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Can someone explain this. Is it biblical? Or could it be possible the desolate and abomination is about to make its appearance in the most holy place as written in the Bible?

Could there be any validity to these claims?

2 Thessalonians 2:3 "Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition.

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According to Peter, these verses fulfilled and he quoted them exactly in Acts 2:16-20. Then . . .

Then early Adventists considered in the dark day, the moon took a red hue.

Of course this may occur again in the future as the Latter rain falls on us, and EGW enjoins that position.

Now, concerning coming events, we have a "short time of trouble" and it is accompanied by and promotes the passing of Sunday laws. This is the beginning of end-times where we move from the cities--the plagues will fall next, and get this point . . .

Rome is the game-player at this moment with the NWO and forced religious conscience--and the plagues.

Rome's rule is temporary and they are destroyed under the fifth of plague of Revelation.  At that time the NWO is collapsed and there are two plagues left--Earthlings need a savior so . . .

Satan comes along and professes to save the world. Now . . .

Muslims come into play. Look at an Old biblical map and see Ezekies 38 names ancient names of nations today occupied by Muslims. They extend from Libya and around the Mediterranean Sea to Turkey. During this attack the elements melt, oceans boil, etc.

So, Catholicism is for the Mark of the Beast, and Muslims are for Armageddon.  Read this eBook that puts it in proper prospective:


Can you show me any scriptural quotes,Charles?

The Lord gave signs to the pioneers to encourage their faith- but that doesn't mean they won't repeat in the end of time, I don't think, possibly in a different form.  This is why we are encouraged to constantly be studying our Bibles- like the pioneers.  That's what it means to be truly Adventist- studying the Word of God for hidden treasures which He will reveal in time.

I think the blood moons could mean something, personally.  Also the fact that they occur on feast days may be quite significant.  I disagree with those who think it has something to do with the nation of Israel being established again- many people are buying into the deception that Israel is our hope for end time events.  For this reason, I believe the Antichrist may actually come to old Jerusalem.   I heard that the Pope recently talked about moving the vatican to old Jerusalem.

I also think that some of the verses about changes in the sun, moon etc. may be predictions about nuclear events.  The stars falling, for instance- a nuclear warhead has similar reactions inside it as a star.

May God bless you.

@Vicki, what do you think will happen?

I don't know that anything will happen on the date of those blood moons, particularly, but I do think it could be yet another significant sign that we might be entering the last times.  I mean really- the LAST times.  I would not be surprised if Jesus comes by next year personally- though we are always to be prepared and not set dates.  There are just so very many things, as I see it, that are pointing us down to the end of time very soon.

The flood of Noah occurred over a one year time-frame, and I am seriously wondering if this might have some correlation to the last year of earth's history and the final times of trouble that will envelope planet earth. If so, it seems possible that the blood moons might occur within that year or be as kind of a warning that we’re about to go into that.

The Biblical new year starts in 2 days, on the new moon of April 2.  Noah's flood started at the 2nd Passover of the flood year (which is May 14, 2014).  Even if there is a correlation with these things, we don’t know how the Lord is going to finish it or on what time frame.  

Another thing about the flood year of Noah is that the Bible gives an exact 5 month period from the start of the rain until the waters receded (2nd month 17th day through 7th month 17th day of the month).  This seems to match the 5 months of pain given in Revelation as part of the 1st woe/5th trumpet.  From my studies the 7 trumpets are sounding again right now- through massive, worldwide, highly noticeable events such environmental degradation, etc. and the first 4 have already completed – leaving us on the verge of the 5th trumpet/1st woe/5 months of pain, potentially- in line with the beginning of the flood year which may correlate to the blood moons.   ( I have written about the 7 trumpets.  Not trying to link farm- but these are long articles I’ve written and I can’t explain it all in a few short sentances.  Moderators please let me know if this is wrong to post my link).

I don’t believe we can set dates as far as announcing or predicting something - but I believe it may be good to watch dates so that if correlations occur we will be able to see that it matches up and should be taken notice of.

As far as the blood moons, I also feel that the fact that they occur on feast days may be part of God's plan to emphasize the importance of these set times.

We do not know the hour or the day. However;we must be watchful. The Lord has given us many signs,to let us know when he is near. But He will not come until those things are fulfilled.


In regard to the 5th Trumpet/5 months of pain:

The SDA Church has traditionally held to the 'year for a day' principle of prophetic interpretation and has applied that to Rev 9. It has also been our traditional view (and one with which I am in complete agreement) that Rev 9 refers to the rise of Islam and the woes are therefore associated with that religion. One of, if not the, greatest manifestations of Islamic power was the Ottoman Empire. From 1299 to 1449 the Ottoman Empire set itself against Constantinople, determined to capture that great city and capital of the Eastern Roman Empire, the stronghold of Christianity in the area. During that period of time the Church was tormented but not killed. The 150 years of that torment is equivalent to 5 prophetic months of 30 days each and so we have traditionally placed the 5 months of Rev 9 as having occurred during that time frame.


Have you considered this? Also, as the book of Revelation is a prophetic book do we have any reason to believe that the 5 months could be anything other than prophetic months. Have you found any reference to days, months or years in Revelation to mean literal days/months/years rather than prophetic days/months/years?

As I continue my research, I have discovered that we must be watchful about these theories so that we are not deceived!

Therefore,we must just wait and see.

Joel 2:23 says "in the first month".   The moon turning into blood is mentioned in verse 28.  The 14th day of the 1st month is the Passover which is next week.  It also tells us to "call a solemn assembly.   I believe there is a little more to it than we might think and I believe it is now time for our Father to pour out his blessing on his people.  

@David,without a doubt,something big is coming to this world,impacted by these signs in the heavens.

Traditionally,according to judeaism,a moon is a signal to Israel. A sun is a signal to the world. According to this occurrence expected on 4/15/2014,this is a signal to Israel and the world.


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