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"You cannot make every case right, for some whom you have injured have gone into their graves, and the account stands registered against you. In these cases the best you can do is to bring a trespass offering to the altar of the Lord, and He will accept and pardon you" Ellen White (5T p. 339).

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Whats a trespass offering? Is that like Monopoly's Get Out of Jail Free Card? :)
a tress pass offering is like when in old testament times u sinned against someone u brought a special offering before the Lord and asked for forgiveness . WHEN I first became a adventist in my first year it became known to me then that as a theif I had to make the wrongs I had committed before I was converted right as far as possible.
. I mean to say simply that in the book of proverbs it mentions that if u really converted who would know if u did not do what u could to ask forgiveness to those u did wrong too. . remember when Zacheeus said he would pay back to those he had stolen from ? THis action on your part shows your sincerity in repentence. .
Now as far as possible I went to the places I had taken things from and admitted my wrong doing and asked for forgiveness .
I once had to go to a buisness and pay this man a amount of money I had with- held it was one of the hardest things I EVER had to do in my life and I was sooo scared and their was this one store I was convicted of I HAD wrote letters too explaining in my past what I had done . the manager had called me in directly explaining later that he had never heard of what I HAD done and wanted to see personally why after all this time I admited in writing my guilt .. .
I had to go all the way up the store to the main office an their wa sa policemen their also . , TALK about being nervous an having my heart beating fast . ,HE STARTED TO ask me questions n said the officer was just the store police and was not their to arrest me I told him in the past had stolen rcords n he asked me why I was admiting this now?
I said as a 7th day Adventist christian we are taught that we have to ask forgiveness to those that we wronged an make ammends as far as we can. For this is right in the eyes of the Lord .I explained that someone has to take a loss because of your wrong action n it does no good to tell the Lord sorry without actions showing it. and he said I can see this must be some burden then for you to come in here in person we want u t o know it is forgiven already we just wanted to see n hear what the reason was ...
My statement is true ,not to the exact words for it was 27 years ago. Their was still a problem though because one of the bisnesses I had wronged was no longer in buisness and this haunted my conscience and a bible worker I was helping at this time told me if u did all u can you are forgiven and a Pastor told me that a tress pass offering then is acceptable estimate what the amount is u owed n make a offering to missions. U bring the offering before the Lord with humbleness and a prayerful heart in which I had been fasting n say in your heart Lord I did all I could do to seek restitution they no longer available so I bring this to your courts And ask for forgiveness .,
IN the adventist church much of what was taught before Is not readily done anymore ,In my opinion it now called being legalistic . If in the church their is a likeness of the world is it because we too legalistic n it matters not to the Lord ? or will we be held accountable for not teaching the pure gospel unwatered down? I not talking here about matters of culture . Thes be direct violations of Bible truths that be clearly known by all ,stealing ,slander , adultery , u know the ten commandments n the like Uask if thi scan cause the least of Jesu sfavo rtowards u what is i tthat you must do to have a clear conscience and have the connection restored?
Great example...thank you for your testimony, MJ.... I often wondered about the trespass offering and it now makes sense....
Good Question Rose. This is what I was wondering. We are no longer in the OT times.
In my opinion, this would mean repentance. In the OT, when someone had sinned, they brought a lamb to be sacrificed in their stead, confessing their sins upon the head of the lamb. It was called a trespass offering.
Excellent post and testimony. Thank you SO very much Eve.
As sinners, we can not judge others. The Lord know our heart and He is who had to convinced us what to do.
sometimes is asking for forgiveness enough. But there are sins which God reminds you of and He allow you to remember some things you did and i think we have to ask God in every situation what He wants us to do.
Praise the Lord ... he took the penalty for my sins ... AT THE CROSS. Praise God. There is now no condemnation for those N Him.
ok listen up suppose u stole money from someone n then get saved the other person knows this already too, o rmay not , are u just to say ok I know the Lord has forgiven me and all the wrongs I did in the past no longer matters and I do not have to do anything anymore praise God? Is this being honorable?
DO u mean Ino longer have to make ammends with this person anymore ? what everu stole it is yours now too?
THE Holy Spirit is well able to bring these sins to your account ok because I can recall sins I commited as a 8 n 9 year old 50 years ago . . .the tresspass offerring does not go back that far but what I be saying is this repentence means yes you are forgiven n u start brand new but the wrongs u committed to someone and you are fully aware of it do they not have to be made right as far as possible.? ,
What all does repentence involve? WHAT shows sincere repentence? if you were t o blame for taking something from someone and u know it was wrong now should you not seek their forgiveness n if you have the means to repay them for what you stole?.
IS THIS or is this not sound biblical reasoning then? It does me no good for u to say I am a christian now and what I did in the past to you no longer matters does it ?/ .I have heard in the news that a few men when they became christians turned themselves in for the crimes they had committed in the past before being converted, The police had no clues they were in no danger of being found out either but they were open to the Holy Spirits voice too and at one time one of these men I heard about on the news was guilty of manslaughter and faced time in prison / Oh My Stars /
Repentence in its entirety includes as far as possible making an effort to make ammends of the wrong actions by you toward someone else you wronged . THE Holy Spirit brings back to our recall so we can be fully clean and that these sins be put away fully . If you are truly forgiven would you not want to make things right with someone you injured in the past?. WILL this not make a n impression on the minds of others that you serve a mighty God that can make u admit wrong actions u made in the past and that you just dont talk the talk but walk the walk in what you now know is the truth?
I know many that read this will say I being legalistic and will refute what I testify too Here and I be just sinner I am not the Holy Spirit I can but testify to what I have sen and I Ask only that you look more closely and see if what I say is stretched or is accurate.. ! No guilt trips I lay on you here.
I not a theoligan and I am not a pastor . I do know we put up stumbling blocks by our actions or inactions. thank u for listening!,
Ah yes Murray - you are correct in your thinking. Charles Finney wrote a book on Revival and advised that in order for the Holy Spirit to 'rain righteousness upon you' (Hosea 10:12) that we must break up the fallow ground in our hearts by examining the state of our minds and to see where we are.

