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I came across some very intriguing contributions on the highly controversial topic of dreams and visions in the SDA church, so controversial in fact, that I'm led to ask
1. does it now mean that all dreams are suspect?
2. which dreams are highly suspect - those that deal with personal salvation, or only those that are "messages to the Church"?
I feel a little confused here, because I've read several mission stories where individuals were led to this message through a dream or vision, several in fact. Any thoughts?

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Prove all things.

By their 'fruits' you shall know them.
What kind of fruits? What kind of "proof" do I need? The devil would just as well tell me to pay my tithe to the Conference and keep the Sabbath, as would Gabriel.
Ditch the Dreams and stick with the Bible. There is plenty there for our time.
So God just inspired Ellen White for fun?
You're probably right. Thankfully, God does not tell us in this day to slaughter thousands of men, women and children after He has told us Thou shall not commit murder. It could pose a bit of a problem to explain, to say the least. lol
Well believe in dreams and visions because in the last days there 'll be Pentecost no. 2
Use the bible and Spirit of Prophesy to test the dreams and visions.
Dream...dream...dream...dream...I don't know what would be the connection with my dreams in my future...",
I have come across a few fellow believers who have accepted "dreams and visions" for persons proclaiming to be Christians.

As with everything, I will take it with "a grain of salt", don't be too hasty to believe everything you hear since you have no way of proving that it was indeed given as a dream. What you will find is those dream will not be falsehood, but sprinkled with truth. There are some who take bible issues and make them a matter of doctrine and then claim that additional light was given.

The bible is our primary guide book and spirit of prophecy our secondary tool, if we stick close to those we will find in there all the information we need for our soul salvation. Beware of wolves coming in sheep clothing. Read the bible for yourself and ask God to open your understanding as you desire to follow his will.

In those days we are living there will be false prophets rising from all direction and claiming to have been given dreams and additional knowledge, they too have read the bible where it stated that "men will have visions and dreams" Beware my brethern, beware of those coming with dreams.

Now there are persons who receive dreams that lead them to follow christ, they may have had the desire or somehow felt that something was missing and i believe the spirit can reveal truths to them.

Above all things, if it is contrary to the bible, as the bible does not contradict itself, throw it away.
Ellen White cautioned us about this:

"We shall encounter false claims, false prophets will arise, there will be false dreams and false visions, but preach the Word; be not drawn away from the voice of God in His Word."--2SM 49 .

"I have been shown many who will claim to be especially taught of God, and will attempt to lead others, and from mistaken ideas of duty they will undertake a work that God has never laid upon them. Confusion will be the result. Let everyone seek God most earnestly for himself that he may individually understand His will." --2SM 72 .
Prove all your dreams and visions with only and only the bible. Nothing else
Didn't the Lord say He would reveal Himself in dreams and visions. It is O.K to dream and have visions. Just make sure they are from the Lord.
Then maybe we can say dreams and visions are only for unbelievers to find truth, but we should rely on the Word of God for our guidance. I would suppose then that Ellen White was given her dreams and visions to do what? Prove that the Lord's word is vindicated regarding such as in Isaiah (young men, handmaids, old men, etc.)?

I am well aware we can be deceived if we rely on them as our sole method of guidance for anything, but I feel sometimes God gives us "glimpses" of our condition, or condition-to-be, so we can make informed choices regarding his lifestyle versus our own way. True?


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