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Can someone explain this. Is it biblical? Or could it be possible the desolate and abomination is about to make its appearance in the most holy place as written in the Bible?

Could there be any validity to these claims?

2 Thessalonians 2:3 "Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition.

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Ellen White always ascribed this text, the man of sin, to the papacy; however  .  .

In the Great Controversy she inserts a complete new section that He Himself  that is revealed is none other than Satan who impersonates Jesus and sits in the temple of God, showing himself to be God, and doing all kinds of miracles.

So, obviously this text has two applications as Satan resided in the Papacy throughout the Dark Ages, but is fully manifest right before Armageddon.  And this leads to the question, when the nations attempt to kill the saints and can't, then they know they have been deluded by Satan. And that scoundrel professing to be Christ is really the Devil, then they attempt Satan''s destruction--and that is the final war that leads to the rescue of the saints. More at

Thank you for this information.

I was referring to Joel 2:30-31.  I am hearing a lot of talk about how the Israelis are expecting this prophesy on 4-15-2014 and just wondered if anybody here heard about it.

also Acts 2:19-2

Could it be that this is where the desolation and abomination in Israel will occur and Sunday law to take place soon?

Just curious...and searching for answers.

Sure. I am opened to discussing more on this.@ Darren.

@Daniel, I'd be glad to hear about any Bible quotes or SOP notes regarding this.

Regarding Joel 2 this link might help you: New Englands "Dark Day"   or GC p304-309

And this article might be interesting about the "desolation and abomination in Israel":

"The Abomination of Desolation"         

Thanks @Simon,very interesting.

We will just have to wait,and see how this theory transpires.

I'm sorry,is this a Seventh Day Adventist book,@Charles?

Has anybody ever heard of this?

 hI ZOWI,,, I hear just about everything new htese days on the net but regarding Blood moons and the feast days I SORRY  TO ME ( and anyone can tell me I am crazy if the y so choose  ) I For me alone at this moment in Times History I can not see any valadity to this ..Now I also sure their going to be others  that say it could be too and that I be nuts haha  It is ok too,,

 WHEN OTHERS STARTING TALLKING about the end of the world and the Mayan Calender ending in 2014 and JESUS  coming back then Ibeing imperfect in wisdom and knowledge not being a theolgian Knew this was not so and when some claimed  that we should be keeping the feas tdays of Old and the jewish festivals This to oI knew to be wrong for we today cant go to jerusaelm anymore nor sacrafice he blood of sheep or bulls either and neither do the Jews today either. 

 TO ME THEY HAVE A SIGNICANCE  of importance in rememberance that I agree and should not be forgotten for the Lord had a definate reason for us remembering them and . I say u are right in waiting it out for time proves everything ,, .  / 

PERSAY THOUGH  THE  MOON HAS A SLIGHT APPEARANCE OF BLOOD  ON THE  POINT OF TIME THEY SAY IT SHOULD THOUGH is this then t o be regarded as being true ? tHEIR Are certain things  Satan can control to imitate or counterfeit to throwpeople off tract or even to instil la fanatictisim int otheir midst of  False  revivals even . . LETS US BE SURE THEN THROUGH prayer and supplications we be not decieved by what appears real ok?.

YI YI YI  All i trying to get  at simply is this  LETS  take the time out together with friends that be spiritual and neturing in nature and pray together and do the research too can it hurt > ?


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