"They pay no attention to their own hearts and never know whether they are doing well in religion or not; whether they are gaining ground or going back; whether they are fruitful or lying waste"

He then says that we are to look back over our past history, 'to take up your individual sins one by one and look at them'. Take a pen and paper and write them down as they occur to you. General confessions of sin will never do; Your sins were committed one by one and as far as you can come at them, they ought to be reviewed and repented of one by one.

He then starts with 'Sins of Omission' ie sin against God' and lists:

Ingratitude / Want of love to God / Neglect of the Bible / Unbelief / Neglect of Prayer / Neglect of the means of grace / The MANNER in which you have performed those duties / Want of love for the souls of your fellow men / Want of care for the heathen / Neglect of family duties / Neglect of watchfulness over your own life / Neglect to watch over your brethren / Neglect of self denial

Then - Sins of Commission ie sin against our fellow man

Worldly mindedness / Pride / Envy / Censoriousness / Slander / Levity / Lying / Cheating / Hypocrisy / Robbing God / Bad temper / Hindering others from being useful

And under each heading he gives an explanation: Censoriousness for example

Instances in which you have had a bitter spirit and spoken of christians in a manner devoid of charity and love; or charity, which requires you always to hope the best the case will admit and to put the best construction upon any ambigous conduct.

How many times have we seen this sin in ourselves and in these forums???

This exercise is not for the faint hearted. It is truly our first works. To take up our sins, to confess them one by one and to repent.

'Let there be this deep work of repentance and full confession, this breaking down before God.. The reason why so few Christians know anything about the spirit of prayer is because they never take the pains to examine themselves properly, and so never knew what it was to have their hearts broken up in this way'.

The first time I did this exercise I was 18 and it broke my heart. I saw myself for what I was - I was so devastated by my sins I had never seen myself like that before. And just when I thought I was done, the Holy Spirit called to my mind another instance. It was like being constantly stabbed in the chest and even after 3 days I couldnt go on. I couldnt go on because I was 18 and wanted to keep doing what I was doing. Now Im older ;) I think Ill take another crack at it.

This book "Finney on Revival" - is definitely life changing. There are 15 chapters, this chapter was the third one and to this day I have never finished reading it. Why? because if this first work of breaking up the hardness in our hearts is not done, everything else will only harden us further. Having a form of godliness but no power thereof. I didnt want the form I wanted the real thing, I still do.
MJ ... Communicating through cyberspace is hard. It is hard to know how another thinks. I would not try to judge you. I think we all travel different paths and experiences. Praise God HE knows our hearts. Anyways ... from what I read here ... I find no fault. As long as we view an offering as a 'free will offering' and from a 'saved' relationship .... then I see no problem with it personally. Maybe others will see trouble. But at this point I am inclined to agree with your perspective.
that was a good teaching on repentance, for me acceptance of repentance gives me a hard time to get through,I do question myself,''how would i really know that this is accepted or denied'' no matter how often you try not to linger oj what was already dead(comitted issue wrong)?
chalenge to me


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