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What are appropriate games to play with my daughter during Sabbath? I don't just want them to be fun, I want them to teach her more about our faith and our God. All suggestions are appreciated.

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HI Yvette my daughter is 5 almost six, thanks!
My daughter is also very active, she can only read so much before she wants something to do. She is not big on coloring so I don't try to make her color, I would like more suggestions also to keep her entertained and to find a way to get closer to God.
What I used to do when my daughter was 5 was have a little competion to see how many text we could find with our initials. That used to be so much fun.

We would go to the beach and look for shells. I made flash cards...this is a stage where you have to really start using your imagination..

We would make up lilttle ryhmes and stuff it was fun...
Thanks. I guess it is time to start buying her a Bible huh. She has the children bibles with the stories but not a Bible in itself. Thanks
Have her make plans for one sabbath afternoon a it invite friends over or go to the beach for a walk..just let her know which is appropriate or not....

Happy Sabbath and you are welcome...


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