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Dear friends, a while ago, I've posted on here that I wanted to leave the church and leave God all together. However, i'm here to inform you that tomorrow is Sabbath. It's going to be a special Sabbath. The Singles Ministries is putting a Singles Sabbath program. We are going to take over the service, we are going to have lunch, outreach in the afternoon, and vespers. I'm going to be involved all day, especially in the skit for vespers with my testimony. (Going to put my theater class that I took in college into good use ;) 

Perhaps this is what I need, I haven't got a chance to speak to my pastor but tomorrow he is going to be there all day. Please pray for me everyone, the battle is not yet completed.

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Look at google.  You can't not run into it. 

I am aware there were allegations about Walter Veith that came from Germany and basically from some in the Adventist Church accusing him of being Anti-Semitic, based on a lecture he gave in Germany back in 2011 or 12. But it seemed like false allegations at the time and political correctness at work.Apparently, there were no Jewish people or Jewish organizations that accused him of being an Anti-Semite. It all came from with in our church.  

Let's face it, our church is straying away from truth more and more. They have heavily edited E. G. White and said she is no longer really relevant and they no longer want to identify the Catholic Church as the Anti Christ of Revelation.  Yet, spiritual formation and pride parties during Sabbath hours are perfectly okay.

For the past several years one by one it has been attacking and attempting to ban truthful speakers like Veith, Doug Batchelor, Jeremiah Davis, David Gates and a few others that have presented a clear and politically unfavorable bible based message over the years. None of those men are perfect, but  I just don't see Veith being an Anti-Semite or saying anything intentionally Anti-Semitic.  I think the allegations were simply people stirring the pot. But I will definitely check into the allegations more and watch the lecture in question.

I would have to agree with Ross, Veith has opened my eyes with the Islam and Roman Catholic Connection, I do like his tone. Pastor Hugo Gambetta's has good points but he seems radical in my opinion. 

Let's look shall we:

About 17,400 results


I agree with you on some things but I think you have gone off the rails on this one.  Our nation, our racial back ground does not save us. Jesus does.  In this time our focus needs to be on Jesus and we should only take pride in him and not play the identity game that the world is teaching.  Identify as an Sabbath keeping Christian should be what we are about.

It is ironic that you are holding up what German Adventist are putting out there about Walter Veith.  Historically a great many of the German SDA sided with Hitler. It is sad but true. Now the German SDA church is gone to other extremes, which is extremely liberal, putting more faith in humanism and politics than in prophecy and the Bible.

Even though we more traditional SDA love all people no matter the walk of life, it is very easy to be labeled a hater, a bigot or a homophobe, because we believe what the Bible says.  Some one could read all the statements I have made here and conclude that I am an anti-Catholic bigot, which is totally false because the people I love most in my family are Catholic.  This same thing has been done to Walter Veith and you are using it to play the victim. 

Well said Raymond. I totally agree with you here.

I have not gone off the rails on this one.  There is clear evidence that Veith holds Anti-Semitic views of yore.  Further, there has been a resurgence of Anti-Semitism with people like Veith, within the Church proper and spoon fed at every major University within the United States.  Anti-Semitism is experiencing a huge resurgence.  Bigots abound, and think nothing of if, because people follow social trends. 

Keep praying and never give up,the battle is difficult but we have our Savior to call for Him when things gets out of our hand.

Hey Thanks Godfrey, 


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