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28 Fundamentals a new doctrinal book or Just another name for Questions on Doctrine

The 28 fundametals are not any diffrent from the previous edition of Seventh day Adventist believe that was publised back in the the 1988. The book Seventhe Day adventist believe is not any diffrent from the book Question on Doctrine. Why am I bring this up? Because reading this book is like drinking the purple cool aid. It has Lots of truths and little error. Does God work that way. I attached two files that will further explain what I mean. Please read them with an open mind and at least see the other side of the coin.

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Questions on Doctrine is a fantastically excellent book. The issue behind its publication has nothing to do with the insignificant errors that the book might contain. The overriding question should be who has written a better book that answers the questions this book addresses?
The Bible and Spirit of Prophecy. There are books by our Pioneers that were written better than that one. Questions on Doctrine was a book written to appease Walter Martin and C.L. Barnhouse so that would not put as a cult. And there is no such thing as insignificant error as there is no such thing as insignificant poison.
The Bible and Spirit of Prophecy.

God's word says, "Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect" (1 Peter 3:15).

When a non-Adventist Christian asks an Adventist to explain how 2300 years may be derived from Daniel 8:14 in the context of the whole chapter, it would be very disrespectful to tell that Christian, "just read Daniel 8. It's there."

Not surprisingly, Adventists that respond in such a condescending manner are justly viewed as lacking in grace and truth. And the world recognizes them to be legalists.

There are books by our Pioneers that were written better than that one.

And which pioneer book answers all the questions that were asked in Questions on Doctrine?

Questions on Doctrine was a book written to appease Walter Martin and C.L. Barnhouse so that would not put as a cult.

That charge, which reveals the spirit of the anti-QOD crowd, is a common judgment on the motives of the authors of QOD, which the Bible forbids humans from making.

And there is no such thing as insignificant error as there is no such thing as insignificant poison.

True, but I submit to you that the issue here is the tendency of legalistic Adventists to exaggerate the failure of QOD while not even being able to sense their own monumental misunderstanding.

"Why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me remove the speck from your eye’; and look, a plank is in your own eye? Hypocrite! First remove the plank from your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye." Matthew 7:3-5.
Did you even read the articles that was attached? When it comes to messing up our pillar of our faith, I do not consider those errors being insignificant. I am not anti-QOD, I am anti-error. I have seen this laid back God does everything and I just lay arround doing nothing and just maybe stumble into heaven attitude. This is what the true Gospel is suppose to be portrayed (unlike the one found in QOD):

"What does God accomplish, and what does He demand of us individually in the work of saving ourselves? God works in us by the light of His truth, which lighteneth every man that cometh into the world. The Scriptures refer to the works of God as they are revealed in our world, as so many teachers whose voices have gone out through the whole earth, proclaiming the attributes of God. The mind must see the truth, and the will bend to its claims, when it is presented to us based upon scriptural evidence."
This is a God-given and a saving message to them that believe. If the spirit of Jesus, who came to seek and to save that which was lost, were in our hearts, the question could not be asked, "Why stand ye here all the day idle?" How earnest would be our efforts! how we would deny ourselves to help the souls who need our help! and by partaking of the spirit of Christ, we would not fail nor be discouraged. We would study, plan, and pray to God for wisdom and grace, that we might save the souls in the highways and broadways of life. The Holy Spirit of God must come into our hearts, to sanctify our souls, and to arouse our entire beings to earnest action. We must drink deeper of the spirit of the message; we must realize the situation in which we are placed. The end is near! The religious amendment which is being so decidedly urged, if carried, would materially change the features of our work, and hedge up our way. Everything in our outward world shows that an important crisis is about to open upon us. Are we ready for it? Have we, by working when and where we could, prepared ourselves and others for the momentous future? Can we, in our present state of inaction, take in the great ideas and the truth for this time? We need faith, more faith; we must believe in Jesus as our personal Saviour. Do we believe the word of God or the traditions of men? Who of us believe that men can be saved without having practical working faith in Christ? If we are working mind, heart, and soul, as in the light of the judgment day, we are laborers together with God. Divine and human efforts must be combined. The Lord gives the rain and the sunshine, the clouds and the dew; these are Heaven-bestowed gifts; yet there is a work for man to do, or these blessings will prove of little worth to him. Painstaking effort is required in the tilling of the soil; all the conditions must be fulfilled on man's part in sowing the seed and gathering the harvest, or the benefits of Heaven will fail of their designed purpose.
Whenever man accomplishes anything, it is by co-operation with his Maker; but in the saving of the souls of men, God does all the work, making man his instrument. Man cannot manage the work of God in his own way, for the outward work is vain unless God works with it. Divine power must mingle with human effort, or we cannot be laborers together with God. Man must use the faculties which God has given him, and co-operate with all the saving agencies placed at his command. He must pray, he must search the Scriptures, he must believe the word of God, he must know that Christ is the propitiation for his sins, and for the sins of the whole world." RH May 6, 1890

