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Travis mentioned this issue in the thread on "Hitler still missing according to MysteryQuest".

Are neutrons elementary particles?

Why should we care?

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Technically, it can't be. Someone might be able to hypothetically prove that evolution is true, but you can't prove it's wrong, just like you can't prove that an invisible unicorn isn't in your room.
Huh what? Have you disproved evolution?
Which part of evolution are you talking about? Natural selection? The origin of life (which is not really part of evolution anyway)?
Well, evolution is about how things evolve, not how the first thing appeared. The origin of life is technically another area of biology.

You disagree with natural selection? How do we have so much variety within different kinds of organisms?
Darwin never taught that life evolved?

Um... that's what his books were about.

Do you know what evolution is?
What do particles have to do with evolution?
Dear Alexandria,

It is evident from reading Hawkins and other scientists theories that they are not Creationists. Their approach is actually proving more of Darwin Theory and less of God's power to have started everything from simply speaking it.

Therefore, their theories are about as reliable as the alchemists of old times who were hoping to transform matter into gold!

The madness I observe right now in science and space travel are equivalent to the pharmacological world and psychiatry who want to prove everything is curable with a pill. The difference is: psychiatry is destroying the functioning of the brain and science is destroying the magnetic field of the earth. Both demonstrate madness and people are paying and will be paying a big prices very soon.

It all fits together -- because we do not want to involve the Creator in our researches and conclusions, we will soon discover that God is not mocked. If science would acknowledge the mysteries involved in nature as pertaining to the Greatest of all Scientist, He would gladly share His knowledge and instruct them as He did Job. But the many questions left unanswered show the wisdom of God, which is from above and is first pure, peaceable, gentle and easy to be entreated. full of mercy towards His erring children. gracious, long-suffering and abundant in mercy and truth.

There is a older DVD called ''Privilege Planet'', prepared by NASA and some Christian scientists, which explain astronomy and the value of our Planet. It is so refreshing to listen to it as they do have a sense of God and based their conclusion on Christian scientific principles.

As long as the scientists deny His power, their conclusion can only be ropes of sand.

With His love,

Even these physicists don't believe in God, many of their theories don't contradict the idea of God and the Bible.

I had checked out Stephen Hawking's, "The Universe in a Nutshell" from the library, and my grandfather asked if I knew that it was about evolution. It's not about evolution, it's mostly about theoretical physics, and the most controversial thing in it was the big bang, which also has basically nothing to do with evolution.
Well, particle physics isn't really in the realm of biology...
I saw that. As long as they don't destroy the planet it's pretty cool.
Dear Nikoa,

Nikola Tesla wanted to tap nature to produce free electricity for the whole world! J.P. Morgan and his financier group saw fit it would not happen because, where would they make money from generating all these natural dynamos compared to the man-made ones they had financed already?

Now tackling energy to make a star is about as interesting as the Collider in Switzerland. Let us hope they try one after the other and not together. Otherwise, goodbye Europe and America. Well, seriously, the government is already finding some loopholes with their finances, so we are safe!

All these opened experiments all of sudden, it makes the project of Pres. Obama landing on an asteroid a little more feasible and the cost justified. Although I wonder where on earth they get all this money since USA is supposed to be in deep financial difficulties and Canada is no better? And which asteroid are they planning to land on, remains to be seen? Interesting world we are living in, we better get our acts together before some mad scientist comes out with something even more bizarre and theoretically unproven and with no warning, destroys part of our wonderful world.

''As it was in the days of Noah'' I am sure the dinosaurs looked just as bizarre with all the amalgamation they did back then and other advance testing of nature. Although the rain took them all by surprise. Rain is what we need right now and we know about rain contrary to these knowledgeable anti-diluvian! Latter Rain showers to finish this work.

''Ask ye of the rain at the time of the latter rain.'' Hope we will have gone through the experience of the Ark of the Covenant in order to receive the Rain of the Holy Spirit. ''My doctrines shall fall as the rain.''

With His love,



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