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Dear friends, a while ago, I've posted on here that I wanted to leave the church and leave God all together. However, i'm here to inform you that tomorrow is Sabbath. It's going to be a special Sabbath. The Singles Ministries is putting a Singles Sabbath program. We are going to take over the service, we are going to have lunch, outreach in the afternoon, and vespers. I'm going to be involved all day, especially in the skit for vespers with my testimony. (Going to put my theater class that I took in college into good use ;) 

Perhaps this is what I need, I haven't got a chance to speak to my pastor but tomorrow he is going to be there all day. Please pray for me everyone, the battle is not yet completed.

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Thanks guys, it did went well. The work week has started great with work for clients! 

God keep you every day in His favor and Love and Kindness and Mercy.

Forever with Jesus Amen.

Prayers to succeed 

Amen bro!

Gabriel; Glad to hear it's going better! Developing a close relationship with God, by trusting Him and listening for the still small voice of God who wants to communicate with His children. You have access to the thrown of God through Jesus Christ 24/7. If you haven't already heard it, it takes time to develop, but patience and perseverance and pressing in are how to achieve that.

For unknown reasons sometimes God seems less accessible in our limited viewpoint than other times. This is assuming that their is not serious issues impairing an individual's access; serious sin, out of fellowship, drugs or alcohol, demonic intervention or interference, lack of desire etc.

This is not to say you have those issues, I am speaking of general principles. But hearing from God gains not only confidence, but builds faith and trust, and you can speak to Him as your best and most reliable 'friend.'
Remember Abraham was the friend of God. We all sin, it's just a matter of how often and tonwhat degree?
We can always repent and ask God for forgiveness and all is forgiven and forgotten by God.

I hope this helps you?

Yes it does :)

Hello Gabriel

I will pray that you find God again. Read the story of the hymn "fount of blessings," it may inspire you.


beloved Gabriel,

come just as you are and let God clean u up.


Thank you Leon, how are you?

7 anos de amizade tu és meu irmão! Bênçãos e te.dê. conserve crescendo!
About 7 years we chat/discuss over here! It s the best thing I wish to hear from! If I can say that....much more.all.heaven can feel too? May God bless and growing brother!


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