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From listening and reading and watching the eyes of the world seems to be on America at this time especially on Donald Trump. 

Why are persons supposedly  on the edge of their seat watching Trump?


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The one who will match the current leftists on the Supreme Court with one or two others, making a majority that doesn't feel bound by the Constitution. You have to admit that the current attack on religious freedom us being led by the left, Shannon.

I do not know much about American History so I am learning as I get these replies. jack. Thank you

In a text message to her supporters just after 8 p.m. on Friday evening, Clinton wrote: “I’m thrilled to tell you this first: I’ve chosen Sen. Tim Kaine as my running mate. Welcome him to our team.”

Not quite. In fact, Kaine’s old-school, social-justice, Jesuit-trained Catholicism is a refreshing break from the usual association of religiosity with conservatism. As such, especially if Kaine does attract moderate Republicans disenchanted with the extremism of Donald Trump, he has the potential to be a transformative figure.

No way would Hillary or Tim Kaine be for SUNDAY laws.   NO WAY!  They are democrats and democrats are totally for freedom and stuff. Well just mostly sexual freedom to fornicate.

Satan has all the political cards

Trump is what we need to make America Great Again. I've been waiting all my life for someone who is going to take on the issues that we have in this country. He is outspoken, vocal, honest, tough, a great negotiator, someone is going to enforce our immigration laws, bring back jobs to America, and etc. I may be a person of color, but Trump is my choice for President, and he has my vote!

I hear your logics Gabriel, you have made your choic clear. Tell us though, Why wouldn't you consider the other person?

Sis Redva

Because that woman is a very very wicked woman. Despite that she has a history of racism towards African Americans here in America.She is against women rights as well plus the Haitian Community is furious towards her. 

Thank you for that video Gabriel. I listened it and watched it through

Sis. Redva

I would venture to say that most white Americans in power whether political or business have a history of racism towards blacks in this country; our own church has had the same racist dirty laundry to clean.  Speaking for myself, I think as an African American, blacks in this country understand the dynamics.

 The slogan “Make American Great Again” certainly have a different ring to it for some than others. Donald Trump wants to make American great again, but what does that mean, and at what cost; a deportation squad, and then what’s next?  

Unless you’re voting party, the question as to who should be president should be crystal clear.

I think most Democrats would have you believe that's the gist of it.  But quite a few people look deeper and think of the time when this nation was built on industry.  We built things and actually provided resources to the world.  Now the country is structured around consumption/debt and wall street investments over-valuing companies that only exist virtually and provide little if any actual substance to the economy....

Clinton seems good at taking money from wall street criticizing rich business owners and spending money or giving it to countries that hate us like Obama but hasn't really taken the time to observe how that structure is leaking us dry and it feels like we're living on one big lie which they are happy to portray rather than fix.  They also have this keeping up with Jone's mentality they like to push when it comes to poverty rather than expect people to be content in all but the most extreme cases.... like Chicago, the city from Obama's home state which he neglects to mention in favor of pushing social experiments to the front like little girls who think they are boys being able to use the men's restroom....

We are slowly becoming a nation that is dependent on goods from the outside world if we aren't there already.  You can argue we still are a nation of ideas but those ideas are easily stolen, developed and then sold back to us by countries like China etc all because one party thinks it's more prudent to force people to do certain things that aren't even lawful and neglect existing laws which only drives company away to less stringent countries to develop their goods before sending them back to us since they obviously value profit driven by stock value more than patriotism. 

Also, If the deportation squad is only upholding laws that are already in existence why worry about it?  You do realize the INS already exist to do what he is talking about.

The Pope is behind Clinton, that's why he called Bernie Sanders to the Vatican so that He (Bernie) could throw his full support behind her.Tim kaine, Clinton's running mate, has been a Jesuit from a young boy. 

Thank you Jason for saying what nobody is getting.


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