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I have a blast on here doing the discussions despite I get attacked for my beliefs. I attend a public university and I have a ton of Christians.

The question that I have for y'all, why is this website everyone has to ask permission to everyone if it's ok for SDA's to go to movies, eat certain kind of foods, etc...None of my friends ask these kind of questions on their facebook profiles but they simply live their life peacefully. You know?

I'll continue standing up to what I believe but you're asking these kind of questions to the wrong people. Ask God, he is not flesh and bones also he is sin free.

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Yes. But He's hired Santa as His delivery system.
Could it be that as someone once said,"most people want to serve God but only in an advisory position"? lol
Just an observation, generally speaking, which does not apply to all Christians(for example this very day I met one who would defy by his actions this very statement of mine). Many other "christians" seem to be following the ways of the world. If it feels good, do it, why not approach. Especially younger people.

It may be, again, jus throwing ideas out there, but it may be the people here asking these types of questions are convicted to find those answers. And why not ask fellow Adventists instead of the world? Of course, asking God and listening via the Bible is the best ideas, but, does not "iron sharpen iron"? ;)
That is a distinct possibiliy. We can usually tell who wants to stir the pot for arguments sake, but others may really be looking for answers. Let's not paint everyone with the same brush.
Good Thoughts Gabe.

I have to conclude that Jesus was quite the radical liberal in His day. He sure did shake things up. That is for sure.
This is simply my thinking out loud for what it's worth. I was reading though the experience of Jesus after His baptism and time in the wilderness. Seems the tempter comes when He is tired, famished and alone, (not with His friends). Ever been there?

Well the someone who wants to derail comes at the most inopportune times and it is then that we must know Whom we have believed and why. The temptations are about identity, need, presumption, power, and loyalty.

In the first two temptations, Satan says, "If you are the son of God, command these stones become bread or throw yourself down. The first addresses a need (He has been without food for 40days) the second presumption. Expect God to protect you in this reckless move i.e. jumping off the pinnacle of the temple. Read about in Matt 4: 1-11.

Well I was wondering if Satan tries to suggest the same thing to us, those who are grounded in their faith or would like to think so.(sml) Leave the church, take a leap, God will protect you. lol After all you know who you are, a child of God.
But what does Jesus say in response to both suggestions. One, we do not live by bread alone but by God's Word and two, you should not tempt the the Lord your God. Jesus obviously knew who He was and was not about to fall (no pun intended sml) for these foolish suggestions.

For the third temptation, Satan takes Him to a high mountain, shows Him the kingdoms of the world and says He will give all these if Jesus will only worship HIm. The truth is this was a masquerade for Satan himself along with the kingdoms of the world had been made by the Word, Jesus himself (John 1; 1-3). But here, Jesus is responding as a human whom He chose to become for our sakes. (Simly amazing!) He tells Satan to get behind Him. God alone is to be worshipped and served.

Seems he still tries to have us meet our needs in ways detrimental to our relationsip with God, he stills tempts us to jump ship and to worship him instead of the One who lovingly fashioned us like himself. But we too can give him the boot and tell him to get behind us where he rightly belongs for the One who has gone before us has promised to bring us safely home if we will trust Him and follow His lead in the big things and the small...... If He could predict as accurately as He has the course of history (Dan 2:31-35), I think I can trust Him with my life. sml
they asked coz our brethren here know more sometime or they need a confirmation from others
If I can inquire about the things around me - the mountains, rocks, plants - why wouldn't I feel comfortable asking questions about/discussing how I should live my life? Life is too precious to ignore it and all its details.

It's so great to interact with our friends, to listen and learn from the experiences of others, to learn what to extract and what to discard, to develop life skills, to become wiser.

I have lots of non-Adventist friends, customers and associates with whom I interact; some are Christians and others are not. Believe me, they have the same kinds of questions -- and they ask them when they find an appropriate forum, medium, opportunity --, especially when they think the person being asked is reliable and trustworthy enough to give a wise answer.

