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I have been looking at supposed SDA online sites. Unfortunately I am getting more and more confused with who is I find this guy teaching a 2520 prophecy..and all accounts he is an SDA layman.

How many more are amongst us? Do you ever think you are reading an SDA site when in fact it's not of our teaching?


A Review of Jeff Pippenger’s teachings - Norman McNulty, M.D.



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Theodore, You must be new to this thread.  Did the 2520 group ask you to join this discussion as they could not stand on God's Word themselves?

Truth is clear.  2520 cannot be explained in a few sentences as all time prophecies can.  It is also proved false as it does not use the correct word for day/year principle.

Do you study anything other than 2520?  Was the 1888 message rejected because 2520 was not submitted to?  What did Miller say would be the end of the 2520?  Why did the holocaust happen if the Jews were no longer to be punished.

Brother, I know you have intelligence because you are an SDA but 2520 was not part of the SDA organized church, was not endorsed by Ellen White and she never rebuked her husband publicly for his public renouncing of the non Biblical 2520 error.  This is just a wind of doctrine brother.  Guess you have also been deceived.  Have you left the GC church membership as most others have? Just curious as it appears you are a Millerite and tying to spread things found to be in error.


Go back to the mire where you have been, all along we were here you are were not, now you come in with your Noise, answer the questions or QUIT

try to behave as a Christian would Obert; the battle is already won-- truth vs error 

Ok he didn't behave like a Christian and Defender also behaved well but answer the question!

Meu Irmao deixa Defender tentar ELE nai vai conseguir:

If you are back Defender we will welcome you when you answer the question according to Ellen White who gave Miller the commencement of the chain of truth?

Guys I thought this was/has been an open discussion.  Is Defender all of a sudden not welcome because he has chosen to keep silent for a while or you don't like what he is saying?  I agree with Jason, if you are in the Spirit of Christ act like.  Obert Jesus would never have said something so evil! 

Defender, glad you're back!

Sister Lisa wait a minute, please!

Is there any one of us who hired brother Theodore to come and defend the 2520 here? 

Since Mark was banned here we have been alone discussing here is it, but what did he say as his opening words?

Also all what Brother Theodore have put since he joined it seems he did not take his time to read it and so with others, but you people you just Look at what Obert said what of his words is it not an Insult to Us?

Myself I didn't like that but I am still remaining in requesting for us to move, but if it means this is for disturbing then LET IT BE SO!!!!

Defender, I am a member on Adventist Online and found this discussion on my own. The 2520 is probably the simplest to explain. It is the basis of all other time prophecies and establishes the principle of day for a year prophecy. 

Of course I study other things than the 2520. That is a silly question. this thread is on the 2520 so that is what we are discussing here.

I do not know of anyone who has 'left' the SDA church because of the 2520. I have been reclaiming Adventists who have previously been disaffected. Some are being disfellowshipped for believing the 2520, when those in leadership are unable to bring solid arguments against it. I am an SDA in good and regular standing and have been for 30 years. I teach Sabbath School at my local church but the conference has labelled me as disruptive because I advocate the 2520. Their opposition is based upon rumours that are similar to the type of slander that you put forth. The 2520 teaches that the Seventh-day Adventist Church is god's denominated people, it is not a divisive movement.

Regarding the rejection of the 1888 message, the process started when man began to put his ideas before a thus saith the LORD. I submit that if the church would have accepted all of the light from the mid-night cry, they would not have rejected the 3rd Angel's message.


how can you make such a point and you have not yet proven that Isaiah's prophecy began in the first year of Ahaz?

When do you date Isaiah's prophecy? All of the commentaries that I referenced put the civil war between Israel and Judah in the first year of Ahaz. Do you have some reason to doubt it?

My brother,

all your points go back to a common source - the seder olam rabbah. Nowhere does the Bible gives the starting point for Isaiah's prophecy. The bible did not say it was the first year of Ahaz. Commentators are divided as to the start date of this prophecy and its fulfillment.

Some think the verse is a copyist error

Others think the prophecy should start in the time of Amos

But the view that the 2520 movement has adopted if from Jewish tradition which has no historical or archaeological proof.

Manasseh was NOT in Babylon in 677BC

The 2520 fails miserably!

We have been telling you that we don't argue with the Hand of God which covered those figures on the 1843 chart, then God himself in a vision to Ellen White requested the work of making the 1850 chart with the same message of the 1843 chart and the 677 and the 2520 he liked them to be there, and today you say God was wrong because Manasseh was not in captive by the year 677, this is Directly accusing God!


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