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Dear friends, a while ago, I've posted on here that I wanted to leave the church and leave God all together. However, i'm here to inform you that tomorrow is Sabbath. It's going to be a special Sabbath. The Singles Ministries is putting a Singles Sabbath program. We are going to take over the service, we are going to have lunch, outreach in the afternoon, and vespers. I'm going to be involved all day, especially in the skit for vespers with my testimony. (Going to put my theater class that I took in college into good use ;) 

Perhaps this is what I need, I haven't got a chance to speak to my pastor but tomorrow he is going to be there all day. Please pray for me everyone, the battle is not yet completed.

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Obrigado amigo. You too!

I'm happy to hear about the good news 

You see Gabriel, the devil will try his very best to get us to a point where he needs us to be with him 

But we are to continually pray and keep communicating with our heavenly Father so, that He can help us to remain strong 

I will continue to include you in my prayer

Just keep holding on because, God leave you especially when He knows that you need him the most

Thank you my sister! 

I haven't been in a church in 4 months, since a woman jumped all over my wife and was venting lies about her.  My wife had tried to do the Biblical thing (something that church knew nothing of) to address the person, and then took it to the pastor.  Instead, the woman screamed at her and lied about her to the point it made my daughter cry.  I jumped in to defend my wife and she was so flustered she called me the 'N' word when she was trying to say 'Dirty Jew' .  Which is how this started.  A former member asked me my origin based on my appearance, and I explained.  Next thing I know their daughter is saying my children should be put in gas chamber.  Now, the oldest of this girl had a thing for this girl, as her morals were definitely in question.  And like father like son he wanted to copy and get with her in a carnal way.  He blamed my son for her leaving, because I confronted her father over it, who justified my children being sent to a Nazi death camp, because she found my children 'annoying'.  So, flash forward to my wife being abused over the issue.  Once I was called the N word, when she meant 'Dirty Jew' I called her what she was, an Anti-Semitic Bitch.  The Pastor's wife, who didn't realize the issue was all about Anti-Semitism threw me out, because she follows Walter Veith an avid Anti-Semite, and she too didn't want a 'Dirty Jew' in her presence. 

Hey Heisenberg, So sorry for the horrid things that has happened to you. That kind of behavior should not be tolerated and you should report to the conference.I have dealt with thugs in the church as well but I have a good relationship with the new pastor, we have a new youth pastor. I was able to talk to him about my problems and he is going to pray for me. I'm going to pray for you and your family but go find a different church or just stay home with your best friend which is your wife.

Is there any room for forgiveness?

There has been none asked.  The only thing asked for was give us your cash, and let us continue stomping on you.  I went to a Church 60 miles away and was met with enthusiasm and caring.  It was a confusing experience, considering what I have been through.

Yes, and all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution.
II Timothy 3:12 NKJV

This is the true reality of being followers of Christ. This something that I learned.

Doug Batchelor and I communicated about these issues.  He put it aptly is there are more glass in the Church than diamonds.  But, we have come to a point where many churches call evil good, and good evil.

Yes, we have. I haven't attended Church regularly in a while and I hope when I do I can find a good church.

Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus. -Revelation 14:13

Let's forget about "The Church" There is no such thing as a perfect church, no one is going to find a good church here in this sinful world. I do go to a good church there is still problems that I have experienced.

Listen to me to me. I will always have problems if i'm going to continue to have a good relationship with God. Satan is going to do his best to defeat me.

Now, lets set aside "Church" for now and focus in the relationship with God. Despite of the horrid things has happened, my faith is growing. I'm not afraid to admit that there has been times that I would still lash out at God and also blaming the church for the that things has happened. For me, that's a huge mistake on my part because blaming others is not going to get me anywhere in life. 

Perhaps God wants me to develop my faith because he wants me to be TOUGH when the Sunday Law comes. During the persecution, the church is not going to save you, not me, not anyone. I bet you that even if you find a church that will welcome you and your family, there is going to be someone is going to put you down and even betray you when the Sunday Law is signed. There is not going to be a church in the remote areas or in prison. 

You should stop going to that church who is giving you grief,  not stopping you in finding a different church but these are the facts of life, your sufferings are not going anywhere.. 

Stay strong brother. 

Since when has Walter Veith been an Anti Semite? I have heard several of his lectures and never once gotten that tone or inclination from him. I am sorry what happened to you and your wife Heisenberg. That should not be in the church at all. Wow.  Not in the house of God. Obviously, Satan was in your church that day. but remember to forgive and let go and don't let it affect you and your wife. Hard to do I know cause we are human. I'd definitely look for another church, but still a Sabbath keeping SDA one.


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