In general, people are curious and they ask questions ( just like children do to their parents), as soon as they find some one - a forum, medium, opportunity .., they can look up to.
Very true Melinda
I just want to say i think this discussion was blessed with many wise words and that i agree with what most persons said. There is a time and place for everything. What might seem trivial to one person might mean another persons relationship with God. Let us then try to help those who we can by answering their questions if we can and help each other to the kingdom.
I understand how when people "tell another what to do" the likely result is the opposite. As for things we shouldn't do, well, there is a reason, whether we choose to adhere or not. Consequences are inevitable (a consequence doesn't have to be a bad thing, but surely actions have reactions). Even if in moderation, if something is supposed to be stayed away from, it may catch up at some point. But moving on... cuz I know you know this :)

Its true there are many anti SDA books and people out there. You kno as well as I do. We've interacted with quite a few of them, but when you think about it, was not John the Baptist hated? What about the other prophets? Many were killed, were they not? They didn't change, they stuck to the truth in all aspects, not here and there. Even Jesus was hated by His own "chosen" people. Anti-SDA people shouldn't be a focus. Good to be aware of, sure. But what we know as truth should be kept to without compromise.

But yeah, remember that once upon a time, "God's people were destroyed for a lack of knowledge". They did not want to listen to instruction, rather, wanted to hear smooth things.

We're all human. Some are more friendly than others. Some are critical. Some accepting. We all mess up here and there. Remember "For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again". Jus gotta keep learning and looking to Him :)

I've looked into christmas and what it is really a little recently. A very interesting day that was. However can't overlook that many ppl contribute in some very positive things during this time. Gotta live up to the light we have the best way we can, always trying to understand more :) God first, whatever else second and so on.
Generalizing is completely wrong, and inaccurate, so I am not generalizing, but stating MY personal experience. :)

I have been a member of both "traditional" and "contemporary" churches. During a particularly rough time in my life, I found "traditional" churches to be very lonely and painful to attend. I chose to move from a "combo traditional/contemporary" church to a "contemporary" church during this time at the suggestion of a quite conservative Christian friend. They made this suggestion because they knew several attendees of said church, and knew it was known for being very accepting of folks in whatever state they might be.

What I have seen to be a difference between the 2 types of churches (again in MY personal experience) is that the "traditional" churches do seem to be unhappy and even a bit aloof, and the "contemporary" churches seem to be happy and approachable. However, both are made up of individuals who are, of course, different from one another.

What I deduce from observation is that EVERYONE is in a different place in their journey with God. God alone knows the heart, and whether that individual needs to focus on certain doctrinal beliefs at that time in their journey. God alone can convict the heart. And if a person loves God, they are asked to obey Him. This obviously means He wants us to obey out of love ALONE. If a Christian feels impressed to address a "fault" in his brother, he must first check his own current relationship with God, make sure he is hearing God correctly, and then be very sure that his motives are out of pure and simple LOVE. It's when our motives change from love to obedience for the sake of "righteousness" that we tread on dangerous ground, and often enter a place of unhappiness, discent, argument, debate, judgemental attitudes, and general UN-Christlike behavior. Humans seem to like to have specific lists to guage their behavior by, so that they are comfortable in judging their (and other's) current standing. God wants us to step out of that into a place of constant, vigilant, open listening to HIM so that we are moving forward on our path that He has laid out for us. To constrict our journey to a list of do's and dont's is to negate the need to unceasingly interact with God to establish that close communication that He desires.

Since God has given us His perfect list of "do's & don'ts", why not stick to His perfect list, and continually go back to HIM to insure that we are correctly interpreting His very broad request that we love Him with all our heart on our very private, customized journey toward Him.

I personally am thankful for the love and acceptance I have found in the relationships with the humans at my new church. They have enabled me to further heal so that I have a solid foundation and tools to implement in my attempts to keep God's commands out of my excitement and love for Him.


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