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Answer to the question i posted which i have now removed because many people did not understand what i meant

HI guys. i have decided to delete the question, because is like many of you don't understand it, but i just wanna answer it so that you can fully understand the real meaning behind it, even though i did not want to answer it myself, but wanted to hear your views. anyway, today we think that the purpose of God of creating Eve for Adam was that they can have sexual intercourse and have babies only, which is true, but that is not a complete truth. God made a woman for this reason: when a man is stressed, or run out of plans in solving his daily life problems, a woman is the only person to calm him down, give plan, came up with a solution. truelly speaking men get frustrated very easily which make their minds to be agitated, so when a man come home being stressed from his work, or wherever, the only person to fix that is a woman. that's why the first question was "how would the world be like if God did not created Eve?" Second question "do we need them?" yes, we can not live without them. that is what was running in my mind when i posted this question.

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So you just deleted all the responses to the question as well?  OK... why ask a question if you don't want answers?  And why should anyone put effort into responding to your questions if they know you might just delete them?


We all learn from the conversation.


That doesn't make any Sense to delete the post!!!!!!!!! 

I will bare that on mind if you ever post anything again ....for me not to waste my energy in answering !!!!!


Ditto Clark P.

Huh, and I thought you were referring to the "Back to the beginning, was Adam black or white?" topic which you also deleted?


When you start a topic you can always close it rather than deleting it, as Clark said, some of us did put some effort into our responses.


Thankfully, you are answering this question yourself so I don't need to respond.

Would Adam come home from work agitated if everything is perfect? Don't get me wrong, I'm glad Eve was created. Its interesting, I had seen once that while it was just Adam, God did have him working. Naming the animals, you know... as they each had their pairs. Something shoulda started to click with Adam, and God caused him to fall into a deep sleep. 


I doubt Adam would have gotten stressed and run out of plans etc in a perfect world, but yes, it is not good for man to be alone, and a helper was given him :) 

People, what wrong with you. please learn how to respond and correct. the reason why i deleted that question was because i don't llke controvecy. i asked it to verify my thinking, i'm might be wrong in my answer, yes. that why i asked it to hear your views. hope is clear.
Haven't you ever heard of friendly debates...


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