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Where has everyone gone?  This site used to be a great place to communicate with other SDA's regarding a variety of important topics pertaining to our belief. Even the chat room is empty nowadays.

Today, more than ever, we as 7th Day Adventists need to stay alert to the world around us as new events unfold!

I would very much, like to re-connect with all my Godly Adventist Online brothers and sisters.

Blessings to all!


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Yes, Brother Ross, It would be wonderful if Adventist Online would "Become Great Again," Sadly I do not feel this will happen anytime soon. I use my FaceBook Page for evangelistic Posts most of the time they are received well but it happens you get a negative comment I usually block such persons. 

Greetings sis.

That is so true; this site was more interacting and with new members daily 

but today it all change

I do hope that one day it go back to how it was


I 've find not too great as " sex on Sabbath " topic, can get over 2 .000 times more value than "later rain " one but itsnt admin/creator fault! I love it but havent got spare time to come here!


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