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Are Adventist Females more likely than other to be Molested and Sexually Abused?

I know that is a strong statement but the more I look into this subject the more I see it is true. There is a strong need in our church for healing. Wrongs have been done to a whole generation of young girls and women.

I've heard it said by some, "What is the big deal, you need to get over it and move on."
Sexual abuse is not something you "get over". It is something you have to rise above. The impact sexual abuse has on the life of the young child can never be completely undone. I am an adult woman who has learned to raise above sexual molestation that began when I was 6 months old and continued until I was raped at the age of Seven. The fall-out from these experiences has impacted my entire life.
Why does a God of Love allow the innocent ones to be abused and hurt? Why doesn’t the Father step in to stop the abuse of those so unable to defend themselves? For years I tried but could not resolve this question, so I accepted with Paul the Apostle that,“For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.” 1Co:13:12.

As I have matured in my walk with the Father I have discovered answers that have satisfied my soul. I believe the Father has given each of us free will. We can choose to be evil if we like. We can choose to hurt others. We live in a world of sin. By allowing free choice the Father has permitted that evil, pain and suffering will exist in this world. Knowing this would have to be, our Father of love also designed that our trials would be our teachers. Our biggest hurts our biggest gifts.

Trials Are God’s Tools for Refining Us. Trials are the gifts the Father allows into our lives to enable us to become more than we ever dreamed we could be. A Trial can either refine and ennoble, or ruin a soul. How we accept or reject life’s trials determine the work these events will exert in our lives. I have learned that when I thank the Father for every event that touches my life, I realize the gifts these events leave in their wake. I begin to understand the wisdom that allows evil to sometimes appear to be in control. I believe every act has a purpose, every intention is loving. I know that my vision is very small. I do not see the whole picture as God does.

My Gift. The men, who came so selfishly into my young life stealing my childhood while they ripped my young soul to shreds, will have to stand before the Judgment Bar of the Almighty One and face the wrongs they have done. But for me, their acts, when filtered through the love of my Father, have become a wonderful gift.

It has taken years to grow into and open this gift-years of confusion, and pain, years of being misunderstood by everyone including myself. The Father alone understood the path I was walking. He continued to enable me to go the way I had to go. Throughout the years of confusion and pain he was filling me with this wonderful gift. It was being delivered to my soul piece by piece, being delivered and set up. Waiting for the time I would be able to open it up and become the woman God intended me to be.

I am still a work in progress, no one ever arrives, in this life, at a place where it can be said,“This is it, I have attained it all. I have reached as high as a human can go.” In this life, as we emotionally mature and grow, experiences that were once beyond our grasp become plain. We can grow into our early experiences and begin to unwrap the gifts God has ordained for our growth.

Discover & Open your Gifts. To find your gift you must have a faith-filled heart. Learn to thank the Lord truly for every experience that has touched your life. If you cannot think of a blessing that has come from the experience just say,“For whatever good may come of them,” and mean it.

When you believe you release a power into your life that is able to transform the most devastating experience into your greatest blessing. You will be able to say honestly that you would not choose to return and change these things. That because of the gifts they carry, you would choose this road again. The Father is able to make all that has touched your life good. He will give you back all that was taken and so much more besides. All He asks is that you trust Him.

In my life the Father has allowed me to be stretched beyond what I believed could be endured. I have overcome it all in his strength. I am no longer afraid. I have acknowledged and accepted my past experiences as gifts from the Father. I acknowledge and accept the affect these experiences have had in my life. My world has been blown, I am not who I was. I have found that acceptance unwraps the gifts, blending all parts of me into the excellence that has become my life. I have discovered that I am more.

All of heaven is just waiting for a heart to open in praise and faith. The bright morning of all your tomorrows is only a praise away. Open the gift you have in your hands. Open it and find all your hopes and dreams are stored safely there. You already have the gifts, now praise the Lord for the growth and wisdom they brought into your life, for the depths of hurt you found you could endure. You have been emotionally, mentally, and spiritually stretched by life’s trials and pains. Praise the Lord for the growth. You are more for having passed through the fire.

If you are still in the midst of the trial and don’t yet know the outcome, praise the Lord for the opportunity to grow that is being provided. Tell Him you trust Him, and know if you could see and understand it all as He does you are sure you would choose this road too. He will enable you to accept the gift He is giving. He will hold your world together.

