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Adventist Church in the Netherlands Unchanged by Ordination Vote(will continue to ordain female "pastors")

Adventist Church in the Netherlands Unchanged by Ordination Vote

A brief statement issued by the Netherlands Union Conference issued today indicates their intent to continue ordaining women.

Following the discussion and vote on ordination at the General Conference Session in San Antonio, Texas on Wednesday, July 9 in which the Worldwide Seventh-day Adventist Church decided to pursue its current course on the ordination of women, the Adventist Church in the Netherlands has issued the following statement [2]:

The delegates of the Dutch churches voted at their Session in the autumn of 2012 to ordain women in an equal way to their male colleagues. The vote took effect in June 2013 and will remain in effect. The decision of the General Conference Session in San Antonio does not change this.

Female pastors will continue to be ordained in the Netherlands Union Conference. We thank God that he calls men and women to serve him. We want to enthusiastically confirm that call by the laying on of hands.
contrast with the statement from the NAD

".......we will continue to follow General Conference policy by commissioning women pastors, and ordaining women elders and deaconesses."

NAD Responds to the Vote on Women's Ordination

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Amen Heisenberg you put your finger on the sore spot. And we see this happening now. See my post above.

Unity does not justify disregarding the word of God. Se my post above.

Heisenberg: You mean, they are bothered as to why current culture doesn't completely eliminate scripture?  Well, that was already foretold by Mrs. White how this would turn out.  The rebellious will all leave to the world, and they will be replaced by those that adhere to scripture.

Lazarus: Unity does not justify disregarding the word of God. Se my post above.

I will repeat myself:

There is absolutely zero point anymore going into the "theological" discussion.

We all know the arguments for and against WO and we all know we have different opinions on this issue. You can copy and paste x pastors against WO and bible studies etc and i can post x pastors and bible studies even more than you for WO.

In the end you will call the texts and studies i post "biased" "compromised" and so on and this discussion will lead nowhere.

Its just a fact that there is no commandment against WO and it is fact that there is no commandment for WO and bible scholars and theologians in the majority are for WO which you will not accept because they are just scholars etc..

This leaves us with 3 options basically.

1) We can ignore the issue. Thats what the Church tried for some decades.

2) We can try to oppress and force the "other" side or at least force the status quo. Thats whats happening in the past 2-4 decades and it is not working as EGW in her foresight shielded the local churches from abuse from the GC on matters which are not the fundamental beliefs and local needs. WO is here a perfect example.

3) We can try to find a compromise and make a symbolic gesture which was tried and just failed at the GC.

In the end we either reconcile or we break up the Church thats whats left...

Pick your poison because this issue will not and can not go away. So if one side tries to force the other side it will split the Church apart. I can tell you and you can read it yourself the UCs can not and will not stop WO. You call it rebellion and unbiblical they call it following Christ and biblical examples.

If neither side is willing to compromise the Church structure is what it is thanks to EGW and the UCs are in their full right to do so...


I know there is zero point in going into a Biblical discussion with those that place moral relativism and the whims of society above scripture.  They live in rebellion.

Anyone saw the Jesuit advocating WO on Wednesday? 

What do you mean Jason?

Up next, gay marriages in SDA churches in the Netherlands and other rebellion, until they are completely absorbed by the Beast power.

Europe has been so poisoned by liberalism and moral relativism, I'm not sure if there exists a single native Western European conservative SDA.  Can someone direct me to one?

There are different ways to look at church/government relations.  

1.   Let churches do whatever they want, extremes would be not following fire codes, zoning restrictions, segregation, smoking peyote.

2.  Let governments control everything, extreme would be telling churches not to follow the Bible.

3.  Something in between.

Most people want the government to control a few things in the church - fire codes for instance.  Few people want the government telling churches to not follow the Bible.  I'm okay with following the law as long as it does not contradict the Bible.   Someday the US government will tell us to worship on Sunday and most of us will resist.  Anti-discrimination laws in the Netherlands are not a "slippery slope" that will lead to Sunday laws, Sunday laws are coming no matter what the Dutch do.  So I say follow the law since the SDA objection to women is based on an opinion poll rather than the Bible.

If you disagree with me then resist though, I totally understand.  Stop coming to church, defy the law, run for Parliament (or whatever Dutch lawmakers are called), I totally get it.


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