If this is legalism then we might as well call Ellen White and the writers of the Bible legalists also.

This is the same battle that M.L. Andreason dealt with.

There are sins leading to death and sins not leading to death (1 John 5:16-17). To rail against QOD is a sin leading to death. I have read QOD and I know it's full of the true life-giving gospel. And I have read many anti-QOD writings. They are all full of death.

If you want Christians to read your theology please justify your judgment of human hearts, the statement that Questions on Doctrine was written as if it was a cowardly compromise to appease Walter Martin and C.L. Barnhouse so that they would not label Adventists a cult.
I am not juding the hearts of no one. But am letting ppl be aware of the error that has sprung out for that book. I am not going to argue with you. I attached a sermon I listened to. Search for yourself and see. Listen to the sermon. wait I can even supply u with a sermon of someone who was there during that time when it happened. Walter Martin has been one of the biggest enemy the SDA church has had to deal with. With all due respect it shows that you don't really know their SDA history.
To say that Questions on Doctrine was written as if it was a cowardly compromise to appease Walter Martin and C.L. Barnhouse so that they would not label Adventists a cult is a judgment of motives. Yes, that is the judgment of others. But by you repeating their errors, you become guilty of the same sin. That is just some of the poisonous fruit of the QOD complainers.

Read a recently published book called A Fork in the Road by Herbert Douglass. He was personal friends of all three men involved in the writing of QOD, and Douglass was there the whole time it was being written, and afterwards. His book is very well documented.

The QOD has some good things but it also has some serious errors. Among those are the nature of Christ's humanity. Another is that the book is not forthright about the position and ministry of Ellen White. Today we are reaping the results of QOD.

By the way, I am not attacking the men who wrote QOD. Roy Allen Anderson was a personal friend of my family's and worked alongside my father in the gospel ministry. We're talking here about more than the individuals involved. We're talking about the truth of the gospel as it is in Jesus.
If we profess to have had great light and cannot even discern that the book Answers to Questions on Doctrine was written and authorized by the GC leaders for no other reason except to let the popular churches of Christendom know that our religion had been changed and that we could now be recognized as a Christian denomination rather than an anti-Christian cult, then we need to think again. Under Question # 3, under the subtitle Relationship to past positions, the authors of the book had this to say: "We are one with our fellow Christians of denominational groups in the great fundamentals of the faith once delivered to the saints." p.32.

If we are one with them, we are one with "the churches that have taken sides with the first great apostate." 1 S.M.222, bottom of page.

The very existence of the book Questions on Doctrine, a "book of a new order," was to signal "a new era" for Adventism. Even before she died, Mrs. White was aware of a disposition among the leaders to withhold the professions of our faith. In the night season, she was warned as she seemed to be in meetings for counsel where the pillars of our faith were discussed, and written documents were presented, advocating concessions!

At another time she warned our people to be surprised at nothing in the line of apostasies and denials of the truth. The Lord even gave her a vision in the night season in which a representation passed before her and she saw a certain work being done. What did she see? She saw that the foundation of our faith, which was established by so much prayer, such earnest searching of the Scriptures, was being taken down, pillar by pillar, and that our faith was to have nothing to rest upon. Then she says, the sanctuary was gone, the atonement was gone!

