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8.9 Earthquake and Tsunami Hits Japan 1 P.M. Today (March 11,2011-Philippine Time)

Have you heard?

Please let us pray for the safety of our brethren and familes there...

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indeed we r praying for all of u all

Many thanks Sis! God bless...
Pray for the Philippines too ... a big quake may occur there anytime.
Here is an interesting and timely sermon:

yes...pray for the Philippines too...I agree with that!

Yes, the possibility of a massive quake to hit the Philippines is recently discussed by Phivolcs and experts. And we are afraid that our Disaster teams, equipments are inadequate to handle emergencies of this magnitude. May God help us.
Any updates about tsunami threats to different countries? I'm from the Philippines. I'm working abroad and my mother is alone at home. She's 65 years old. I'm so scared tsunami and big quakes may still happen. I'm not there to protect her. Please keep praying for our world. Keep praying for all of us....I feel so sorry for the people of Japan. They need our help and prayers....A blessed Sabbath to everyone!
No worries Sis. Tsunami was not really felt in the Philippines, even at the coastal areas facing the Pacific Seas.
Man. That hit on my birthday.
A friend sent me a news release that during the latest earthquake/tsunami which hit Japan, there is one place which had survived the ravages of the tsunami which followed the earthquake.  One piece of property which has withstood the on slaught of the tsunami, a miracle has taken place.  The Seventh-day Adventist church in the stricken area stands as a monument that God had protected His people, the SDA's in the area.  According that that news release, which was published in the MVC cybernews, not a single SDA lost his/her life.  GOD CERTAINLY ANSWERED THE PRAYERS OF ADVENTISTS WORLDWIDE. 
Then maybe the lost people in the areas around will see that miracle for what it is and their hearts turn toward the Lord through that church. I pray this is the case in many a soul there. Poor guys.


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