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From listening and reading and watching the eyes of the world seems to be on America at this time especially on Donald Trump. 

Why are persons supposedly  on the edge of their seat watching Trump?


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Because he is working from the playbook of Adolf Hitler.  His ex-wife already gave it up that he has the writings of Hitler to go by.  We have vastly increased our national debt under Obama, which plays into the same scenario that Germany had after World War I, which is the root cause of World War II.  We have 8 years to declaring everyone is great and out country sucks out loud, which has led to a backlash of Nationalism.  Again, a hallmark of World War II.  You have him looking for scapegoats for all the problems.  He sent out a tweet with the money with the Star of David, in an a very Anti-Semitic move.  He has declared war on religions he doesn't like.  Again, another repeat of history.  He has his staffer assaulting people that annoy him which is a repeat of what Hitler did with the Brown Shirt thugs who assaulted those that disagreed with him.  He mocks women based on their looks, as they don't seem to meet the Aryan qualify of all his former wives.  Another similarity to the "Superior Race" and he mocks the handicapped.  In essence we are becoming what we fought against in World War II.

I say, "Never Again!"

Because he is an impulsive, narcissistic egomaniac, which might work in a buisness he founded with daddys millions, government-subsidies and bad working-conditions for his workers, but as the US-president? Someone that should be trustworthy, but has no yet published his tax-declaration, while bragging about his wealth and "success" . Someone that should be independent, but has the Bank of China as a major creditor for his companies and is more then flirting with Putin.  


Why? ? ? ? ? here

Here again more interest infomation Bro Simon. Thanks

Sis. Redva

Simon, you may want to read his books and get to know him.

If you are looking for trustworthiness, can you apply that word to Clinton?


Interesting info Bro Heisenberg. Thanks

Sis Redva


It's more hope that the light of redemption guides Trump away from the negative things of the past that put doubt on what he claims to want for the country and allow his cantankerous rhetoric to easily be magnified and manipulated.   As someone with family members who are legal resident non-citizens I agree with his stance on illegal immigration I just don't agree with the anger he incites around the topic which makes it very volatile and similar to the Fascism and Nazism that started in Italy and Germany pre-wwii.

I'm more at odds though with the situation of allowing someone who has proven incompetence in the govt positions she has held and is either lying to cover it up, has some sort of unfortunate mental health disorder which would compromise the office or worse is what many fear Trump is just with the political experience to deceive and cover the suspicious trails of activity surrounding her own self interest and not the country she claims she want's to lead.  

Trump and Hillary are both bad currently as I see it, the only difference is we fear what we really don't know about Trump as a politician because he often does not speak in a politically correct tone and isn't a politician.   While Hillary actually has held positions in government and performed miserably in them while throwing others under the bus for her mistakes and shamefully playing the woman's card which I seriously hope no one here who plans on voting for her is using as their sole reason.  

Trump comes across to me as someone who speaks openly and boldy because he needs people to believe in him and fully back his decisions or he will attack them... It's the typical alpha male attitude I'm use to being around but his case is extreme because of the position he will be in.    Hillary however comes across as someone who just deceives and lies to get people to follow her because she knows the average person doesn't remember or hold politicians to the things they've done during their career as long as she does just enough to keep whoever cries the loudest happy regardless of the harm it does for the majority of people who don't complain but still wan't the best for the country.

So then from this I can deduce that it is "6 of one and half Doz of the other. Americans seem to have no alternative at all.Rabbitt...

Sis. Redva


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