This is what happened during the 18 meetings that took place between the leaders of the GC and leaders of the other churches between 1955 and 1957. These meetings were the visible part of the iceberg of the "omega of apostasy" that Mrs. White warned us about before she died.

When the leaders of the other churches asked our leaders what Mrs. White meant when talking about Christ making atonement in the sanctuary above, especially when she speaks of Him making a final atonement, they explained to them that Mrs. White simply meant that Christ was applying the benefits of the atonement which was finished at the cross. These men were satisfied with that answer as long as they assured them that they believed and taught that the atonement was finished at the cross.

If our leaders had been firm in telling them that it was the condition for the atonement that was complete at the cross, not the atonement itself, and that the atonement did not begin until Jesus ascended up on High and began to plead the merits of His sacrifice in behalf of sinners, and that He began the final phase of the atonement at the end of the 2,300 day prophecy, there is no way that these men would have recognized us as Christians.

The answers that our leaders gave them satisfied them. This would have been a golden opportunity to teach the sanctuary message to these men, the truth for our time, but instead our leaders totally repudiated the foundation and central pillar of the Advent Movement and ever since we have had congenial fellowship with these churches.

So much so t hat in the Adventist Review of July 10, 1990, p.6, we read these most startling words spoken by Joan Campbell, director of the United States office of the World Council of Churches, addressing an Adventist audience:

"It is my pleasure to be with you again. I bring the warmest of greetings from the World Council of Churches and from all our member churches around the world. When I was at your worship service yesterday, it seemed as though it was my own time of worship, as well as yours. And it said to me that there are many things we hold in common. So as fellow Christians, like those of Pentecost in the earliest of days, we look at one another, and we say that we hold all things in common."

Now if these words are not convincing evidence that our religion has been changed, then pray tell me, what will it take to convince us. This change was done in secret meetings with representatives of the World Council of Churches just as Jesus was tried in secret meetings of the nite. The pillars of our faith were crucified in secret meetings and our people could do nothing about it.

Another pillar that was repudiated by our leaders at that time is the teaching that Jesus in his human nature took the nature of Adam after the fall. But during these meetings it was agreed with the evangelicals that Jesus took the nature that Adam had before the fall. The evangelicals requested that this statement be expounged from one of our books "Jesus lived a sinless life in sinful flesh." This statement they read from our book Bible Readings For The Home. Our leaders wasted no time and the change was made. It then read, "Jesus lived a sinless life in the flesh." This the evangelicals could accept. By compromising these two pillars of our faith we could now be accepted as members of the body of Christ as defined by the World Council of Churches. The book Bible Readings For The Home then became a book of a new order containing the new theology about the human nature of Christ.

Mrs. White has warned us that the "omega" of apostasy would be of a "startling nature" and that it would involved the pillars of our faith. See 1.M.204,205; 197.

Where are we now in the unrolling of the prophetic scroll? We are in the time of "added probation" after the crucifixion, prior to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in large measure. The Lord will let His light shine upon His professed people one more time just as He did at Pentescot for the Jewish people. If the message is again resisted and the bearers of the message persecuted, character assassinated, the professed people of God will seal their rejection of God's mercy and the bearers of the message will be forced to go to the world with their message and it will swell into the loud cry.


Gregorio, the subtle wording in Questions on Doctrine regarding the foundation and central pillar of our faith, the doctrine of the atonement, was more than mere "little poison"... it was the "crucifixion" of that pillar, and the change about the human nature of Christ was a step toward going back into the fold of antichrist because this is the doctrine of antichrist, to say that Jesus did not take the sinful nature of Adam after the fall.
Thank you brother for confirming this for me. I guess I am not alone on this view am I? But like we have seen with Jim Jones that all you need is a little bit of poison to kill.
I agree with you Gregorio, "a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump!" 1 Cor.5;6.

I would like to know sky. Would you consider the book QOD to be a compromise of truth? Would you say that the QOD would a book to try to fit in with the other mainline churches? I would like to chat with you in private and see what your experience been sir. Can that be possible?


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