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From listening and reading and watching the eyes of the world seems to be on America at this time especially on Donald Trump. 

Why are persons supposedly  on the edge of their seat watching Trump?


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Well, we know what we get with Clinton: a Supreme Court willing to ratify government restrictions on religious freedom, willing to support intrusive government, willing to ignore the plain words of the Constitution. It's just 4 more years of Obama, on steroids. If we vote in someone with the morals of the Clinton Foundation, it won't be surprising that we wind up with a corrupt government. Clinton thinks that 94 million Americans out of work and somewhere between 12 and 30 million illegal aliens is just fine. And that blindly letting in Islamic jihadists is not worth worrying about. This is a person who proposed in 1993 that when a willing doctor gives health care to a willing patient outside of insurance, it should be a crime.

The issue today is not Trump, it is Clinton. She is both dangerous and corrupt. She is totally in for cronyism and pay for play. It show she made her millions, selling governmental access. We all know it. She should be in jail. While Trump is not the ideal candidate, there is no choice here.

Redva, to be honest if I had to I would give favor to Trump because  I personally find it easier to deal with people who speak their mind and at least struggle to grow rather than someone like Clinton who avoids tough conversation in favor of throwing up a veil and telling people whatever she thinks they want to hear to make them happy.   While I do resent the fact Trump's rhetoric leads a lot of ignorant racist to grasp at the loose strings he leaves for them due to his lack of clarity I think the checks and balances our government is built around are stronger with Trump in office rather than someone like Hillary who can literally do no wrong if the media had their way.  

Few media outlets are willing to publish anything negative about Hillary or the democratic party which I find troubling, anything negative like the DNC agenda against Bernie quickly gets hushed or has a different spin put on it like the belief Russia is behind the hack rather than the fact they shamefully didn't deny anything that took place in what was uncovered among other things... it's sad people care more about the pretty bow or sugar coating surrounding the truth rather than the truth itself but that's the painful reality of how things are getting here in the USA.   People are so out of touch with reality they want everything even the truth to be good news regardless of the facts.  As long as we're led to believe there is an endless debt limit most people won't care since quite a few people live off debt and don't take responsibility for it.  It was depressing to hear Obama and his administration mockingly talk about giving Iran billions of dollars like it was nothing... even in the face of accusations that it was illegal which they strongly deny.

That said I don't openly support either and just hope whoever votes, votes on their own knowledge and research rather than just what they hear on CNN or whatever political party they want to be a part of.  I don't know if I'll vote but if I do it definitely won't be Hillary.   Her record has disqualified her in my book even if people like to use a fear of Trumps words to sway votes in her favor.

OK then Rabbit.. good reasoning and therefore I see the reasons forvyour choice.

Sis. Redva

Secretary Clinton is a friend of the SDA church, while Trump criticized Carson for his membership.  Which candidate would sell us out with Sunday laws?

You know she talks to dead people, Elenaor Roosevelt in particular? What does the scripture talks about spiritualism? 

Also, her and her husband are racist towards African Americans. I remembered she called black people "Super Predators" and her husband when he was president he mass incarcerated blacks. 

Donald Trump is a friend with Dr. Carson since he works with his campaign. 

Also, this video should cost the black vote for Clinton due to her racial remarks.

Let's state some facts rather than just hint on assumptions.  Carson questioned Trumps faith because of how Trump acts and lacks humility and Trump responded by mocking his own lack of knowledge in 7th day Adventism in a way that would cast doubt only for those with some sort of religiophobia or who they themselves lack faith in their own believes. I would welcome trump to "criticize" my beliefs by acknowledging he knows little of it.  

To answer your question I think the canidate that sells access to their office to the highest bidder regardless of their beliefs would sell us out with Sunday laws.   

Hillary is a friend to whoever she thinks will help her move ahead in politics she parlez with regimes that persecute and kill Christians, Gays apostates etc while putting that same cheesey smile she has on in the video you linked to whatever crowd she's talking to.

Yeah, If I were a Presbyterian like Trump, I would question Carson faith since he did not know about the 7th Day Adventist Church.

Seventh-Day Adventist which I don't know about it -Donald Trump

Is it wrong to admit that he doesn't know about our church? 

If he honestly did not know then there was nothing else he could say Gabriel.

Sis. Redva

So for you Rabbit.. its no no to Clinton.

Sis. Redva

Interesting and profound speech indeed indeed but only God knows the genuineness Sis Shannon. I pray that since her admiration for the SDA church is so strong that she will urgently see the need to be a part of it.

Sis. Redva

Once you've seen two or three Hillary speeches you've pretty much seen them all if you know the theme.  Here are two more of her cookie cutter speeches. One for pride month in spite of the fact she took millions from the royals/leaders of countries where people are killed for showing their.... pride.   And another of her praising Senator Robert Byrd an ex Ku Klux Klan  member.  

I acknowledge the fact that Boyd said he left the KKK when got into politics, I also acknowledge the fact that he apologized for using racist epithet while he was in office after leaving the KKK.  But, It makes me wonder what the news headlines would be if it were Trump making these speeches giving the circumstances.


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