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I have been looking at supposed SDA online sites. Unfortunately I am getting more and more confused with who is I find this guy teaching a 2520 prophecy..and all accounts he is an SDA layman.

How many more are amongst us? Do you ever think you are reading an SDA site when in fact it's not of our teaching?


A Review of Jeff Pippenger’s teachings - Norman McNulty, M.D.



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I think he did it here 

I watched the videos.They seem pretty solid. Where is your disagreement?

I keep waiting for an analysis of Jeff's presentations that point out the "error" that he is presenting.

Zafer who is that speaking in the sermon link you posted?
Also, what you said about our church is true. The way I see it is if our leaders would walk in the light already given us instead of following all the other denominations and patterning our churches, for the sake of growth, after the world churches, how much more we would have advanced as a people into all truth. Therefore, because they haven't and have retreated back to Egypt, there is popping onto the scene all kinds of offshoot movements claiming new light.

It's all signs of the end. Every wind of doctrine is blowing. I also watched the first 20 minute video and feel as you do. That is why SOP has warned us against anyone drawing us away from the body with new light.

Brother Jason where is this from which book, you did not give reference;

I saw another angel; not the Lord Jesus Christ, though the several things said of this angel agree with him; nor one of the ministering spirits, though the characters of him will also suit with one of them, but rather a minister of the Gospel, or a set of Gospel ministers, who will arise a little before the downfall of Babylon, in the spiritual reign of Christ; (gill) 


I want a link for Jeff's presentation on the chart that Lisa posted. I want to know his explanation for the end of SDA

I will no longer post here.  I have posted enough for those who are not sure about this error as the proponents keep cutting and pasting non-SDA material that is not grounded in the Truth as found in God's Word nor is endorsed by His messenger EGW.

I do not cut and paste non-SDA Material (unless you are referring to statements from the E. G. White CD-Rom). I never paste from pro 2520 websites. All the research I have done is my own. I am not a follower of Jeff Pippenger. I seek to support the Seventh-day Adventist Church. We are dealing with a disagreement regarding intellectual ideas. If you do not agree, present your arguments and I will consider them. I am not closed minded, that is why I became a SDA.

The 2520 doctrine was rejected by our church many years ago.

Someone is  making a name for himself and many are assisting him but to their own destruction. Saying our church was wrong in rejecting the error, is in essence blaspheming the Holy Spirit who guided the church leadership. 

All sorts of heresies are propagated by disgruntled members; they are allowing the devil, who is called Satan, to use and abuse them. Are they too blind to see who is behind this movement? 

They said, "Come, let us build for ourselves a city, and a tower whose top will reach into heaven, and let us make for ourselves a name, otherwise we will be scattered abroad over the face of the whole earth." Genesis 11:4

 And  every one that was in distress, and every one that was in debt, and every one that was discontented, gathered themselves unto him; and he became a captain over them: and there were with him about four hundred men. 1 Samuel 22:2

But the Spirit explicitly says that in later times some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons, 1 Timothy 4:1

Do you know that someone can read the same verses applying them to you as well, the best is what Sister Lisa said, Our Lord, the Creator have mercy on ALL of Us, No-one is yet to know what is to be the out come yet!

Our greatest sins which separate our souls from God are unbelief and hardness of heart. Why is it that we are so unbelieving and unimpressible? The reason for it is, we are filled with self-confidence. We feel self-sufficient. If we receive some token of God's blessing, we take it as a guarantee that we are all right; and when reproof comes, we say, "I know that God has accepted me, for he has blessed me, and I will not accept this reproof." What a terrible condition we would be in if the Lord did not bless us! We must study Christ, the Pattern of character that God has given us. If we have a garment to cut, we study the pattern. And in the Christian life, we must give up our own ideas and plans, and go according to the Pattern. But instead of this, we work away from the Pattern. We should not be full of self-conceit. We must say as did John, "He must increase, but I must decrease." {RH, August 27, 1889 par. 2}

When the arguments for present truth are presented for the first time, it is difficult to fasten the points upon the mind. And although some may see sufficiently to decide, yet for all this there is need of going all over the very same ground again, and giving another course of lectures. New ones will be added to the hearers, and the second series of discourses fastens upon the mind, and by Bible readings and a more definite explanation of the truth more souls will be gathered and established there that have taken their stand upon present truth. This is the only work that should be accepted as giving "full proof of thy ministry."--Letter 60, 1886, pp. 2-4. (To John and Julia Corliss, December 25, 1886.) {5MR 328.3}

Repeat and Repeat the Message. Where there are missions established gather everything possible surrounding them. Make effort after effort and not stop with one course of lectures; the second is needed far more than the first, and will establish points. . . . {5MR 328.1}
If those who knew the truth and were established in it were indeed in need of having its importance kept ever before them and their minds stirred up by the repetition of it, how important that this work is not neglected for those newly come to the faith. Everything in the interpretation of the Scripture is new and strange to them, and they will be in danger of losing the force of the truth and of receiving ideas not correct. In many efforts that have been made the work has been left incomplete. One man alone should not commence this work or finish it, for one man becomes too weary to follow up the pulpit effort and teach and minister, but two should be connected in this effort. And if their manner of labor is not the same this will be all the better, for then one man's mold and ideas will not have too great power upon the minds of those for whom they labor. {5MR 328.2}


Mae Ru the 2520 _thingy is not present truth, it is not past truth, and it is not future truth; as a matter of fact 2520 is not truth at all; it is a false divisive  tool used by Satan to capture the weak, misinformed, careless,  and excitement -seeking self-important members of our church. 


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