To know you are safe in the Father’s care where nothing can touch you is to be sheltered under His wings. He calls you to his high tower to enter and be safe. To enter you must fully believe that all things come from Him. When you know this without a doubt, then you will find that you are dwelling in safety under his wings. The Evil winds may blow, but you will never again be blown, you are now grounded to the Rock.“The LORD is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower.” Psalms: 18:2

After Sharing my Testimony with thousands of Women I began a six year journey that included among other things, writing my story down. I learned what it really means to forgive those who wronged me. To really let go of the past and begin to live my life in the present.

My Book is Called: "Whatever Good May Come" it is available through and from our Natural Healing Website:http://www.healmarketp

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I am sorry for your experience, my cousin went through something similar as well. But I do have a question if you allow me, what do you base your statement that Adventist females are more prone to sexual molestation? I can see that some Adventist women have been victims of the abuse, but to say that they are more likely the victims is more than a strong statement.
Sometimes in life we cannot comprehend the extent of the suffering that other people feel, those who tell you to get over it say it because they have not lived it. I have not lived to that experience but I can only imagine the pain you must have gone through. All I can tell you is that you are a strong woman, and though it was not in the heavenly plan for us to hurt each other, it is a result of sin, just like death, adultery and other forms of abuse. If you continue to trust in God, he will give you the strength to not get over it, but to overcome your experiences, he will fill the void that all those years of internal suffering must have caused. Continue the work you are doing, continue trusting in God and he will guide your life until one day, you are awakened by the sound of his trumpet and move on to live with him for eternity. My prayers are with you and with every other victim of sexual, physical and emotional abuse out there.
Excellent post Eve. There are no easy answers. But for me ... I have to turn bad into good. Our focus needs to shift from the 'me' to the 'you'. I have to find a way to help others and to focus on God. Don't know what else to do.
Why is it that most who are into 'natural healing' have something to sell? It just makes me shake my head. Maybe I am the only one on the planet with this experience ... but that is mine. And they also have to have legal disclaimers such as Not approved by the FDA. Hmmm.
Teresa the whole link is not highlighted...this is the link just copy and paste.
oh wow, I did ndo google it. I just looked at the link.
ok, I just googled it and she is shepherd's rod...oh wow. Well I am still sympathetic to what happened to her regardless of her religious affiliation. But now I know I will not be buying her book.
interesting letter I found while I googled her website: It is a warning letter from the Department of Health and Human services regarding the product claims she makes on her website...
Dangerous stuff. And what I would like to know is ... why all the Rods coming here all at once. They must be spreading the word to infiltrate us.
Maybe I need to start a thread to ask them to stand up and be counted.
what is pmd? sorry being nosy here
This is really disappointing! I feel mislead by this author for presenting herself as one of us when in fact she is apparently a Srod. And N Him, seems you were right about an invasion. sml.

No I do not think that SDA females are more prone to sexual abuse and molestation. Unfortunately this is an element found across denominations and spiritual groups, some more than others. I would expect with austere teachings that require strict adherence to rules, this is likely more prevalent; as an atmosphere of control is already in place and sadly used by some under the cloak of religion for unspeakable and gross indiscretions. While I do not think that God orchestrates such things to perfect our characters, I do think that if our hurts are brought to Him, he makes us strongest in the places of our wounding. He really is working all things for our good and makes all things beautiful in HIs time.............
cdear siter Dara.. ,I really like how u put it in your own words how after someone has been sexually mistreated its by Gods Grace u are to over come and rise above this tragedy.. I believe personaly if u focus only on whatever tragedy happened to you in the past weather it be sexual or whatever else u were beaten as a child or u were starved although these be tramatic they can be risen above and we can become useful when we do not focuous our attention or make excuses for ourself because of our past.
GOD does make all things new if only we will let him help heal us by letting go an also by helping others as we are enabled by him. ..Can GOD use even that which is stated wrong to still help us individually? Does a news flash or revelation have to only written by 7 th day adventists in order for it to help us grow? God can use even politcally incorrectness t o heal and som etheology may not be entirely correct but enough truth can be their to promote healing an d satisfy the longing soul too a degree .


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