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"You cannot make every case right, for some whom you have injured have gone into their graves, and the account stands registered against you. In these cases the best you can do is to bring a trespass offering to the altar of the Lord, and He will accept and pardon you" Ellen White (5T p. 339).

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Praise God we have a loving and forgiving God. He doesn't expect us to know or do everything right. He just wants us to LOVE Him. N Him
Old is Gold though, the same writer say that we should not take cases to court of another Fellow Christian.....

But here is different , my say is that how else will we consider the TRESPASS OFFERING TO THE ALTAR today
pls bring it up in a differeny way other than repentance. Becasuse you cannot repent to what is long gone and dead-AS IS
I hear what u be saying Dolfin and to apoint it is right we not talking about ,at least I am not long ago sins of childhood , a biblical example of true repentence is making ammends ,as far as possible now, . I agrre also with N HIM this is a free will offerring we give t othe extent w e are able it showsour heart is horrifyed by the wrongs we did.. .
It does no good to say praise God I am now saved and I donot have t o right th e wrongs Nshow I am changed .. . are we genuinely sorrowful for our past or not?
Is it too hard to humble ourself to admit in th past mom and dad best friend , neighbor or co worker I did wrong to u and I am sorry forgive me? . obviously WE CAN not go about looking for everyone that we have wronged but allow the Holy Spirit to direct u in how You can make ammends even if it is a letter u write to yourself if that is all that can be done,
Today in at work I going to make a few opoligies to my co -workers for loosing my temper with them . .
I still have issues with my temper that I know I need work on .. .I get soo frustrarted that I just say things I should not OR I just act irresponsible . Sometimes I get so aggrivated at circumstances in at work beyond my control that is wrong It makes my blood boil and I know this attitude is wrong too.. AS much as Possible live in peace with all men .I know this also applies to your job and your attitude towards it.
I not here in the forum or Adventist Online as a direct role model either AND SAYING follow me // I know I be imperfect but I striving to make ammends too and I know in my heart their is no good thing I ca n do in myself that will change me or make my past acceptable and that only through the working of the Holy Spirit and giving up my own will can I be saved..
YOU know If it is being a legalist to not want others to fall into sinful practises I have in my past even as a 7th day Adventist an a Bible worker then I admit I be a legalist . IF loving others also is being legalistic AN wanting them to succede where I failed FOR THEM not t follow jus temotions or traditions but find safety in reasoning then call me a legalist too.. .
MANY OF the sins I fell into were that of pride based n thinking to myself it is ok I doing it for good reasons or well I not perfect soo why not see why not taste what I be missing? young ladies I tell u from experiance do not go about making excuses fo rdating non SDA MEN u will just fall into a trap n guys I tell u the same thing their are too many compromises u will be doing in this relationship. . I had a relaionship where she convered to,s d a for me but their was no sincerity no foundation . I foumd myself compromising where I new I should not .
WELL before i get tar n feathered here I better end a testimony is such that reveals who you are and who u were n maybe t o a degree who u still are and How the Lord is still re-building you from the inside out -- a kid under construction is what I am and th e Lord aint done with me yet!
God bless you MJ.
Truly changing is the best offering.
Three Thumbs Up
truly changing ryan involves what?? I dont have time t o look everything up and give exact references in the bible but i give a few examples T heir were Pharisees that came to the river where John the baptist was baptizing and when he seen the m he called them hypocrites bring forth fruit worthy of repentence
A change of life is an in the mind change of ho wwe think baptisim does no tchange us does it ?? / Constantine ran his whole army through the water n said ok u baptized n now u are christians. Is it biblically sound reasoning to expect to see a change in ones behavior? IS it going to cost u something to show your sincerity? .
Would u be willing to become a christian really if it meant you had to be examined to see if u were sincere an a jury then would have to be picked to determine the evediences therof ?? .. I have heard this in a sermon once how much evedience would their be seen in your life that showed u were a christian ?. I remember when I was in Pastor DOUG BATCHELORS CHURCH in 1996 he was doing a sabbath school lesson o r something [ dont quote me exactly ] an he brought up about a time when he lent someone some money , once he lent the money he was told I promise to pay u back I just in a bind right now . TIime went on h e seen this man again n asked about the loan oh yes well ok soon I pay u back and he sees this man again who just so happens to be a someone that was a professed christian he now driving a newer car n asks about his loan are u working he asks n are your kids in good helath ?/ oh yes pastor I have a real good job n my kids are in good health too. but he has no money to repay the loan??. ...
QUESTION DOES Gods grace relieve u from the responsibility to pay those u borrowed from ?? Does God s grace mean also u dont have to make things right as BEST u are Able with a friend u may have hurt ? . IS not a change seen fully by all in what u do? . I feel strongly that even our enemies shoul dsee a change in us yes? think about it more
hey!!! I not going to let go here in this issue.. Does not the Bible state that those that have stolen should repay that which was stolen? I mean simply if I have been enriched by taking from someone else is it not being Christ like to give back that which I have taken? . Can I HONESTLY STATE I am a chrstian while I be driving a car that was stolen?. .
. HOW many have lost their life being a martyr that once were persecuting themselves while some are playing at church? Will not our changed hearts convict us of past wrongs if we can make it right? JACOB was returning home after 20 long years away he had stolen from his brother the birth rite He was willing to give Essau his riches too but God had already gone before him...AM I really wrong then here??
obbviously JOHN u can not make everything right that you ever did wrong to others can u ?/ at this time in their history this lesson was needed to stop covetousnes off at it s roots to brethern like other pagan nations were practising or am I wrong? .. I still believe in restitution for it is a witnes to others of your sincerity to what degree though is up to the lord u have to at least ask forgiveness for wrongs u did . it is how i have seen it ,
let me see if I get this right repentence is a turn about from the wrong u did before yes? In repenting from what u did that was wrong before includes what?
Is repentence saying I am sorry and that is it?' Is this actually a biblical principle? How would this show my repentence if you came to my house and I had in my posession something of yours I had stolen sometime ago ? WOULD MY REPENTENCE BE sincere knowing I had robbed u and yet refused to pay you back?
Many times in Bible times .... the christian times ... the Christian could not afford to repay and was forgiven the debt.


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