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Are there Jesuits in the General Conference.

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Good question. Are you a Jesuit?

Hello Kat

I am sorry someone has led you in this direction. Paranoia is a very unhealthy state of mind that increases anxiety and decreases your ability to practice your faith. Our church has a lot of people who create paranoia about Catholicism, and the Jesuit myth has been around for a long time. Christ is with you and will surround you with love if you give Him the chance. I can help with paranoia if you would like, email me if you need to.


Jesuits, formed by Igancious Loyola were the shock troops of the "Black Pope,"  they were warriors who put down any heresy.  Today, they are an intelligence arm both intelligence gathering and counter intelligence (disruption).  Being, as those of us who are non-progressive are targets as the only branch of Protestantism that "doesn't get it," it would only seem logical to be at odds with the Jesuit order under the "Black Pope" who now wears "White".  Rome is a city state, and it has a dictator with an agenda of regaining its former glory of world dominance.  Considering that tradition and any means to and end overshadow scripture with the official teachings, it would not seem odd or out of place for a "City State" to launch such a campaign.

I know who they are, and the offer to Kat and others is still there.


Jesuits aren't a myth, they still exist, their mission is much the same.  Except today it is espionage.  It is to gather intelligence,  disrupt, and damage enemies of the Church,.  Clearly, the SDA church would be a focal point.

Yes, I am aware of the History of Jesuits. Your version is primarily a myth created by persons with an agenda.Jesuits were not involed in combating Heresy, and were formulated during the early period of the prodestent reformation. Ignancious Lyola was a former military man and involved in the counter reformation, but their work by in large was to reform the catholic church. Like other religous leaders there were some who served god an others who served the Devil. But, contemporary Jesuits are not trying to foil Adventism.   I knew a preist at Holy Trinity in Georgetown D.C. who was a member of the Jesuit order working with SDA's in india feeding the poor.

Again, this type of thinking is not healthy and I can assist if you want.





Assist with what? Reprogramming so she won't understand that what was is what is?
Personally i believe they are in full swing.
The koolaid is still flowing, making folks feel all warm and cozy, but I hope the truth remains BRIGHTLY shining for those who catch it's glow.
Trying to make those who still believe look stupid and antiquated and unhealthy is an act of the enemy camp, whether or not a person propagating these ideas knows that.

Bringing you and others back to sound mental health.  I am in your camp trust me, I want you to look at things rationally.



Yes, yes, pay no mind to the man behind the curtain.

I understand you're in the camp.. ahem..
I already enjoy sound mental health, by the by. That's why I am more aware of the over arching plan. I haven't stunted my mental growth by deciding to deny what I don't want to believe.

I don't know what camp I am in, other than the Lords. I also realize that paranoia is something that doesn't diminish easily. The man behind the curtain is you and what you are attending to. God promised his protection Psalms 121:7. So no need to worry about the mystery men who are comming to get you. If the men in black are not at your door, worry about your own character growth and development.  When the Lord comes he wants those who are serving Him, not people who are paying attention to real or imagined threats.



Hi Leon wow, pro Swine flesh, anti E G White, anti Investigative Judgement, and now pro Jesuit. The evidence is against you Leon.


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