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Maybe if you start looking at your body as not of your own... and you look at it as the temple of God... and you contrast it to the earthly sanctuary... that God told moses to build which is likened to our bodies... then you will understand that it does not belong to you... and it is important what you put into it... because the holy spirit cannot dwell in it... if it is defiled. Just how particular the earthly sanctuary was to God who designed down to the least detail in it, even the arrangement of the furnitures, the colours etc.  so he designed our bodies and it matters what we do with it. The health message is not just for being in good health because there are a lot of non-Christian people who practices very good health but is not keeping the commandments of God... it goes way deeper than that.

ok thanks but how am i defiling my body, what  am i putting that's defiling it ?


that you will have to ask God because I am sure you follow these threads and if you can still ask that then ask God.

ok thanks 

we should read more. Quote from Ellen G White:

There is real common sense in dietetic reform. The subject should be studied broadly and deeply, and no one should criticize others because their practice is not, in all things, in harmony with his own. It isimpossible to make an unvarying rule to regulate everyone’s habits, and no one should think himself a criterion for all. Not all can eat the same things. Foods that are palatable and wholesome to one person may be distasteful, and even harmful, to another. Some cannot use milk, while others thrive on it. Some persons cannot digest peas and beans; others find them wholesome. For some the coarser grain preparations are good food, while others cannot use them. {MH 319.2

We do not mark out any precise line to be followed in diet; but we do say that in countries where there are fruits, grains, and nuts in abundance, flesh food is not the right food for God’s people. I have been instructed that flesh food has a tendency to animalize the nature, to rob men and women of that love and sympathy which they should feel for everyone, and to give the lower passions control over the higher powers of the being. If meat eating was ever healthful, it is not safe now. Cancers, tumors, and pulmonary diseases are largely caused by meat eating. {CCh 235.6}

Where plenty of good milk and fruit can be obtained there is rarely any excuse for eating animal food; it is not necessary to take the life of any of God’s creatures to supply our ordinary needs. In certain casesof illness or exhaustion it may be thought best to use some meat, but great care should be taken to secure the flesh of healthy animals. It has come to be a very serious question whether it is safe to use flesh food at all in this age of the world. It would be better never to eat meat than to use the flesh of animals that are not healthy. When I could not obtain the food I needed, I have sometimes eaten a little meat; but I am becoming more andmore afraid of it.—Christian Temperance and Bible Hygiene, 117, 118, 1890 {CD 394.2}

Some honestly think that a proper dietary consists chiefly of porridge. To eat largely of porridge would not ensure health to the digestive organs; for it is too much like liquid. Encourage the eating of fruit and vegetables and bread. A meat diet is not the most wholesome of diets, and yet I would not take the position that meat should be discarded by every one. Those who have feeble digestive organs can often use meat, when they cannot eat vegetables, fruit, or porridge. If we would preserve the best health, we should avoid eating vegetables and fruit at the same meal. If the stomach is feeble, there will be distress, the brain will be confused, and unable to put forth mental effort. Have fruit at one meal and vegetables at the next.... {CD 394.3}

I have something to say in reference to extreme views of health reform. Health reform becomes health deform, a health destroyer, when it is carried to extremes. You will not be successful in sanitariums, where the sick are treated, if you prescribe for the patients the same diet you have prescribed for yourself and your wife. I assure you that your ideas in regard to diet for the sick are not advisable. The change is too great. While I would discard flesh meat as injurious, something less objectionable may be used, and this is found in eggs. Do not remove milk from the table or forbid its being used in the cooking of food. The milk used should be procured from healthy cows, and should be sterilized. {CD 202.4}

The poor say, when health reform is presented to them, “What shall we eat? We can not afford to buy the nut foods.” As I preach the gospel to the poor, I am instructed to tell them to eat that food which is most nourishing. I can not say to them, “You must not eat eggs or milk or cream. You must use no butter in the preparation of food.” The gospel must be preached to the poor, and the time has not yet come to prescribe the strictest diet.{TSDF 11.7}

Our provisions have been very low for some days. Many of our supplies have gone.... We expected supplies three days ago certainly, but none has come. Willie went to the lake for water. We heard his gun and found he had shot two ducks. This is really a blessing, for we need something to live upon.”—Manuscript 12, 1873, 3.{7MR 346.4}

Two years ago I came to the conclusion that there was danger in using the flesh of dead animals, and since then I have not used meat at all. It is never placed on my table. I use fish when I can get it. We can get beautiful fish from the saltwater lake near here. I use neither tea nor coffee. As I labor against these things, Icannot but practice that which I know to be best for health, and my family are all in perfect harmony with me. You see, my dear niece, that I am telling you matters just as they are. {14MR 330.2}


She also said these things a few years or so after what you quoted.....

1.) "...There are those who ought to be awake to the danger of meat eating, who are still eating the flesh of animals, thus endangering the physical, mental, & spiritual health.

Many who are now only half converted on the question of meat eating will go from God's people to walk no more with them."

(Counsels on Diet & Foods pp.380,381,382)

2.) “The light given me is that it will not be very long before we shall have to give up using any animal food”

“We do not need flesh food at all, God can give us something else”

(CH 495.1)

3.) “There is no safety in eating the flesh of dead animals, and in a short time the milk of the cows will also be excluded from the diet of Gods commandment keeping people. In a short time it will not be safe to use anything that comes from the animal creation [Unpublished Testimony, July 26 1898.]

4.) At this stage of the earths history meat eating is dishonoring God. It is meat eating and liquor drinking that are making the world as it was in the days of Noah. These things are strengthening the lower passions of human beings, animalizing the race.” [BTS July 1, 1902 par.3]

5.) We can not now do as we have ventured to do in the past in regard to meat eating. It has always been a curse to the human family, but now it is made particularly so in the curse which  God has pronounced upon the herds of the field, because of man’s transgression and sin.” [CD 412.1]

6.) “Let not any of our ministers set an evil example in the eating of flesh-meat. Let them and their family’s live up to the light of health reform.” [MS. 113, 1902.]

7.) There are many who feel that they cannot get along without flesh foods; but if these would place themselves on the Lord’s side resolutely resolved to walk in the way of His guidance, they would receive strength and wisdom as did Daniel and his fellows.” [CD 403.4]

8.) I would also suggest reading the entirety of Patriarchs and Prophets, Page: 378,

Chapter #33 From Sinai to Kadesh

@ Jason - Could not agree more.

Here's some "food for thought": 


It's not about eating meat or not eating meat... it's about our mental health.  As the last generation, we must have the best mental health possible to be able to meet the spiritual challenges ahead.  I encourage everyone to listen to Dr. Neil Nedley on he explains how what we eat affects our brain.  It's as simple as that. We must learn to let go of anything that would keep us from discerning the dangers set about us by the evil one. Remember that he will try to deceive the very elect. 


So just when you feel "comfortable" in your spiritual relationship with God you could be in grave danger.  And the food you are eating could be clouding your mind. 


As the last generation, we must be more prepared than the generations before.  So it would follow that our brains need to be sharper, our intellellects prepared for the final test. 

Amen! :0)

lol--this must be a funny question.  WHats the use being vegetarian when the things that comes out of the mouth is 'evil.???

Very true, we must not leave the other undone either..



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