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I always asked myself how they could control everything we buy and sell...and think...

I wonder no more....

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Yes selling your house now and getting out in the country to grow your own food as the Bible and SOP tell us to do, is a little late with the virus restrictions in place. Property is worthless these days.

How will SDA people leave the cities when Sunday comes?


pray because Sunday is coming Pray because Sunday is coming.

What is the point of church assembly if we can't assembly and warn the brethren one last time, get out of the cities, for most SDA it is too late, you can't sell up your property, unless you sell it at a major loss.

Pray for Sunday Andrew, what do you pray for? That the people will wake up? That vaccines will kill you?

That 5G also will kill you as you live in the city...


I don't live in the city.

Pray Because Sunday is coming Pray that your ready. Pray that God digs the furrow deep and dig it often.  Pray that all your people make it- which is a big thing.  

Pray that your hope always remains in God and nothing on sifting sands.

Pray that the blind and the poor and the heartbroken will find restoration in Jesus Name.

I live in Rural Districts and plan on moving but within these same areas.  Because it is good here and beautiful and many things to do here and conveniences of a good life.

Good on you Andrew . II have to learn how to grow enough food for a year, and learn how to preserve it. Like Sweet Potatoes for example

Visit our SDA brothers in the cities, get them to wake up and live in the country areas, before the Sunday law comes. It is too late to wait until it comes. Shalom

I pray for my cities. That is what I can do for now. Because of Covid-19 and because of my work I must do from the home. One of my friends lives in and about the big city of New York I've preached to him and he said he can't move, because his wife and family don't want to move.  I gave him the story of Lot and I think he said "exactly." and he has been a big support to me and he is a good friend, but all too often good friends are holding back on something small or big. We need to think the best of our friends and enemies and pray for them that redemption would come their way!!  But there is lots to do and we must be faithful everyday.  Keeping Jesus first and last and everytime we can by His rich grace and mercy!

What a story you share Andrew, keep praying for your friend. May God move our LOT SDA people soon before it's too late for them to move.



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