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ca·rouse  (k-rouz)

intr.v. ca·roused, ca·rous·ing, ca·rous·es
1. To engage in boisterous, drunken merrymaking.
2. To drink excessively.


Monday night at the Community outreach after dinner service three Veterans of the Wars

aged 69,71,80 talked about their service and the 71 year old talked about how he was assistant to the chaplain but was let go cause he was "smoking like a chimney drinking like a fish and carousing around" at 26 years of age he quit cause the doctor told him he would die in 6 months if he dont stop

if these men smoked cigars and drank from brandy sifters i would have swore i was in a billiard room at some private exclusive old mens club

# smoking jackets and a fire place with silent ladies massaging their feet with ear plugs

after a few stories of hilarity he mentioned again his "carousing" with EXTRA EXTRA laughs and i didnt think any thing of it then he told me what he meant by carousing -  uhh ..having sex with all kinds of women!

 alot of ladies

alot ALOT!!!

o dear

lucky i didnt get a visual

the other two men laughed and gave each other knowing looks

oh to be young again!

with no restraint

and pretty ladies all around

  lust and fornicating 

spreading STD's

and fathering babies in other countries that they knew nothing about

and illegal abortions that had to be performed cause soldiers were so virile it didnt matter if the women were ripe for fertilization

also some woman got carried away with these handsome soldiers and hated themselves in the morning for giving in or even possibly date rape that wasnt acknowledged back then by authority and  the  countless victims

it was just carousing

and the men bonded at the table

boys will be boys

my gay friend and i didnt try to compare our stories when we were "carousing"

it would have been seen as a sin by them

and evil

# i love these dear men and i assure you it was not a temptation to do such a thing

its a propriety/gentlemen/Christian  thang

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