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Pinoys! Musta ka? ;) Hope everyone is doing well. Listen, I need some help and more understanding about the culture from PI. This has to do with bf/gf and married couples. My past  serious relationship with women from the Philippines did not go well. My question is, it seems that when I offer for us to have counseling, they seem to get really angry at me or they tend to be very timid. Not to sound disrespectful or anything towards other people cultures although we are almost the same in everyway because since I'm a Hispanic guy, I know Spain used to occupy PI for 300 years and have a lot of our Spanish culture. Although, for me this a culture shock because in my background marriage is very important and we do want to fix things. Everyone, love is not a joke. Please share me your input on this issue.

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hahahahaha Carol.... always!

let's just pray for them na lang... we're not mad naman diba, nag-i-explain lang.

well, i was sad by their comments but i don't hate them anyway.

I hope she can come here one day and have a first hand experience to live with Filipinos. 

i'd be willing to tour her around.

after all, we are all one under the body of Christ. 

Hi Gabriele , i am FILIPINA , who got married to a european man, i really take care of myself , i have simple life and i am a kind of woman who still believes in marriage first before sex. Before i got married i always prayed to GOD to have a man that really loves me, and it doesn't matter what kind of nationality as long as we love each other, i had ex- bf filipino , he is dug addict man and he stole my money just to buy drugs , and had ex- bf american man also who had been i jail after, looking for a good man for me is very difficult but i still continue worship GOD and always prayed that one day i will meet one man that really loves me. I worked before in asia, working in the office with accountants. And at first time i meet him i felt pitty because he looks very poor , so i take care of him and later on i fell inlove because of his kindness.Every salary i recieved i think of what i can bought for him just to see him happy, i bought him shirts / clothes and i treat him to go in restaurants, etc..And the second time,he visit me in asia with no money , he only had  airplane ticket. So , i didn't mind it as long as i am happy to see him again, i payed all the expenses for him staying for 1 month and then he propose to marry me, so i was very happy that time because finally GOD gave me the man that i've waited for such a long time.So we got married and gave him my virginity. And after we got married i ask him to stay in asia for we live together because doing visa going to europe is very difficult.And i offer him to quit his job  and i will work for us just to be together.But he didn't accept my offer because he cannot leave his work. So , for be together i decided to quit my job.I spent my own money paying all the papers and airplane ticket because my husband don't have money.And the first month i arrived here in europe was great and i am very happy being with my husband but lifes changed after  because i didn't knew that  i needed to take care 2 big dogs in our house while he is  enjoying outside with his lover.He treated me as a slave, he changed his character.The man i meet and got married before is not the man i am living now.But because i still value marriage, i try to accept , hoping and continue praying maybe one day he will change.I still cannot believe and i cannot accept why this all happen to my life.Marriage for me is sacred.And too many people advice me to divorce him but i still i love him despite of all what he has done for me and i untill now i cannot accept to have broken marriage. I am still suffering to the love i feel for my husband and depression to have broken marriage.

          I share my story  just to let  Alexander and Dior Manta Tambunan knows and for them not to generalize all filipina.

as what Dan Keitel said : "Of course there are always rotten apples that can be found in a basket of good apples. "

I have been readings these posts and in addition to Hale's reply, this one is food for thought!  I think I could say your account reminds me of Abigail and Nabal in the Bible.  However, I hope that your husband will realize the blessing he has in you and come to his senses!  Pray much!  This account really could bring on some *tears* Gabriel.   This adds even more weight to the fact that in spite of the two relationships that did not work out for you, there are some loving ladies out there!  May God lead you to the right one, in the right way, at the right time, if that is within His life plan for you!

Gabriel,you are not lucky to have good one, same with me. I will include you in my prayers,God bless.

Hi Eunice,
You are not only faithful to God but also to your hubby. Amazing! May God bless you, kabayan!

Hi Ferdz, thank you for the very nice comment :-) May God Bless you too ,kabayan ! :)

I am really glad, filipna are here to express the good things and bad things of a filiipina woman.

Salamat mga kababayan.

God loves us all.God understands the goodness and evils ways of every one, But God can forgive 

if we are willing to repent.

Sad to say that there are  prejudice in general   to Filipna women just for the sins of few.

Please forgive them Father, they seems like Pharisees. Holy in words but you can see in their fruits that they are not.

If our attitude are like that, heaven is far from us. 

Bcoz real Christians can see the fruits of the Holy Spirit in them.

Could you evaluate first your self before looking to others? 


 anong nakakatawa ferdz?

yes. a lot of things to say about their country & culture but i prefer not mention... it's ok they hurt us! we just LAUGH of it! hahahhahahhahahhaha
i like your post esp. you prayed for them... like Jesus in the Gethsemane

hahahahahaha indeed!


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