things like what Spain did it would likely be considered a crime against humanity.


Don’t be so gullible, it wasn’t Obama’s doctor; stop listening to FOX News.  He is a United States military officer assigned to assigned to be the physician to the president, Donald Trump is now that president.

In 2006, while still in Iraq, Jackson was selected as a White House physician. Since arriving at the White House, he has directed the Executive Health Care for the President’s Cabinet and Senior Staff, served as physician supervisor for the Camp David Presidential Retreat, held the position of physician to the White House and led the White House Medical Unit as its director. He has served as White House physician during the past three administrations and was the appointed physician to the president for President Barack Obama. He currently serves as the appointed physician to the president for President Donald J. Trump.

What are you talking about Gene? Are you so biased you're ignoring your own facts?

  • He has served as White House physician during the past three administrations and was the appointed physician to the president for President Barack Obama.

Judging from the list of the physician’s duties and responsibilities, it is natural to assume that the terms “physician” and “doctor” are synonymous. True enough, the two terms can be used interchangeably in many instances. Note, however, that all physicians are doctors, but not all doctors are physicians.

You seriously might want to stop being so partisan assuming everything that doesn't favor your stance comes from fox news.   It's a little worrying that you would post confirmation of what I said in your own rebuttal and not even seem to realize it....  Does the #notmypresident now apply to Obama?  Is that why you're saying he wasn't Obama's doctor?


I think saying Obama’s doctor is somewhat disingenuous. It seems to imply that Obama brought him to the White House from Chicago, that he was Obama’s family doctor, which of course it not the case.

As a doctor and military office who served as the White House doctor for several years, he obviously was recognized for his service and appointed doctor to the president by Obama. In case you didn’t realize, the “President” is not a person, but it is the office that the person holds. The president was Obama when he was appointed as doctor to the president, but now the president is Trump, the doctor serves the president.

  •  In case you didn’t realize, the “President” is not a person, 

I'm really starting to worry about you Gene.  But, I guess you can call it whatever makes you fell better. Truth however will makes it appear like you're twisting things to look more partisan than reality. 

President - noun:  an official chosen to preside over a meeting or assembly.

Official - noun: a person holding public office or having official duties, especially as a representative of an organization or government department.

Noun: Person, place or thing 

The truth is that Ronny Jackson was assigned to be physician to the President by President Obama. It's far from the ceremonial role you seem to wish it was to suit your political narrative. While it would be convenient for some people to say President Obama was a drone who only handed out ceremonial titles to fill vital roles, indicative of his pursuit of emotional SJW issues over many real problems facing average Americans, I won't go that route. 

Truth be told, we currently only elect people to be president here in the United states. It's not a title given to autonomous systems, robots or drones.  The person who was president at the time Ronny was appointed physician to the president was Obama. That would have made him Obama's doctor since he was president at the time.  

Unless you're saying Obama was never actually president.  President Obama, is the president I'm talking about. The factual presidential role held by people. Not some creative definition drummed up to suit a political narrative.

The Physician to the President (also known colloquially as the White House doctor) is the formal and official title of the physician who is director of the White House Medical Unit, a unit of the White House Military Office responsible for the medical needs of the President of the United States,

The President of the United States (abbreviated as POTUS (POE-tus)[note 2]) is the head of state and head of government of the United States of America. The president directs the executive branch of the federal government and is the commander-in-chief of the United States Armed Forces.


No one is President before they are elected.  They are elected to preside over the office of the President. The official duties of President you have outlined.

Presidency of the United States of America, chief executive “office” of the United States.

What’s so hard for you to understand about this. The person holding the office is the President, it’s just like the Papacy, the one holding the office is the pope.  Yes, Obama was holding the office at the time Dr. Jackson was appointed Dr. to the President, he was the President’s Doctor. Trump now holds the office therefore, Dr. Jackson is his doctor because he was appointed Dr. to the President.

Instead of reporting he was Obama’s doctor, it should have read, he was the doctor to the President appointed under the Obama’s administration.

  • No one is President before they are elected.  They are elected to preside over the office of the President. The official duties of President you have outlined.

Never said otherwise but nice try attempting to change the narrative with the Presidency reference. I said we elect people as presidents here in the USA.... guess you conveniently overlooked that

Obama was the President who assigned him. People seem to hate being reminded of that because it takes away their argument that he's as partisan and biased as they are in wanting to diagnose things they don't understand while throwing out sexist claims to people who did the same thing to Hillary. 

Here's some articles that might help you understand how it works. Trump could have replaced replaced Dr. Jackson with a doctor of his choosing.   Take note of the first one since it's from the view of President Obama himself and 'politically neutral' CNN. 

Obama offers up his doctor at news conference

Donald Trump will keep Barack Obama's White House doctor


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