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I am saying that it is impossible to see God's truth when you already have your mind made up. All alternatives  seem like error.


Leon, are you telling me that the Bible is not telling us the truth? Let me remind you that the bible is Gods wors and God does not lie. Do you think God is a Liar?

I a m telling you that you don't seem to be interested in the word of God. You mind is made up.before you consult scripture. You read for confirmation, rather than direction. You seek doctrine not.a Christ based relationship.

Yeah, Leon, I know where you are going with this Let me remind you even the poorest bible student can understand that the Papacy is the beast, The only one who seems to have difficulty to joining the dots are you and your Catholic friends for the same reason. 

Leon let me Quote EGW 

"It is essential that all shall know what atmosphere surrounds their own souls, whether they are in co-partnership with the enemy of righteousness, and unconsciously doing his work, or whether they are yoked up with Christ, doing His work. Satan would be pleased to have anyone and everyone become his allies in the work of weakening the confidence of brother in brother, and sowing discord among those who profess to believe the truth. Satan can accomplish his purpose most successfully through professed friends of Christ who are not walking and working in Christ’s lines."

Quoting THE prices your bias. Making up enemies also indicates your leaning. Christ is the way, truth and light. Worshiping EVE is idolatry plain and simple.

Yes, indeed Leon Christ is the truth the light and the way. But seems to me you need to be able to tell the difference between Christ and Antichrist. The Woman you are talking about is found in Rev 17 whom the whole world will worship, except those who is written in the book of the Lamb.


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