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Clark P, my brother.


I was wondering - do you think that it may be wise to place our principles in the terms?

We can't have anything posted on this site.


I truly believe that allowing things on here which are directly against the Bible, causes problems.


We need to be more strict with the terms. If this site is named Adventist Online, then we need to uphold our beliefs - not just our treatment of each other.


What do you think?


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Teresa, I was just going to ask Eddie the same thing. I was curious on to what Eddie's thoughts were on this, to what should be banned. What things against the bible, because we all have struggles that are "against the bible" and it helps to be able to talk about them. I should be able to come here, and share a struggle and hopefully get support, not condemned. I haven't shared any struggles here for that very reason. I am new here, my first night here I saw a thread on "hippies, hookers, and gays." I think that was the name of it. I read the comments and I was sad, I saw a lot of condemnation.  I saw someone reaching out to others and being told to repent and sin no more, like it was that easy. I only saw a few comments that were nice and supportive, and I thought there has to be a better way to help others. Whether your struggle is alcohol, drugs, smoking, lust,lying, cheating,or being homosexual. All these things are sins, and yet a lot of us struggle with some of these just to name a few.  We should be able to talk about these things, and help people, Jesus didn't condemn anyone, why are we? How would Jesus want us to react or respond to someone in need with their sin? I have made many comments about this very thing, but they were lost on many. We need to take our offensive ego out of the equation and help others, cause trust me God is not offended by our struggles as much as we are. He already knew we would have all of this sin problem that is why he died for us. We are saved by his grace, we are not save because we are perfect, we won't be perfect until we are in heaven. We should be able to post these things and learn and grow from them. As Teresa said it made her study more and it made me study more as well. That is a great thing:) Sorry Eddie if I misspoke, I know your question was to Clark, I was just curious and wanted to share my thoughts.

No worries, sister.


My opposition is not to talking about sins, but the promotion of them. We need to confess and share, but this mechanism of sharing is sometimes used to promote. Very subtle, but it is there.


This is why the rules should be written in such a way that it allows for free speech, open discourse and honest confession, while banning promotion.

I haven't notice the promoting of sin here, unless I missed it, did I miss it?

You missed it. But that is really the intention of subtle promotion. Let me put it in an extreme form to get it across.


We state that we should love the sinner, right?


How much information would you allow a paedophile to share?

Eddie, I think I know what you are referring to, and I didn't miss it, I just didn't see it as promoting, we see things differently and that is okay. If you are equating homosexuals with pedophilia there is a difference. With homosexuality there are two consenting adults, pedophiles rape a child and destroys them for life, they will never be the same. I have had to forgive a pedophile and it's not easy. Are homosexuals born that way, I think most of them are. I have talked to many and they knew they were gay since they were very little. A gay man once said to me, in a perfect world it would be a man and a woman but we live in this world. No one wants to be gay, it is an affliction they have to endure and some kids runaway or kill themselves, who would choose such and affliction. None of us know how being gay comes about, it just is. God knows, he loves them, he loves his children. Are pedophiles born that way, I don't know for sure but I think not. I think it's a perversion they were turned on to, the thinking becomes distorted. Some pedophiles were abused as children and are perpetuating that behavior. Would I allow a pedophile to share, yes. That is how we learn. If they put up an ad about a movie where pedophiles are trying to stop that behavior, why they do it, and how they found god, I would watch that movie. The ad put up about a gay movie from my understanding was about how these gays were dealing with being gay,what they endure and their love of god. I would watch that movie too, because I may learn something, about them, I may learn something about myself, I may learn something more about god's love. There has been a lot of talking out of school and we can't help anyone unless we learn about them. MFG put up a great article about how a teenager came out of the closet and how the family dealt with that. I learned something from that article, it helped some people here they even stated so. How many read that article? How many just saw gay in the title and walked away?  What you see as a gay agenda to spread the gay message, I see the agenda to be how we treat others and what it does to ones soul. Maybe if you take the agenda thought away for a moment and look at things with different eyes you may see something different. Eddie you are a wonderful brother in Christ and I appreciate you, I truly do!

Thank you for your words, sister - Praise God.


Yes, we do see things differently and I am learning to let that be. I hope I didn't cause any offence, by my words.


God bless you.

No Eddie, I think you are great!! I see you as a godly man, and your comments come from the heart and are sincere. I respect how you see things, we don't have to agree, this is how we learn, we would be boring robots if we all thought the same. Things are only offensive if they are mean, especially when it comes from a bad place. I have never seen anything from you that came from a bad place, god bless you brother:)

This is the purpose of Adventist Online. When we see things differently we can talk about it in a decent maner, and we can reasoning together.

This is the purpose of this forum. Clark let us prayer for it.



We most love the sinners, but not the sin


Well, it's not so much about what I would ban, personally - It is what our beliefs should dictate. Any organization seeks to protect its own interests. There is a great gulf fixed, I believe, between control and organization.


This is a Christian site - talking about sin is one thing, but promoting it should be watched as closely as maltreatment of others.


If we are to uphold the Bible, we should uphold it as a complete document. If Jesus spoke out against treating others badly, and we want to move away from that, we should also move away from blatant promotion of any sin.


Let me be frank. If we are going to discuss things like homosexuality, we must discuss it in a way that gives the sinner answers in order to overcome - not sympathise with it. It never helps when any objection to such issues is labelled "unloving" Sometimes it may be, but we can't censure maltreatment while allowing free reign of homosexual promotion, or any sin for that matter.


I say this carefully because there are souls who need help in this regard, but there has to be a tighter restriction on what we say and how we say it. Blatantly posting ads for gay movies, websites and such is not talking about the sin in a Biblical and constructive manner - it is promoting it.


The only thing which rang alarm bells for me was that it was never opposed openly by AO, as were the instances of maltreatment. We should love each other, but part of loving each other is telling the truth.


"Do any realize that God allowed Satan free reign of heaven?"


Absolutely, but for what reason? It was to show the devil for what he really was, not just free reign for free reign's sake.


Nevertheless, let's take this logic to the logical end - should we allow for maltreatment? Do you see where this leads? If we are to forego all rules and regulations, firmly founded on Bible truths - this place would tear itself apart - it nearly happened.


So to ask you, my sister. Would you ban maltreatment? Would you ban name-calling? Would you ban violent messages? I'm sure you get my point. And herein lies my initial point - it is not about me and what I would personally ban (we all have our pet peeves) it is about our Lord and what He deems appropriate from His Word.


There is no true freedom without law.


Ok, sister.

This is a Christian site - talking about sin is one thing, but promoting it should be watched as closely as maltreatment of others.




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