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From listening and reading and watching the eyes of the world seems to be on America at this time especially on Donald Trump. 

Why are persons supposedly  on the edge of their seat watching Trump?


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I said, obviously, you agree with him and that’s why you can’t judge his heart. are you calling him a racist? Fact of the matter is the American experience is root in racism. What exactly is this ideal of make America Great Again is all about. Yes, it dose appear that there is a fight for the hear and soul of America. Some things just don't just die. The Republican party is rekindling the dark forces. You may want to reconsider your support.



 Jack wrote: "I just don’t see it that way. And if you do, then you should admit that anything controversial said by any politician makes them responsible for any action taken by someone else."

  Yes, that goes for anyone who doesn't condemn violence. 

Jack wrote: "Is Bernie Sanders responsible for the near-murder of Congressman Scalise, then? "

 I would agree, but Did Bernie Sanders say or allow people to speak violence? I'm not sure, perhaps you have an example to compare both situations. 

 Jack wrote: "Is Elizabeth Warren responsible for the Dayton murders committed by one of her followers?"

 Again, did she say anything that promoted violence ? 

Jack wrote: "You can’t be incensed by heated rhetoric coming from Trump, and ignore the heated rhetoric that preceded it. "

 I'm not incensed, where did you come up with that? You seem ultra defensive my brother... 

 Jack wrote: "Trump has been called “Hitler”, and what does one do with Hitler and Hitlers followers? You go to war against them, and if you get a chance, you take them out."

 I don't know about other people, but I didn't call him hitler... and I don't know what you mean by "take them out", but I'm not looking to take anyone out. 

Jack wrote: "But people excuse ANTIFA and all its violence, the shooters that are leftist and all their violence, and never link them to the violent rhetoric proceeding for the left. But never for Trump. Don’t you see a double standard there?"

  Whether violence is being promoted on either side it's wrong! Your view seems to imply Trump is promoting violence, but in your mind it's ok because the other side does it too. 


 Thank you!  :) 

We apparently can’t discuss this topic without accusations of Racism.  Even toward each other.  I am ashamed to even be here.  So I won’t.  Bye.

Jack, you're the one running, actually Jack, I didn’t call you a racist, I can’t judge your heart.  But if you believe what is being said from the highest office is not lending to that view, then you have some unknown leading towards that direction. I supported DT before the election, I started investigating his views versus Hilary’s. David Duke on his radio broadcast told his viewer, go the to the Trump camp, you will find people with your same mindset.

There’s a reason why these groups support Donald Trump, and there’s a reason why his rallies look as they do and not as the wider view of the American population. So, suit yourself, but don’t leave on my account. If you can’t stand the heat, yeah, get out of the kitchen.

I cant believe Christians cant even speak civil about

This is true Richard,

We have a President of the United States of America who lie more than Satan. Yet these Conservative Christians are will to disregard the things he says. They will say things like “you can’t look into his heart or “you can’t judge his heart”.  You can however judge his words, as Jesus say;

…for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.

It is certainly telling and hypocritical on their part to turn a blind eye or make absurd excurses as Jack was asserting.   

As I see it from India (maybe neutral stand) people- conservative Christians; are supporting Trump Not because Trump is perfect or even good But that the alternatives are even much verse...!!))))


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