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Here are some good Adventist sites which I have come across with a bit of description:

(3ABN Adventist site)

(Family friendly television network Adventist site)

( Pastor Doug Batchelor sites)

(Michael Scheifler's site which gives interpretations of prophecy)

(Vince Ferrell's site. Site on Spirit of Prophecy and our Adventist pillar doctrines.)

Dr. Walter Veith site. Powerful series on the endtime issues (Total Onslaught) and the creation vs evolution (Genesis Conflict).

(Official EGW site)

(Books by EGW on Official EGW site)

(EGW information site with her many books)

Here is a link to a great book "The Two Republics" by A. T. Jones and how it shows him going into the historical books and archives, and he was much more dedicated in studying and learning history than I had previously thought.

(EGW site which defends her)

(EGW site by by Jud Lake)

Articles by Dr. Samuele Bacchiocchi

Prophecy Code by Doug Batchelor

Steve Wohlberg site

(Nearly a thousand members in forum)

(No membership numbers available in forum, seems to be in the hundreds)

(No membership numbers available in forum, seems to be in the hundreds)

(No membership numbers available in forum, seems to be in the hundreds)

(No membership numbers available in forum, its brand new)

(No membership numbers available in forum, its brand new)

Anyone come across other good Adventist sites or books..

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Alternatively, you could visit their web site and see what they're claiming and evaluate at least some of the evidence yourself.

'nuff sed and I have visited a few of the sites between us and I have a few friends who have visited almost all the sites including three who dived in the Red Sea and saw the artefacts on the sea bed. It can be particularly helpful when the opinions given are informed opinions. I had the opportunity to climb down into the "grain pits" (or tombs, as they are called by the Egyptian government). I have had experience of many tombs in Egypt, including some not open to the public. These large holes in the ground, open to the sky, connected by tunnels and with large sockets in the walls ascending at regular intervals, were nothing like any of the tombs of that period or area. There was a broken sarcophagus in one of the tunnels (hence the claim that they were tombs) but no-one was sure how it got there as it appeared to be of a different period. The "burial chamber" was just like other tunnels except that it was blocked by the broken sarcophagus which was accessible from two different holes. The walls were naked brick.

I believe that you can make a very good case for these holes being grain pits and a lousy case for them being tombs.

No-one is going to be able to prove either way 100% and it really doesn't matter. It is not a salvation issue.

Personally, I do believe that used correctly these claims can be a good evangelistic tool to get people into meetings and present the Gospel and for that reason I would encourage people to visit the websites and see what is being claimed there.

'nuff sed, that sulphur must have really stunk. One was lit in a medium size hall and the people in the back rows were holding their noses. It also burnt through the spoon it was in. It is very pure, according to the lab that analysed the samples the impurities were such that it would burn much hotter than sulphur normally would.
David Downs of "digging up the past" (3ABN fame) went to Sodom/Gomorrah...and showed everyone some of the sulpher hailstones (for lack of a better term) and I believe he burned on as well. I also believe that God is allowing these things to be discovered and revealed so man has no excuse.

Very good guys!

I think this can be considered too.
I will have to look it up...
That is def a great lil reference book by Mark Finley. Just wanted to say that lol.
Great list. I was aware of many but not all. Looks like I'll be doing some browsing later on lol. Ps, <----- gotta drop the g to get into the site. Seems like maybe they've changed it but had a lil trial and error tryna get there lol. Thought This lil update may help some. Good link.

One I did not see in the list that I think would be a great addition to it is Mark Finley's Truly one not to miss.

Watch hundreds of their tv programs online or download them.
Is this run by the church or is it a independent ministry...?
It's definitely run by Seventh-Day Adventists. KBLN is affiliated to 3ABN but with an independent board from that of 3ABN.
When we lived there ... Betterlifetv had my son on for a broadcast. A lot of good dedicated people there make it happen.
I will have to go through their site...
David Gates at.....


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