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Dear friends, a while ago, I've posted on here that I wanted to leave the church and leave God all together. However, i'm here to inform you that tomorrow is Sabbath. It's going to be a special Sabbath. The Singles Ministries is putting a Singles Sabbath program. We are going to take over the service, we are going to have lunch, outreach in the afternoon, and vespers. I'm going to be involved all day, especially in the skit for vespers with my testimony. (Going to put my theater class that I took in college into good use ;) 

Perhaps this is what I need, I haven't got a chance to speak to my pastor but tomorrow he is going to be there all day. Please pray for me everyone, the battle is not yet completed.

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beloved Gabriel,

come just as you are and let God clean u up.

7 anos de amizade tu és meu irmão! Bênçãos e te.dê. conserve crescendo!
About 7 years we chat/discuss over here! It s the best thing I wish to hear from! If I can say that....much more.all.heaven can feel too? May God bless and growing brother!

I'm happy to hear about the good news 

You see Gabriel, the devil will try his very best to get us to a point where he needs us to be with him 

But we are to continually pray and keep communicating with our heavenly Father so, that He can help us to remain strong 

I will continue to include you in my prayer

Just keep holding on because, God leave you especially when He knows that you need him the most


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