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Do my beliefs bring peace?

Our my beliefs a source of joy and peace for myself and others?

Do my beliefs inspire kindness and compassion for myself and more so in others?

In my Family?

Do my Understanding of God dispel fear in my heart about HIM?

Does my talk of HIM dispel EVIL IMAGES OF GOD in others?

Do my beliefs promote love for ALL and Living Things in Me?

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The first thing is love. We need love without love we are noting. Yes we must love without expecting anything. And also loss

But in Luke 12:51 Jesus said; "Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth?" Jesus answer them "Nay; but rather division."

 :)   thanku for commenting

i like what u said

Hi MFG , I love this , thanks for posting . Good to see you back !

Ohh thanku for saying that

You just made me feel so welcomed!



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