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Clark P, my brother.


I was wondering - do you think that it may be wise to place our principles in the terms?

We can't have anything posted on this site.


I truly believe that allowing things on here which are directly against the Bible, causes problems.


We need to be more strict with the terms. If this site is named Adventist Online, then we need to uphold our beliefs - not just our treatment of each other.


What do you think?


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Eddie I feel some are not understanding your comments and posts. We should NEVER accept homosexuality as "normal". We should support the sinner, but we should not be spreading their agenda at all! 


I know sister, I am just waiting for Teresa to respond. I need to see what she cited as mistreatment.

bravo! :)

Well said Cris.

Sorry - I was just wondering when you re-posted a quote directed at me. I honestly didn't think it would all turn out like this.

If you want to know about Gay issues there are plenty of places you can go. It does not beliong on this site. It is causing divisiveness and other problems.

Sin is causing divisiveness and other problems.

Exactly and promoting the gay lifestyle is sin. Helping the gay person and loving them is good. Teaching the values of Jesus and His love and doing Bible study's. There are better ways of handling this issue. Showing us things to make us feel sorry for them is not right either. It promotes guilt. Satan is very clever and deceitful and knows how to get to our Consciences. He knows that this along with other issues will cause havoc and it has. 

Yes, I believe we should welcome gays into the church, but as a man having an affair on his wife and bringing his mistress into the church, which shows acceptance of what is happening, a Gay person should not flaunt his or her gay relationship. I hope people are understanding what I am saying. I am not picking on anyone. I am not showing hate. I am trying to explain what I see going on.

Eddie my brother, God bless you.

It gives me goosebumps as I read this.

I am seeing a child of God standing for The Truth though the heavens fall.

Your words are very encouraging.

Hold fast soon Jesus will come.

At the end of the day we all have to give an account to God.

I am behind you 100%.

I will keep praying for you and all of God's children that we continue to spread the truth in love.

And like you said there is a line that must be drawn and it's time we all do that.

The devil is very busy that means we must all remain awake!!!

God bless you!

@ Clark P

My wife was never contacted privately or counseled. She was banned. She wants to come back to but we have heard no response.

Eddie. I agree with the recommendation. This is an Adventist Site for Adventists and others.  That would help us guard our responsibility to ensuring God's call is implemented...the great commission and help us stay within boundaries; the old paths already marked.

We are free agents; but within an environment with laws and rules; free to break them with consequences.

And yes, one of them needs to be a clear statement against promoting any type of sin; especially as that is exactly what the Bible is against.  As free as we are, when we choose to promote sin and/or engage with it, there are very direct consequences.  And this site; is not to be found guilty of indecisiveness on that issue, especially for those who are in the know re: whatsoever God calls sin in the Bible and in their walk with Christ.

Seventh-Gay Adventists - Film Synopsis


Being a gay Christian isn’t easy, but being a gay Seventh-day Adventist is an especially difficult path because Adventism, to most, is more than a belief system; it’s also a close-knit community of belonging. The unique setting of Adventism, a worldwide denomination with 16 million members with distinct cultural markers, heightens this conflict. In many ways tangible and intangible, being Adventist is much more than subscribing to a set of beliefs. It is a way of life, a community not easily left.

Most Adventists follow strict dietary guidelines, attend church schools, go to church hospitals, and often have few friends outside of the church. By definition they attend church on Saturdays not Sunday, a practice which separates them even from other Christians. For someone immersed in the church, the culture and DNA of Adventism is almost like an ethnicity. They can no easier stop being Adventist than they can stop being gay.

For all its apparent peculiarities, Adventism does not deviate from the Christian mainstream in its condemnation of homosexuality. This leaves gay Adventists with a gut-wrenching decision. They have to choose between remaining a member in good standing in the church they love and the possibility of an intimate, loving relationship. Or is there a way to reconcile their faith and identity?

The film explores this intersection of faith, identity, and sexuality through the stories of gay and lesbian Adventists who are struggling with their desire to belong to the church they know and love and their need to be fully accepted for who they are.


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