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Will God raise all the aborted children in the end of time? Or it is just a fetus as doctors call it?

I beheld mothers with their infants in their arms come to the flaming bar; the bodies of the infants become like transparent gold, and on wings of flaming fire, they passed the bar, singing with lovely voices, and the unholy mothers, crying for mercy, would sink below.
Foy, William Ellis (1818-1893). P 18.
It seems to me that God will save the children of evil mothers.
But will God raise even the infants that were destroyed before seeing the light of day?

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Tell me what you think?

Paul I don't think so but then again I could be wrong because I do not have any proof. I want to believe that they will be as never was. Even some small children who died will not raise up to face judgement it will be as they never existed. I will have to look up some backings for this though I am speaking from my opinions.

One thing that puzzled me though is if a child died when he was 5 years old lets say about one thousand years ago if he was to be risen when Jesus comes will he be risen at the age of 5 even though so much time has past?? 

Leslie... He would be still 5 yrs old.

Wow Paul then he will be kind of like back in times because he will have born long before many many people this sounds weird. I really have to look it up

Lol. I'll give you the sources, its kind of late this side. I need to go to bed.
I heard that the last thing on your mind when you die, will be the first thing you think about.
Death is a sleep.

I know EG White speaks of children who were killed during persecutions in the dark ages. Will wake up as kids, and they will be kids even in heaven.

What i don't know is that when does God start calling someone a human being? Like well, is it in conception or birth? Its going to be fun either way.

And will God consider it murder for those who aborted? There is this girl, she is my neighbour, she threw a kid into the bin after abortion. Some even in a toilet. The one whe you dig a hole in the ground. (Its like traditional)
As the little infants come forth immortal from their dusty beds, they immediately wing their way to their mother's arms. They meet again never more to part. But many of the little ones have no mother there. We listen in vain for the rapturous song of triumph from the mother. The angels receive the motherless infants and conduct them to the tree of life. YI- The Youth Instructor. November 1, 1857. "It's Natural"

Hello! I'm sorry I don't get to this web site as much as I would like but...

I don't knmow where excetly it is found, but in one of Ellen Whites visions she said she saw 'unnuberable of little ones." I have always though she must be speaking about the aborted childern and still births. I lost my baby boy at the age of 3 years old. I consider it a privaledge to be able to raise a son in heaven not having to say no all the time

Julie, I hear you... My sympathy is with you. I lost my brother too. Just a few months before i was born. I did not even have a chance to see him. When i was growing up, i always wished he was around. It was not easy growing up alone as the only child. Sometimes i would see my mother cry for him. I hope he will be in heaven. It would be nice. But i think only God knows. I never had a sibling, but i thank God for all of you.
@Leslie... Lets hold on to God, all will be fine.
I don't know as to what will happen... I will also look for info.
Leslie, as i promised.
2SM Selected messages book 2 (1958)
Chapter 27 - The Bereaved.
I think you will find it very informative... Tell me what you think.

Ok thanks Paul will look it up in a while!!!



Before you can answer that question, you must define "human life."  As with any good definition, it must be internally consistent.  It also needs to take these factors into account, which most do not.

  1. The definition must be the same at both ends of the life cycle, i.e. birth and death.
  2. It must take into account why God came to die for humans, but not for monkey, apes or other primates.
  3. It must take into accont the differences between the human race and all living organisms.
  4. It must take into account the plan of Salvation.

Only then can you really answer your question, and there is an answer.  Otherwise, all that will be shared is only human opinion.


Maranatha  :)

Okay Ray....
I Love the way you think.


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