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I have been looking at supposed SDA online sites. Unfortunately I am getting more and more confused with who is I find this guy teaching a 2520 prophecy..and all accounts he is an SDA layman.

How many more are amongst us? Do you ever think you are reading an SDA site when in fact it's not of our teaching?


A Review of Jeff Pippenger’s teachings - Norman McNulty, M.D.



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Jackson, EVERYONE that I have met that believes this 2520 have a hateful spirit.  Your photo even depicts you as an angry person.  Brother, 2520 is not Truth so please don't compare yourself to the Biblical faithful or the reformers.  To say that the Truth on 2520 is hidden is just one way to see that there is no light in it.

Jesus said He tells us before it comes to pass so we might believe.  He told parables to hide the meaning to those who would not see.  Truth is NEVER hidden and 2520 is ERROR.

What was it that Jesus withheld because they could not comprehend it?--It was the more spiritual, glorious truths concerning the plan of redemption. The words of Christ which the Comforter would recall to their minds after his ascension, led them to more careful thought and earnest prayer that they might comprehend his words and give them to the world. Only the Holy Spirit could enable them to appreciate the significance of the plan of redemption. The lessons of Christ, coming to the world through the inspired testimony of the disciples, have a significance and value far beyond that which the casual reader of the Scriptures gives them. Christ sought to make plain his lessons by means of illustrations and parables. He spoke of the truths of the Bible as a treasure hid in a field, which, when a man had found, he went and sold all that he had, and bought the field. He represents the gems of truth, not as lying directly upon the surface, but as buried deep in the ground; as hidden treasures that must be searched for. We must dig for the precious jewels of truth, as a man would dig in a mine.  Review and Herald October 14,1890 

aaaw  Brother Defender, I am not understanding, what do you mean, Truth is never hidden and 2520 is ERROR but before that you said Jesus told Parables to hide the meaning to those who would not see, So the parables are not Truth because he hid the meaning in them?

One other thing Jackson.  This supposed TRUTH was never part of the SDA accepted teachings.  If anything is Truth, follow it but don't push what you perceive as TRUTH upon others.  Share and if it is not accepted, leave it alone.  If you must follow and must teach it and push it, form your own church.

Jackson said:

there were like four of us at most.  hardly a "round up the troops" scenario.

We see it differently.  When one private message sent to one person who is a proponent of the 2520 is opened and read by dozens and dozens of people all around the world, we see it as a "round up the troops" situation.  Here are just a few of the locations that one private message to one member was opened at:

Reader location: Bonnerdale, AR via Chrome Windows
Reader location: Antigua and Barbuda via Chrome Windows
Reader location: Chilliwack, Canada via Firefox Windows
Reader location: Sydney, Australia via Internet Explorer Windows
Reader location: King George, VA via Safari iPad
Reader location: Castries, Saint Lucia via Chrome Windows
Reader location: Mozambique via Opera Windows
Reader location: Santa Clara, CA via Safari iPad
Reader location: Beaumont, Canada via Chrome Windows
Reader location: Bucharest, Romania via Chrome Windows
Reader location: Micoud, Saint Lucia via Chrome Windows
Reader location: Redmond, WA via Chrome Windows
Reader location: Glen Allen, VA via Firefox Windows
Reader location: Sherwood Park, Canada via Chrome
Reader location: Pendleton, OR via Chrome Windows
Reader location: Europe via Opera Mini
Reader location: Chaguanas, Trinidad and Tobago via Chrome Windows


That's not even close to all of the locations.  And that's just one example from one message.  Many private messages from AO moderators to individual members on this topic have been distributed far and wide... and always to Bonnerdale AR.  Why is that?

We have not removed anyone from membership unless they are intentionally breaking the Site Rules & Guidelines.  You are following the pattern of several other 2520 proponents closele:  You refuse to respond to or cooperate with moderators multiple private requests for response and information.  But you then post publicly how you are being "threatened" and cut off.  That is not the case.

i wonder how many of those who acted with mal-intent on your side of the 2520 were messaged about the rules and conduct of this site.  just goes to show how one-sided you are, because, believe it or not, ungodly actions were taken.

Members on all sides of issues are contacted if they go against our site rules and guidelines.  Members on all sides of the issues DO break the rules and act in un-Godly ways.  They are contacted about it.  Since you have no information on the private workings of the moderators (other than the messages from us that you received, opened, and then failed to respond), you have no basis for your "just goes to show..." false conclusion.

if you want to control conversations, that is your own issue...

We have allowed about 1400 comments in this discussion alone.  Other discussions on the same topic also have hundreds and hundreds of comments.  We have allowed all pro-2520 positions to be expressed.  How is that "controlling how other people think"?  We suggest it is not.

We hope to see you in the Kingdom.  We hope you find His Truth.

God bless,
Adventist Online


Of course Jeff knows what is going on at AO!!!!  His followers report everything to him.  On a chart that Jeff has put out, which I happen to have a copy of and I have seen it with my own eyes, he parallels several events of the 1844 movement to our day.  He has himself on the chart as putting out the "Time of the End" magazine parallel to William Miller receiving his credentials to preach.  So in essence he sees himself as a William Miller for our day with this 2520 message he's revived.  Creepy!

Where is Jesus in all of this.  Jeff has become their leader!!!   All this movement is doing is snaring unexpecting souls or SDA's who are bored with the "present truth" message and need something new and exciting to revive their faith.  We have jewels that were given to us in 1844 an onward, if only we would restudy them, and it's not the 2520!

The same Bible and SOP resources that are used to promote the 2520 warn of these types of things coming, but yet the 2520 promoters don't even see themselves as a fulfillment of her other writings  It truly is a delusion we are seeing.  May God have mercy on ALL of us and may we be found worthy by the Blood of the Lamb when He comes!

Lisa, this type of libel is the main reason I go onto sites like Adventist Online and discuss the 2520 and related truths. No one is a follower of Jeff Pippenger. When I was invited to do my scripture songs at a prophecy school in Oklahoma in 2010, I expected, based upon I read on the internet, that Jeff was going to be there with his entourage and followers. What I found was quite the opposite. Jeff and Kathy ran their own booth for selling material. Ministries from all over were treated equally. There was a spirit of cooperation and love. Neither Jeff or his so called "followers" see him as a modern William Miller. In the chart, he uses the beginning of his ministry as an example of the return to the old paths that was at that time beginning in Adventism. You misunderstand the "chart" as you call it and what he meant by it.

Theodore I know exactly what I see on the chart. I never said Jeff or Kathy were mean people or unChristlike. Jeff DOES see himself as a modern day William Miller or else he wouldn't have put the magazine HE started on the line below paralleling Willîam Miller. He is honestly misleading people and dividing the church?

As I said, he put it as an example of what was happening world-wide. He doesn't see himself as a modern day William Miller, and is quite adamant about it, nor do I know anyone who does. He has no interest in dividing the church.

Why is Time of the End magazine of such importance to be on a prophetic timeline chart? What is so special about 1996?

Does Jeff see himself as a last day prophet?


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