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Where has everyone gone?  This site used to be a great place to communicate with other SDA's regarding a variety of important topics pertaining to our belief. Even the chat room is empty nowadays.

Today, more than ever, we as 7th Day Adventists need to stay alert to the world around us as new events unfold!

I would very much, like to re-connect with all my Godly Adventist Online brothers and sisters.

Blessings to all!


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Zowi, my life has been hectic with work but in a good way. How are you?

Gabriel,thanks for your reply.  Life has its ups and downs, but thankfully we have that hope that Christ has given us.

Glad to hear you're doing good.

Oh i have been through a lot of tribulations but amen sis!

Hello Zowi Yes it is a sad thing the Devil has infiltrated the site in several ways, persons who are not Adventist is applying for membership, members who have been accepted who are not Adventists and are trying to convert members to their denomination, all of that making this site a place that it was not meant to be, and sadly it seems like the owner has given up sorting these out. No new members have been accepted for many years now, as I have seen new members was the lifeblood of this site.  

Elijah, thank you for your reply. It is really sad to hear that. I used to enjoy several discussions, and seemed like a great place to chat with other SDA believers. But noticed that even some SDA members of this site were engaging in  an argumentative spirit and behavior which had driven many away.

I am giving it a try again with the hopes that many have matured spiritually, and return with a Godly spirit.

Thanks for your reply Zowi and you are quite correct some SDA with strange ideas use Adventist Online to promote ideas that have no grounding in the Bible sadly. But it also takes some help from the owner of the site in moderation and bringing in true Adventists. 

I have learn a lot on AO. It's a very educational block. But some have use it to proclaim their agenda.

My the Lord of heaven bless us and bless br Clark for this nice tool. Let us use it in honor and glory of God.   

Benicio, thank you for your message.  AO has been a great place for  Biblical discussions, and to to share the word of God. Its too bad that others try to bring error. More reason for us to to study, so that we are not deceived!

This blog is a nice blog. Yes Zowi because of sow many error we have to study and keep on study because error is closes connected with truth, only true Bible study we can expose error.

My God bless you.  

When people get expose they will run-away. I have many people come to me by email and ask me about the message of the SR, because of my stand about the SR message. Some have thank me for open their eyes, that thy have see that the Shepherd's Rod message is a false message, and today thy are normal SDA member in their church.

I have being inviting to speak in many pleases to talk about the danger of the Shepherd's Rod message..

That is why I'm thanking AO and br.Clark for the opportunity to use this blog to expose and unmasking the Shepherd's Rod.

My God bless you all.     


Sister Zowi, I feel the same way, being a newbie to Adventism, Besides the Amazing facts website,  AO was a great place to understand what we believe as 7th Day Adventist more clearer and understand the different views within Adventism. Now it's kinda dry... but I have faith the dry bones of AO will revive again. Thanks for making the call. 



I have become increasingly tired of Facebook and its censorship as well as its predatory practices. the only reason I still have a FB account is due to friends and family there as well as the ability to network for business opportunities. To borrow a phrase from Trump we need to make Adventists Online Great Again! Especially for these last days.  Yeah, sometimes people have disagreed here and argued in the past ( unfortunately) but the same thing happens on any social media platform and it happens within families. I'd love to see AO become a vibrant alternative to FB.  I think it could use a bit of a redesign and upgrade perhaps with live news/post feeds and live video feeds. But maybe that would be costly and time-consuming for the owner. Nevertheless, I think there is still untapped potential here even for evangelism.


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