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I have been looking at supposed SDA online sites. Unfortunately I am getting more and more confused with who is I find this guy teaching a 2520 prophecy..and all accounts he is an SDA layman.

How many more are amongst us? Do you ever think you are reading an SDA site when in fact it's not of our teaching?


A Review of Jeff Pippenger’s teachings - Norman McNulty, M.D.



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Lisa, He is simply copying and pasting the article by Norman McNulty which I refute below.

Theodore, to me it just comes down to clear plain facts.  You are just giving your take on what McNulty and James White were saying wrong.

Anybody can do that!  I see there is clear evidence to dispute the 2520 claim.  We really are going round and round over the same ground.  I have read ALL of McNulty's stuff and he did a wonderful clear job explaining from the Bible and SOP.  What it really comes down to is that you guys just need to keep believing in the 2520 and promote it if that is what you need to do.

I don't think anybody on either side will be convinced differently.

Lisa, the problem as I see it is simple. McNulty is not responding to what we ACTUALLY teach. Abdool is the only person I have dealt with so far who tries to attack what we teach. Making up stuff and then shooting it down will never convince anyone.

Further, you seem to derive your understanding of the 2520 from people like McNulty (a man who will not take the time to understand what we teach) instead of searching it out for yourself. How many hours have you poured tearfully over God's Word asking for guidance regarding this teaching?

But let me tell you something, I am not a Pippenger, I have studied this 2520 on internet first with the article titled Illustrations of prophecy, it is in the Google library check it, then you will find the difference with me


I realized what he was doing. Seems like a lot of that is going on around here!

"I realized what he was doing" this HE is to referring to whom?


What did he do?

Jason was copying and pasting an article! Theodore was letting me know what he was doing!

Jason how many times have I asked the question what is the Longest and Last meaning?

To me it means there is a longest and first, this is clear when we study the commencement of the chain of truth which was given Miller by the angel from God according to Ellen White's testimony.

So thus off topic.

Again it means Charles Fitch just made the chart and put the 2520 there without her knowledge, then our God was blinded by showing Ellen that he liked the figures of that chart as they were, and you are trying to say God change?


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