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Are there Jesuits in the General Conference.

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"pro", as in, supporting, or being in favor of, the Jesuit Order? This troubles me.

Ian, I cannot see where Leon has expressed support or favor for the Jesuits.

Dare I say it, but paranoia can be a real problem... people have been crying "wolf" for many years, haven't they?

Yes, God really has promised His protection: "who is he that will harm you, if you be followers of that which is good?"

Is there any need for a Christian to worry? How often has God comforted His people, saying "fear not"?

And how much attention do we really need to be paying to threats -- real or imagined? When Daniel knew that the decree was signed, prohibiting prayer to God, did he give any heed to the threat posed by his enemies? He went home, opened his windows, and prayed just as he had always done.

Is it so hard to see Stewart? when you are in favor of eating Swine, when you condemn E G Whites Writings, when you say the Investigative Judgement is not true. Add those Comment Leon made here. One can only conclude he is a jesuit.

Hello Ian

Given that I haven't been to catholic seminary or ever been a catholic (my father was before he converted to SDA,) I don't think the Jesuits would have me.



Good to hear Leon. Although some of the discussions you have posted is not in line with most SDA thinking.

Hell Ian

I realize I am not in line with tradtional SDA thinking in some matters, but believe it or not I am with most. Perhaps we have given too much creedence to matters that are small and not enough to those that are salvation based.



Maybe we will find out as time goes by Leon

Hello Ian

I am not sure what as time goes by means. But to clarify. I believe in the Trinity, the Sabbath, the redemption of the saints in the second comming. I believe in soul sleep (no evidence in the bible that the majority of the dead rise and go to heaven.) I belive that one must be born again of the Spirit to be saved. I believe in being healthy, but not treating health as a salvation issue. 

I believe that Christ died for our sins and is waiting to gather all of the saints including those who have yet to be born before he returns to this earth.


I belive that Christ had was born perfect without mans nature and died on our behalf after enduring the life of a human being. He persevered despite the ability to escape at any moment for our behalf. His life was ransomed for mine, thus if I choose to believe I can have enternal life with him.


I think those are the foundational beliefs of Christianity. 



Indeed Leon it seems like you have  set up your own fundamentals. As you seem to disagree with some of the church fundamentals. I still struggle with how you can believe the Holy Spirit will dwell in a vessel polluted with Sine flesh.

Ian, yes, I acknowledge the issues regarding unclean meats, and Ellen White, and the Judgement that precedes the Second Coming, but to conclude, from his earlier statement, that Leon is a Jesuit, is over-stepping the mark, in my opinion. He is not close family, but he is not necessarily a stranger in our house.

" righteousness shalt thou judge thy neighbor" in matters such as this. (Lev 19:15).

Hello Stewart

Thanks for your support. I am pro Bible and pro Jeusus. I agree that paranoia is a problem and a threat because it takes ones eye off of the real threat. Revelation 17 indicates that Church State government will be an issue again prior to Christ return. We have many advocates for Church State unions in this country formulated by the religious right, many of whom are anit-catholic evangelical Christians. We have an SDA potential canidate who has made several pro church state comments. The Devil is very crafty and could be playing a bait and switch on some Adventist who are hell bent on creating enemies where there are none.



You may not think Jesus was serious when He said watch, be sober and vigilant because the days are evil, but i think He was.

Yes indeed, He was very serious.

With regards to the "watching", and the "vigilance", I suggest that the primary application is not "out there", but rather within. Watching our own thoughts, motives, and habits, is a greater matter, than watching what is happening in the world. (Would the widow that cast in her two mites, have been advantaged if she had known about the corruption that was prevalent in her church? In my view, she was better off not knowing.)

"Watch ye and pray, lest ye enter into temptation" (Mark 14:38). Watch against the stealthy approach of the enemy, watch against old habits and natural inclinations, lest they assert themselves; force them back, and watch. Watch the thoughts, watch the plans, lest they become self-centered. Watch over the souls that Christ has purchased with His own blood. Watch for opportunities to do them good."  (In Heavenly Places p.279)


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